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So there I am, playing Diablo II for the third day since getting the game and still figuring out what the hell is going on. I'm on as my 14th level Necromancer and join a trading game, figuring it will be quiet but people will be around if I need help or have questions. Overall, I've met a lot of friendly, helpful, and fun people playing D2. Its a nice community from what I've seen.

Two seconds after I join game, Lamer Dewd (not his real name) goes hostile on me. Now, I don't really know how this works and I ask in chat why he did that. He responds jokingly that it was a mistake and he'll fix it when he gets back to town. He seems cool, so I think nothing of it.

A couple minutes later while I'm on the Blood Moors, he shows up with a small army. He is a 22nd level Necromancer with tons of skeletons, mages, and a golem who all head right towards me. I'm green (poisoned) before I know whats going on but I run out of there and he, of course, gives chase. Luckily, summoned pets are extremely slow so after a few seconds its just me and him. I manage to get enough time to summon a portal and I get back to town.

So Lamer follows me back and starts yelling crap like, "Bring it on!" and so on. You probably can imagine. The nice guy act is long gone. I click hostile on and off a few dozen times just to annoy him and then blow him off.

Don't get me wrong, I've watched people in my online gaming guild do some dueling in D2 and it was very cool. I definitely am going to try it once I build up some and have a better handle on the game. If this guy had said, hey you wanna duel? I'd be willing to give it a shot. Not like I have much to lose at this point anyway.

But he must really suck as a PK if he has to trick people then sneak attack them. Am I missing something here? I'm new to the game but it just seems pretty pathetic that a 22nd level Necro has to lie and sneak attack a 14th level who just started playing. I'm not really sure how to take this little incident. Was he just bored? A loser? Abused as a child? Is this how PK is played in D2?

I've got more to learn about this game obviously, but if this guy is typical of the PKs on D2 it seems pretty pathetic.

I would say he was just a pathetic pk, but a loser in any case, PK's (Player Killers) as a whole are immature retards getting off on antagonizing other players. I'd say he hadnt done it often according to the described tatctics he used, but I have no clue what a good PK tactic would be.

I'd definitely yell newbiePK. Probably got it as a gift and never honed his PK skills on the first Diablo. Poor guy. Bet he doesn't know what a trainer is...

PKs are, in general, idiots. A duel is one thing - setting up things so you can see who's got the best tactics, strategies, who picked the skills and how they match against each other, stuff like that. But getting people into games just so oyu can whack them? What, is this Ultima(te Screwjob) Online now?

I refer to those Other Games as Neverquest and Usually Offline now. :)

The first one is 'Evercrack'. Get it right...

(Hey, I detoxed from Five Color Crack, I know what not to get involved with...)

Commentary on PKers at for the easily amused.

Ok... Nevercrack then. Heh.

PKs are generly lamb, fat, slobs with nothing better to do. They have no life, so they try to be hostile and impress you.

Was just rereading this after all this time and to be fair there are some cool PKs out there. I remember one on Ultima Online who was actually a cop in real life. He had been on many stakeouts and had no problem sitting outside someone's castle for hours until they came out so he could surprise them. The challenge of setting up an ambush I think was more fun for him then the actual fight which in these games comes down mostly to stats and magic anyway.

The vast majority of players on D2 are like that. They don't want to work for anything. It's sickening.