Microsoft's X-Box - Why God Why?


Throughout the last decade I have owned just about every game system out there. Everything from the Sega genesis to the Dreamcast to the Playstation to the N64 has been attached to my television at one point or another.

Throughout the last decade I have owned just about every game system out there. Everything from the Sega genesis to the Dreamcast to the Playstation to the N64 has been attached to my television at one point or another.

Some people play sports games, others fighting games. For me RPGs have always been my drug of choice. Everything from the early Final Fantasy games right through King's Field and back into FF9. I loved playing through an interesting storyline, and the character development got better as the years went by.

In about 1997 a single event altered my use of consoles forever. I bought a Pentium 166, and I discovered the world of computer games. Ultima-Online had just been released, and after trying it out I was hooked. Games like Half-Life, Unreal, System Shock 2 and Everquest followed. Each had an incredible storyline; graphics far more advanced than any console, and most importantly much better controls. The console controllers were simply too limited, and so I made the switch to mouse and keyboard.

Mostly out of habit I continued to buy consoles, but I found that I rarely played the Dreamcast, N64 or Playstation II. They just sat on my entertainment center gathering dust. It wasn't just the poor controls either. None of my consoles released any stunning RPGs, and in fact I noticed an alarming trend in the console market.

For whatever reason the powers that be decided RPGs were not making enough money, and with the exception of games like FF9 and FF10 almost no RPGs came out. I tried out Eternal Ring (touted as being the successor to King's Field), but was very disappointed. Sure, the graphics were great, but the storyline was lacking and the controls were too simplistic.

So, in the end, I wrote off my PS2 as an overpriced DVD player and sold the rest of my consoles. I decided that I would NEVER buy one again. I mean, why should I when computers were more advanced and had better games?

I should have known better.

Recently I went over to a friend's house and he insisted that I try out his X-Box. I shrugged, and cynically decided to do so. I picked up the huge controller, and I wondered how anyone could possible make sense of so many buttons and triggers. In the past the controller has really dictated how successful the system was, and after seeing this one I was pretty sure the X-Box would be a dismal failure.

Then we turned on the system. The first game that he showed me was Dead of Alive 3 (a fighting game). Before I knew it I was kicking people off cliffs, through plate glass windows, and doing moves that I had never seen in any fighting game. The graphics were amazing, but even better the controller really worked. It took a bit of getting used to, but once I had I really like the sheer number of buttons.

I decided that the X-Box was a worthy game system, but I was still not convinced that I would ever want to buy one. I mean fighting games are cool and all, but my true love is RPGs. Games like Deus Ex and System Shock II have set a huge benchmark, and its one a console could never match, right?

Wrong. The next game that he inserted into the X-Box was called Halo. It is a first person sci-fi game, and it blows away anything released on PC to date. It was designed by Bungie (who have a past history of excellence), and manages to combine the best elements of an FPS with an RPG.

The storyline is gripping, the graphics amazing, the weapons plentiful and well designed. Better yet, you can play through the game on cooperative mode. You can pilot jeeps, jets, and hovercraft. Everything about it was well done, and the cut scenes made my poor little heart go pitter-patter.

So, three days later, I went out and bought an X-Box. The price just dropped to $199, and I think that it was worth every penny. Once I got it home I found two features that my friend had never mentioned. The X-Box is, in every way, a computer. It has a hard drive, RAM, a video card, and its own operating system. It uses a standard CAT-5 cable to link to other X-Boxes, and up to 16 people can play in most of the multiplayer games.
The console can also store soundtracks recorded from CDs that you can play during any game, and can be used as a DVD player if you buy the adapter and remote.

Possibly the most ambitious feature of the X-Box has yet to be released, but will be soon. Microsoft has created an online service very similar to Battle.Net, and it will be offered exclusively to X-Box users. Very soon you will be able to play 16 vs.16 Halo matches just like you play Counterstrike right now.

So, much to my chagrin, I am forced to admit that I am wrong. There is a console out there worth owning. Give the X-Box a look, I think you'll like it.

Amazing. Someone who actually likes the Xbox.

Personally, the Xbox has all of three or four games which mildly interest me, and no must haves.

The PS2, on the other hand, besides having a zillion good renters, has my great love, RPGs. FFX, Kingdom Hearts, Wild Arms 3, Suikoden 3, Legaia Duel Saga all out now...and Xenosaga, Star Ocean 3 and a whole host of others coming soon. I know what I'll be sticking with.

You consider Halo an RPG?

While it is a great game, it's definitely a first-person shooter, not an RPG in any sense.

I wouldn't buy an X-box just for that game - as there isn't much else that I want to play that I can't find for my PS2. The GTA series, FFX, Tenchu 3 when it comes out, none of those will be on X-box.


Has anyone heard if Microsoft is actually turning a profit on the Xbox yet? Last I heard, they were selling the units at a loss BEFORE dropping the price to $199.

There are two more great things for the X-box that I have found since writing this article back in July. First off is Morrowind. Absolutely the best RPG that I have played since Fallout.

The X-Box online service just launched as well which allows you to play games like Halo online. Very very cool.

I think that X-Box will really start hitting its stride later this year and early the next with some of the games like Mechwarrior that are coming out...

If Morrowind was my kind of RPG, I'd play it on my PC. :P

And I hate playing games online. Too many lusers.

If you're talking about Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries it's already out on the PC. Pretty sure Morrowind was released first on the PC as well.

MS has set aside $2b to burn on the Xbox and while they continue to post losses on it they still haven't even made it through half a billion yet.

Personally I never have and never will buy a Microsoft product -- particularly not an Xbox. Judging by MS's actions they intend to kill (or at least extremely marginalize) PC gaming by paying developers and publishers of AA titles to delay their PC releases until after the Xbox releases.

I find this particularly reprehensible in the case of Splinter Cell. Two months ago the developers of this title were swearing up and down that the PC version would be released this month (a week after the Xbox version). Now that they have my (and probably a lot of other PC gamers') attention they've delayed the PC release until late January for "marketing reasons" (translation: MS drove a dump-truck full of money up to our door).

Some weak-willed gamers will cave because of tactics like this but it just pisses me off. I haven't owned a console since I sold my Atari 2600 to buy a Commodore 64 and I don't intend to start now. I'll continue to spend the money I could be spending on consoles on my PC and when the time is right I'll use emulation to play the games that aren't ported.

The infamous Money Hat strikes again!

"Do you like my hat? It's made of MONEY!"

Well, theres quite some juicy coments here, and I feel I should add mine.

I can't say I've been paying attention to the console world, but it was my understanding that MS designed the box so that scripting from pc to console would be fast and easy, something entirely not true with other consoles, which is why you never see conversions to and fro PS2 and the like within months of release on either platform.

Secondly, Starhawk correctly poses a question of whether Halo is an RPG. Well, I think the author means RPG in the broader sense, a sort of action/adventure with vague character development like Deus Ex, or even more so System Shock 2. Both these games were FPS/Action games, but did involve some RP elements, without that making them strict RPGs.

200 bucks making a loss? A LOSS? come ON. The cost of production of that box of chips? More likely next to 35-40 buck-acinos if that. IS there any expensive new tech microsoft has to buy from a shady manufacturer? No. Is there any miraculously-designed chip-board working at -11 deg. celcius to skyrocket the RAM's access speed to 260%? No. It's all homegrown, from Microsoft. Microsoft, people, isn't making any loss over the X-box, because it's sale guarantees subsequent revenue, something MS is intimately familiar with. Each unit sold means more money later on from extra controlers, memory cards, games, multi-player add-ons, DVD-player converters, capucino machine add-ons and so forth. They are far from making a loss at 200 dolars.

I don't think the XBox is out to take people from the PC market, the true connoiseur will always stick to his faithful Intel-containing Buzzing Box, but I think that for the few people who want a small investment to give them good fun for a few hours a day, why not? Let's not forget afterall the rather pronounced difference between PC and console in the cost department

I love my Xbox, but am extremely disappointed in the complete lack of MMORPG's available for it. There's dozens of fighting, racing, and FPS games... total number of MMORPG's: Zero!

Everquest, Anarchy Online, Dark Age of Camelot, UO, and so many other great MMORPG games show how immersive & fun they can be; unlike the mindless non-stop fragging like in Unreal Championship. UC is a good game but offers no depth compared to MMORPG style games.

Fortunately, there are a few on the horizon. MS claims that PSO, TFLO, Star Wars Galaxies, and Dominion are all being released for Xbox soon. I hope they don't wait TOO long.

Well, if Microsoft's financial reports are to be believed, they HAVE lost approximately $100 million on the Xbox so far.

Sure that is loss or is it development costs?

*shrugs* They said loss.

Try Xenimus, forget the rest ...
Xenimus is an amazing RPG once you get used to it. You have an amazing list of spells, nice graphics, and, above all, AMAZING movement. You can translocate with a single click to any location on the screen, and if you're about lvl 25 with good gear, your mana charges faster than the mp cost of the spell !

Xenimus is getting an update every month and a half over the last two years ! The Game Master, EJ Thayer, is currently developing a FPV Xenimus, which will blow away the old version ... which is a hard thing to do ...

check it out at

Okay. Micro sees in gaming consoles a market they have yet to control with their buggy, bloated, insecure, overpriced, proprietary "technology." So they set aside $2 Billion in excess profits from their illegal desktop software monopoly, and they use it to undercut the competition (and their better products), which includes bribing software developers to favor their platform, even though it has fewer users and market forces would otherwise dictate the other platforms would be favored by developers. Then they spend like mad on advertising and pr to get people to buy their junk. They overprice it at first, then cut the price to below cost, so everyone rushes out to grab this "bargain." Then they convince you to subscribe to their proprietary online service. Now you're paying tribute to MS monthly, like the phone company. Then they squeeze the third-party developers to do it the M$ way, which means ripping off consumers. Now you're trapped. Happy gaming. Anyone who commits their time and money to a Microsoft platform needs a brain transplant. Even if the X-Box was a better product (which it isn't), do you really want to reward this kind of business with your patronage?

the x box is just a simple computer, i already have one of those.

I am wondering how many of you have NO WinTel computer... Most of you are still paying tribute to Micro in some way, unless you're owning an Apple or similar non-WinTel machine, like me...

And I agree to all who typed it: NEVER buy a product of MicroSoft. You can get it copied for free if you look around a bit. Only exception for me as what I use sometimes is Excel, and I can't buy it seperately.

I also agree that a game like HALO can't be called a RPG.


boo hoo hoo hoo! Microsoft is so evil boo hoo hoo! They want me to pay for their programs boo hoo!

So you copy their stuff out of "robin hood" moral code, riiiight. Of course you don't copy the little guy's programs, of course not because that would be "to undercut the competition (and their better products)" as you put it.

Yeah right.

It was soooo much better befor the Microsoft hegemony right... Remember the multiple Comodores, Texas Instrument and all the obscure companies that existed all with their own protocols, their own keyboard models, their own billboard encryptions.
If things still worked that way today, this site probably wouldn't exist, computers would cost 3 times more and every two years your computer would be without any support because the company that made it went under.

Oh and Craig... you know the bribing process you describe it's called lobbying (one of the main reasons why cigarets are still legal and cars still run on fossil fuel. Welcome to the "free" world my friend, seems the only alternative is socialism and communism, but we're not ready for it yet.

And for the brain transplant Craig, put me up for yours it doesn't seem to have much wear and tear on it.

Ciao! X-Box rules

I find all the anti-microsoft propaganga amusing. Microsoft's business tactics are no different from that of any other major corporation out there. Like say...Sony.

The Playstation paid Squaresoft to only make games for their platform, and did the same with many other game companies. The only difference between the two companies is that Microsoft has a worse reputation.

All companies exist to make money, and they do it however they can. All of this holier than thou 'live without MS products is crap'. How many of you are not using ANY Microsoft products at home or at work?

Do I think that they are a benign happy company? No. But neither is Sony or any other large company.

And the purpose of my review was to talk about the merits of the X-Box. I find that the best reason not to buy one so far has been 'don't support Microsoft'.


Well I have one, I love it and some time soon my friends and I are planning on linking em together and playing a Mega Halo game.

Brainless, immature, yeah, but loadsafun.

My only gripe with the X-Box is not having waited long enough to buy mine, 24 days later it dropped again, 150 CAN $ less than it was...#%%#

Oh and those who think it is less expensive to PC game are sooooo wrong.

I mean sure if you steal all the programs it is cheaper. But if you do it legit it costs as much, plus every 2-3 years your computer gets out of date and you have to buy another one how much for that? At least 1600$ CAN (about 1000$ US ?)

That's alot of dough no? My X-Box will last 5 years (more maybe) and I don't have to F##%% around with the install file and the patches and having to config my joystick etc.

Sure I can't wait for Master of Orion 3 to come out on PC and I still love a good Diablo, or Civ 3.

X-Box is more an arcade kindathing. You can play in your living room. Sitting more than 2 in front of the PC is hard. We can be 4 or more in the living room and are more comfortable. Also, I now have a DVD player which fits on my TV (My computer can't do that).

But to each his or her own, I guess.

The only reason I use any Microsoft products at all is because it was cheaper to buy a PC than a Mac. I have learned my lesson, and no matter what the cost, my next computer will be an iMac of some sort. And yes, I made a point of getting a PC that didn't come with an OS so that I could rip off Windows. Like I want to give them any money.

As far as the Xbox has virtually no quality games of the genres that I like to play, mostly due to the fact that MS doesn't give a crap about the Japanese market. Until Xbox can field a lineup of fighting games and RPGs that can compete with the PS2, I won't touch the thing.

And I think Halo is garbage, and I'd rather gouge out my own eyes than play an Elder Scrolls game.

my only comment is.. to all the things that sam from quebec said... AMEN

RE: Yonjuuni's comment.

Just so I understand, why is Halo garbage? Have you tried it? What have you got against Ancient Scrolls games?

I guess your point about fighting and RPG games are valid, in the sense that taste is a personnal matter.

I don't see how MS doesn't give a damn about the japanese market less than any other regional one. But not being japanese maybe I just don't see it. They are a big american company, they do things the american way. Just like Sony does things the japanese way and IKEA does it the sweedish way, I guess.

I for one liked Dead or Alive 3, but I'm no expert on fighting games like you seem to be.

And another reason why I like the X-Box:

Being someone with big canuk's hands I really like the X-Box's pad. At last they made one for men who don't have the hands of a hair stylist or piano player... it feels comfortable. Also the vibration adds a kinetic and tactile sensory element to the games and I like it.

Let me ask you this Yonunni. How is Microsoft any different from Apple? Both are large corporations, and both do what they need to to make money.

People hate Microsoft because of its success. Pure and simple. If you really want to go the whole 'anti-corporate' route why not use linux?

Because that would take effort on your part. I think its really funny to hear people like you say 'I use windows, but EVENTUALLY I am going to use something else.'

The fact is that you use Windows. Linux is free. Anyone can download it, and it is not that hard to install or learn. So what's your excuse?

If MS is so bad put your money where your mouth is...

Let's see. Microsoft is different from Apple because they make an operating system that crashes constantly, while Mac OS is stable as a rock. And why do I not use Linux? A few reasons.

One, I'm not a computer person. I'm an artist. I tried to install Linux once - it was so complicated and frustrating and confusing that I threw my hands up in disgust.

Two, again, I am an artist. Linux is worthless to me. At least Windows can actually RUN the programs I need, even if it doesn't do them anywhere near as well as Mac.

I don't hate Microsoft for it's success. I used to like them, before they made Windows. I used to respect Gates greatly. But then they got all out of control and grasping and trying to take over markets that I'd rather see other companies of which I'm fond handle.

As for the other stuff, well, let's see. I'm not a big fan of FPS games in general, but I find Halo especially bland, as well as the fact that I'm against playing an FPS without both a keyboard and mouse. Elder Scrolls is a series that I've hated since Daggerfall, and everything I've seen of Morrowind shows that it's like it's predecessor in every way that I didn't like. The games are everything I dislike about American PC RPGs, except exaggerated to a greater degree. I don't like the perspective. The world is too big. The game is too long and directionless. Your character is generic and undeveloped. There's little characterization. Etc., etc.

And as far as DoA...first of all, I prefer 2D Fighters, like Street Fighter, King of Fighters, or Guilty Gear. Far more fun. But even as a 3D Fighter, I detest DoA. The gameplay isn't as fun as Virtua Fighter or Soul Calibur, or even Tekken. And it disgusts me, because it sells itself entirely on fanservice. DoA would never have made it to a 3rd game if it weren't for the bouncing breasts.

Apple stable? Oh my... how many apple computers have you had in your life?

Well my sister has an E-Book and My dad an I-MAc and they are constantly having problems, it's not that stable. That littel bomb (the Apple version of the blue screen of death) happens very often.

I agree with you that apple is more customer friendly than MS, but they aren't god's gift to computer users.

So Yon, you use Windows instead of Linux because *gasp* its easier and better in a lot of ways. I wonder why it dominates the market. Is it an evil plot by MS or the fact that it is a solid OS?

Back in the days of Windows 95a (when I first became a computer technician) Macs did graphics and art A LOT better than PCs. They were the Artists tool of choice, and everybody knew it. Every year since Windows narrowed the gap until the differences are very slight. Mac is still a little better for graphics, but at about twice the price for a comparable system.

Have you ever owned a Mac Yon? I doubt it. I do repair work on them as well as PCs, and I see them crash just as often for the same reasons. The myth about them being more stable comes from the following:

When you use a computer for 1 specialized use (art, business programs, etc.) it will run very stably. When you add games and other software types into the picture things can degenerate very quickly. Games are almost always very buggy software, and tend to crash systems more than anything else.

So Macs had a great rep because they were only used for a narrow field of applications. Now that they can use a much wider array of software they suffer from the same pitfalls.

You are welcome to buy a Mac, but I am telling you from experience that it will have the same problems as a Windows machine. Still, I doubt that you will ever admit it because that would mean admitting to making a mistake based on your predjudice towards Microsoft.

I program and do tech work. I know computers very well, and am not a Microsoft fanboy. I have used Macs, PCs and Sun workstations with Windows, Unix and Linux. In the end I stuck with Windows ME because it is the best to suit my needs.

Just remember that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence...

I wasn't planning to comment further on this thread but...Windows ME?! Do your needs include "Microsoft Bob" as well? Seriously. ME is widely regarded as one of the shoddiest Windows versions ever shipped.

I hear that alot DP. Most people don't like it. That's totally fine. For my hardware cofiguration it works for me.

I use Win2k at work, and it is by far the most stable and well rounded OS that Microsoft makes. But performance wise ME works better on my gaming machine. Go figure.

My point is still the same. Microsoft makes some great products, and it makes some bad ones. Just like any other company. The difference is that because of their success we like to demonize them.

Yon, I know that you are an Otaku. Are you familiar with Sony's business practices in Japan? Do you know about them crushing many small game companies there just like MS tries to do here? I live in Los Angeles and two of my best friends work for Sony's subsidiary Verant just down the road in San Diego. Trust me when I say that Sony is no angel, and neither is any other large corp.

Shadowrun really has it right...

First of all, don't call me an otaku. I'm not calling you a smelly computer geek, so let's not make with the insulting terms here.

Second, while I've never owned a Mac myself, I use one at school every day, for the same uses I use my PC at home. And guess what? My PC crashes multiple times a day, while I might crash the Mac a couple times a month, and only when I try something outrageous that it doesn't have the RAM for.

And third, I don't really care HOW Sony does it's business. I don't like any large corporation, ever, it's their products that I like or dislike. Microsoft just happens to make products that I detest, and none that I like. I hope the Xbox dies, because I want the console game industry to stay centered in Japan. Why? Because I don't like American games, for the most part. And that's that.

Jee Yonjuuni, I thought I had issues with some of the american ways... sheesh.

I'm only a gaijin and that's probably why American games don't bug me more than any other game genre. But I do admit that SoulKaliber has no close equivalent yet on X-Box, but no game comes close to Splinter Cell (but you don't like first person shooters, so...)

On the stability of systems, let me remind you that you probably don't have as many games installed on your school Mac as you do on your home PC and probably a whole lot less pirated stuff I might add, hence the lack of stability of your home system.

All that being said, I'm curious how is Otaku an insult? What does in mean in japanese? Just so I don't use it to insult people.

And Yonjuuni, honestly, you have to admit that the X-Box's control pad rocks! Come on now, be honest...

Otaku does not mean 'Anime fan' as many people believe. It's actually a highly insulting term referring to someone with an unhealthy fan obsession, no social skills, and poor hygeine.

My home system has virtually no games on it. As I said, I don't play PC games, generally. The only things I've got are the default windows games, and a couple old classics.

And no, I don't have to admit that the Xbox controller rocks, because it is a huge, freaky, ugly hunk of junk designed for large-handed mutants. Give me a PS2 controller any day. Or an N64 controller. Now THAT thing was ergonomically masterful.

OK, WTF did they call the awakened of the matrix Otaku? That seems like a label I wouldn't want... well I never figured Fasa anyhow.

On behalf of all the "large-handed mutants" of this planet I choose to show you my large mutated middle fin... Oh wait a sec. Is that what you were complaining about when you said X-box was not made for the japanese market.
Because if you find that N64 is ergonomically masterfull then there is a definite racial difference in the way the hands of french canadians and japanese are made...

That being said, you must have alot of programs on your PC then (adobe? Autocad?) or whatever, because I don't seem to run into all the problems you do. But then, most of my programs aren't net-hacks, are yours?

Sam, for the record Yonjunni is not Japanese. And Yon I have heard you refer to yourself as an Otaku over on GamerChickPlanet. Its not meant as an insult, and you know as well as I that many people who like anime use it to describe themselves. It is very much equivalent to 'nerd' in english.

As far as your school computer I have to agree with Sam. Your school has a staff dedicated to finding and preventing problems, and the systems only have the software that the school installs on them.

Your home system is likely to be less stable if you install any net apps or beta software. From the amount of downloading that you claim to do on IRC I find it likely that you have at least some.

You are welcome to your opinions, but I have seen you do this sort of thing time after time. With White-Wolf games, Anime (like Ranma) that you don't like, etc. Microsoft is only the latest thing that you seem to have a grudge against.

You don't seem able to simply dislike something and not use it. You have to rabidly hate it and advocate its complete eradication. I just don't understand why.

I don't hate things more than other people. I'm just more open and vocal about what I dislike.

And I haven't used the word 'Otaku' to refer to myself in a long time, not since I learned what it actually meant. Anime fans who use it to refer to themselves don't know what it actually means. If you know the real context and meaning, it's a very insulting term, and it really annoys me when people just throw it around like it just means 'anime fan' or something.

Have you seen the Anime 'Otaku'? The Japanese who use it to refer to themselves know very well what it means, and treat it like a joke. Much like I jokingly refer to myself as a computer nerd.

Its not a swear word, and it is not meant to be insulting. People in America did not make it up, nor did we start using it. It started filtering over from anime fans in Japan.

Like I have said elsewhere in other arguments with you Yon; I speak a fair amount of Japanese (3 years of college), and while I am by no means fluent I did get the chance to use what I do know when I visited Japan. Several of my friends there love anime, and refer to themselves as Otaku.

It just doesn't have the serious negative connotation there that you seem to think it does. It falls somewhere between 'computer nerd' and 'fanboy'.

Yes, some true Otaku use it to refer to themselves. And some black people call themselves Niggers. But that doesn't mean a white person should go around calling them that.

And I've researched the origins of the word. A non-otaku in Japan will use the word in a very perjorative sense. It implies deviancy, not mere geekiness. Just look at all the stories about crimes by 'otaku'.

Like I said, I was there. It was not even close to the same thing as 'nigger'. It is much more similar to nerd or fanboy.

Have you been there? Have you seen how it is used? I doubt it. Believe what you want. I think its just one more excuse for you to get offended over something that really has nothing to do with you.

Yeah, whatever. I don't know who the hell you are or why the heck you have such a problem with me, not to mention the fact that you bring up things I've said on OTHER forums and drag them into this argument. Who the fuck are you?

Otaku Crimes? LMAO I was sitting on my computer, debating on replying when I saw that. Usually I'm a lurker but this is really funny. Yon. You're just upset because Arkelias here told you off/knows more than you probably will.. Very sad how a conversation about X-Boxes went to anime and the word Otaku. You're all fighting over a WORD. So childish. But being immature is fun nowadays.

By the way. Feel free to bitch at me over aim. Just clearly state who you are first so I'll know who to laugh at.
AIM: Psycho Garou

SO Yon isn't japanese, sorry about the nationality missmatch.

So why all the japanese pride? I mean as a nation they have their strengths but what is the origin of this cult you give them Yon?

Oh and Yon, you on only harvest what you have planted. Read back your comments, it somewhat reads like:
"All you X-box fans are morrons! American products suck! And all those who think differently are the progeny of incestual goats!"
More or less.

That is probably why some people here have problems with what you have written, not you as a person.

Also "parler a travers son chapeau" which means "speaking without knowledge of the subject" might work in a party, but in a discussion board, you're bound to get found out.

Back to X-Box, I kinda have to agree with Yon about one thing though. IF the online service can't use your already existing internet connection, then there is no way I will participate. I'm not certain, but I think this violates some canadian monopoly laws... so maybe I won't even have to ask myself the question...

Does anybody actually know how the X-box online service works?

It's not 'Japanese Pride'. I just happen to enjoy Japanese animation and videogames far more than American ones, and I see an American console as being a threat to my way of gaming. I don't care who makes it, whether it's Microsoft, Atari, 3DO, or Fisher Price. I don't want console games to get Americanized, so I hope the Xbox dies.

As far as the Otaku thing goes, well, first of all, I don't see why I should believe what Arkelias says in the first place. Even if he DOES know actual Japanese people, I've taken enough Japanese classes to know that the most feared phrase you can hear someone say in class is "My friend is Japanese and HE says..." Now, assuming that he IS correct, I still take offense at being called an Otaku. Why? Because I sure as hell don't want to be associated with the typical North American anime fan who calls themselves by that name, people who think that just because they've seen DBZ and know how to say "Kawaii" and "Sugoi" that they're special somehow and that it gives them license to make complete asses of themselves. I don't like labels, because they're almost invariably associated with the most negative examples they can be.

Oh it's the games.
Well I wouldn't worry too much about the games if I were you. There are way too many people with the same taste as you for the "sony-sega" style to ever die (at lest not in the near future).

What I like though is that the japanese games have had a very positive effect on american games, just as they had on France's growing CGI and game milieu.

"sure as hell don't want to be associated with the typical North American anime fan who..." this is exactly why you ellicit negative responses.

"I don't like labels, because they're almost invariably associated with the most negative examples they can be." Wow! talk about not seeing the forest for the trees.
You label like there is no tomorrow man, be aware of it.
Still labels are a nice short cut, it enables us to remain intellectually lazy and consider someone in general terms.

What you seem to hate is the fact that labels (Otaku, gaymer, etc) put limits as to what is expected of you.

Use your labels as quick removable notes, don't let em dictate how you see the world, you'll miss out on alot of stuff. Just like the people who say everything such and such company produces his yack manure will miss out on alot of great products be them: movies, games, food, books or RPG's.

Well nuff said.

Yeah, whatever. Just don't call me an Otaku. It's annoying.

So Yonjuuni's a wannabe? That's funny. And sad to say. MOST GAMES here in the US are from JAPAN. And considered American. Unless you shelled out the money to buy a japanese PS2 or a chip, but you still can't read the language.

Your Japanese friend. He was probably born here. Yon's just mad because people can now prove he's a brainless idiot that wants a reason to bitch.

I bet you first heard the word Otaku in MGS2 or something and started calling yourself that. How many animes have you seen, Yon? Don't lie.

Bleh. Just noticed my error in the above one. Not calling yourself. Just heard it there. Yes. That sounded better.

A wannabe, am I? Really now.

I've seen enough anime and read enough manga that when I compiled a list of all my top favorites for the heck of it, there were more than forty.

Japanese game - Game originally produced in Japan. Such as Final Fantasy. Still Japanese even after being released domestically.

American game - Game originally produced in America. Such as Halo.

The only brainless idiot I see here is you, Aragashi.

/me coughs.

the crowd is asking for blood!!!

I'll put ten on Aragashi!

Let's see who gets first blood ;)

Seriously guys, this is just a discussion about game consoles.

All the 'MS must die" etc BS is quite funny. I can honsetly say the yon is looking for a fight, and is getting just that.

MS sucks, apple sucks, so does sony, but hey, you pick and choose what you want right.

Also, Halo was originally intended for PC till MS 'decided' it should be on the xBox.

Oh, and the controller for xBox is a bit daunting for those used to the small controllers of ps2 and the old nintendos like snes. Fisrt time I saw it I chocked, I was like, what the F***. But, I do enjoy using it, its quite a nice change from the little 4 botton controller on the original nintendo, heh.

Also, I have noticed some of Bungies older games have the same graphics style as a lot of the anime junk(IMO, i actually dislike all the cartoony games that are out recently, GameCube has been turned into a kiddie toy, although I have to see if there is anything worth buying on it yet) coming out of Japan lately. I personally can't justify spending $200US on a gaming platform that only has 1-5 games I would actually play ... I'll just keep my PS2 and play all the GTA games that come out, heh.

And yet through so many posts, nobody here seems to realize one simple fact. At least that's how I see it from how nobody before me pointed it out.

An American *INVENTED* the Role Playing Game. Without Dungeons and Dragons, you can bet there would have been no Final Fantasy or any other Japanese console RPGs in the first place. From what I can recall, Wizardry (which was clearly inspired by D&D) made an impression on Japanese gamers who had imported Apples, which eventually resulted in console RPGs. No D&D, No Wizardry, No Final Fantasy.

And yet some people hate American games. Man the irony is just delicious.

Plenty to add to this conversation...

First of all, as far as the Mac/PC thing goes, neither is rock-solid, but I personally have had many more problems with Windows XP than Mac OS X. OS X also gets bonus points for being Posix compliant.

As far as the X-Box goes, I had one for a while on loan from a family member, and while I liked a few of the games (Halo being one of them, which is not an RPG in the slightest BTW) there simply aren't enough good games for it to justify buying one.

As far as controllers go, I don't hate the X-Box controller as much as some people do, but I'm not going to praise it either. I like it for Halo, but for most other games it's pretty mediocre. MGS2 is just plain frustrating on the X-Box.

On the subject of Halo, it was originally being designed for the Mac and PC simultaneously. Bungie was originally a Mac-only developer. The Marathon trilogy is still one of the most incredible series of games ever made. They had style, a great storyline, and a wonderfully twisted sense of humor ("Smells like napalm, tastes like chicken!") and wonderful multiplayer. The Myth series also ranks on my list of all-time great games.

As far as Americans inventing RPGs go... Japanese console RPGs are not the same thing as table-top Role-Playing Games. And saying that Gary Gygax is some sort of genius and is responsible for practically every game made to day is giving the man a bit more credit than he really deserves.

Response to Pete:

Well, Gary Gygax didn't do it on his own, there were many Brits and Canucks who contributed early on. As RPG's spread to Europe and the rest of the world, there have been many French, German, Australian and Japanese contributors to the devellopment of RPG's both console and tabletop.

Still, just because tabletop RPG's are mainly and american invention doesn't mean you have to like the american style of RPG's.
I mean the French invented movies (the Lumiere brothers), is it ironic or hypocritical not to like French movies and still like movies in general?
I think the same holds true for anything.

Oh and if anyone thinks there are actual RPG's on the computer or on a console, I'd hate to do storytelling or RPGing with you...

Diablo and SoulKaliber are not RPG's they are fantasy computer games. At least in my opinion and here is why:
1 - You have absolutely no influence on your character's social and relationnal development.
2- You can make no story changing choices (like turn to evil or flee or switch allegeance).
3- Unles you play online with others, there is no real interaction and no social skill involved.

Oh and Evil Frog, Windows XP is one of the many reasons why people hate MS. What a lemon...

Not to say that other companies don't have their share of problems... as you said so yourself

99% of everything that comes out of Japan is crap. Don't get me wrong, I've seen my share of anime and most of my favorite video games are Japanese. But for every great Japanese product I enjoy there are about 1,000 that absolutely, unequivocally suck the king's balls. Same with the States.

And Windows XP is a POS. I haven't felt this ripped off since Windows 98.

Wow, I thought this argument was dead.

Just a couple points:

Sam - I'm fairly sure nobody's said Soul Calibur is any sort of RPG, as they'd have to be cracked to call a 3d fighting game such.

Dr. Cyclops - I think all but the most narrow minded anime fans are aware that the Japanese make just as much crap as the americans. I've seen enough garbage anime, videogames, manga, TV, merchandise, etc. out of Japan to know that. I personally (and I know there are many who share this preference)just happen to prefer the GOOD Japanese cultural products more than the good American ones for the most part.

i love x box

I bought an Xbox because of Peter Molyneux's Fable (previously Project Ego). Frankly, I'm in love with the concept.

do any of you know when counterstrike will come out for x-box. If any of you know please email me at

Ander, if I had not already purchaced an X-box before I found out about Fable I would have once I did.

I want this game to have my children! Seriously it's gotta be the most original RPG to come out since, since, since the ultima series. The official website alone is enough to make one cream one's pants (

If you haven't seen this game you well be all like "OH! So thats why I need an X-box". Check out the movies at the X-box site too....Ah-hem... scuse me I gotta go to the bathroom

Ok, I 've read down this entire column and saw one consistant thing: Yon is being a complete and utter moron.

Xbox is second to none in power. It's just its extreme lack of games that bothers me and just about everyone else (or the controller, but one half of my family is originally from scandinavia and I have big enough hands to use any controller. personally I hate the gamecube's setup the most, but hey, that's just me).

The PS2 bothers me, there are no good solid games to play through, not even the Final Fantasy series is worth finishing the game anymore, its this vast world of just aloneness that bothers me. It's so bothering that I've gone to MMOs or games that you can at least PLAY over the internet. It's also so outdated I've settled on just solid PC/ XBOX gaming. Currently in my spare time I'm hooked on Battlefield 1942 (EA/Dice), and Halo(yes, STILL). Well, at least until Halo comes out for the PC (finally, multiplayer action).

Being the very opinionated person that I am, I believe that MMORPGs will become the game of the future. In many ways I think it to be like the evolution of the computer, A few beginning companies will last (IBM in the computer world, UO or EQ in MMORPGs), and others will start up only to be killed by the older companies (don't know of any yet for MMORPGs, you all know the comp ones). Moreover, with MMORPGs you aren't just sitting around playing by yourself, now your sitting around playing with other people from around the world.

Oh, on a side note, Macs are, in my opinion, bad because they don't have enough power to keep up with the games that are being made. Blizzard however stays true to the mac at least (fortunately for you mac users), but other then those games, there really are no good games for it (IN MY OPINION, DON'T QUOTE ME ON THIS). Oh, and if I would have to pick another OS other then windows, it would definately have to be Linux, it's free. :)