Dark Basic is Developer's Dream?


"Blending together the almighty power of DIRECTX and the remarkable ease of BASIC, prepare for a language that gives absolute beginners unprecidented power to create professional software."

"Blending together the almighty power of DIRECTX and the remarkable ease of BASIC, prepare for a language that gives absolute beginners unprecidented power to create professional software.

The DarkBASIC team long ago realised that the creative freedom to write todays type of 3D games could not to be found on the PC. You had to be a good programmer to get close to the performance of modern 3D games. Over two years ago we decided to do something about it.

By far the people most likely to benefit from DarkBASIC are those that have absolutely no idea what programming is and have no intention of ever finding out.

Once upon a time, gamers would almost stumble into programming whilst playing their favourite game. Early computer games where written in BASIC, and the player could quite easily break into the source code and read what the programmer had written. They very often changed the code to give themselves a hideously unfair advantage. These gamers very often grew up to become programmers!

DarkBASIC comes complete with a game that lets you break into the source code and change the rules whenever you like. The built-in help system has been designed to introduce programming gradually, and is backed up by quick-start help, tutorials and over a hundred example programs. Imagine hacking your first computer game!

For those of you with experience with other game creation tools, you have probably heard the phrase, 'no programming required' many times. It's a phrase that invites the inexperienced closer, and portrays programming as something nasty to be avoided. Consider however, after all your hard work learning the systems and interfaces to create your game, what have you got? A clone! Take away the bells and whistles, and you have produced a game everyone has seen, played and disposed of long before you started yours. Not an encouraging thought, is it?

This is one of the main reasons why DarkBASIC now exists. Once you have overcome the basics, there is absolutely no barriers to stop you creating unique games no-one has ever seen before."

For more information about this $70 IDE, visit Darkbasic.com.

Anyone used this? It looks interesting, but much as their marketing hype suggests, we've all heard tales of the magical IDE that will make you Romero (pre-Daik).

I saw another one of these in Barnes and Noble the other day. Can't recall the name, but it was similar: an update of EA's Adventure Construction Set for the PC (theirs was merely 2D). While true students of gaming know that gameplay is more important than graphics, It's going to be tough for someone to make something truly original using a proscribed toolset like this. The advantage of having someone write the engine in C++ is the near-complete control you have over every detail, where this engine (at least) comes pre-made, automatically locking you in to certain game types and probably more narrowly into certain subtypes within those.

As far as almighty DirectX and ease of BASIC, it should be noted that DirectX has its limits, and no modern games are produced in BASIC. Still, at $70 bucks it's better than the next best thing: rolling your own with Visual C++ Dev and 3DSMAX ($3000+).

ps. I always worry about web pages that have poor spelling right up front. misclanious? Plus the quotes look fake.

Well, quotes always look fake. Hell, the quotes we used in our own press release, we whipped out in about two seconds of drunken contemplation.

The spelling may be the cross cultural thing - most of the common misspellings on their pages are alternatives in different kingdoms... Probably Canadian ;)


I've just downloaded and messed with this thing for like 10 min. Wow. If you've ever wanted to make your own games, you should play with this thing for a while. You definitely have to learn to program, but it's just BASIC so it's a piece of cake. Although if you're already a C programmer than it's going to feel clunky to program in. But you'll get used to it quickly. I ran through the fast track tutorial and while it didn't teach me much about programming in Dark Basic, it did show what could be done in 100 lines of code or less. Pretty cool. There is another longer tutorial as well as a 176 page manual that covers the Language well. The IDE it's self is very simple but quite effective. Not much in the way of color syntax highlighting but it's a hell of a lot easier than using Visual studio as well as being quite a bit more productive :-) I'm too tired now, but I'm looking forward to playing with this thing some more over the weekend. Definitely worth checking out.

Dark Basic rocks! Although the things you can do are not as dynamic as C++, just think how long it would take to do the same thing! Also, even though it is BASIC, I can get FPS of over 60!

Okay I am not much of a programmer. I have bought many of the so-called game creation kits and instead of getting a program for making games, I get Visual c++ and WorldCraft Level Editor? What gives.

Let just say that I am not a dumb person, but I'm no genius (sp? hehe) either. I couldn't even get the Hello World Program to run. SO stumble onto dark basic on a site for 3d engines and let me tell you if you want to make a game...get this program. As stated above if you know c++ already then this may be behind you, but for everyone else this program is a breeze. I mean cmon it uses BASIC commands. I have had it for a week and I already have a working DEMO of a game I am making, complete with fog, textured models, 3d person camera tracking, missles, explosions, collision detection and etc. etc. I did this all on my own with a little help for some seasoned people on the DARKBASIC forum. ITs not the fastest program but the great thing is its still fairly new and the creators continue to update it. I highly RECCOMEND this peace of software.

Hey all of you old TRS-80 BASIC program hackers from yesteryear. Were you upset like me when Windows took over the planet. All of the sudden programming became a chore instead of a hobby. Get DarkBASIC and have a ball once again. Very easy BASIC command we all know. 2D and 3D commands that are simple, make sense and have a BASIC feel about them. Give it a try. DarkBASIC is not for someone who already knows C++ or VB inside and out, but for those long forgotten coders of the DOS age. You'll have a blast with this thing. I sure am!

How does this GCS compare to others like A4 or 3drad? Is it possible to create files on disk from within the game? I'm curious to know just where the flexibility begins to fade.

Re: JPowers' last comment. I agree whole-heartedly with your views Mr J, but DarkBasic, although limited is most importantly NON-OBJECT ORIENTATED, at least not in the sense most 4th-5th generation programming languages are. I like it. Maybe it's nostlagia from the days of 8-bit (The c64 & the Speccy). You people should watch out for the release of the new 'Blitz-Basic' it again is similar but much more versatile, or at least so i hear.

errr, yeah... DarkBasic is good and all but I can't find 1 tutorial on earth that actually explains what stuff is and how to use it. I am slightly beginning to understand it but I am really good in VB and I am having problems in DarkBasic. If anyone knows of sites that could help me please let me know.

DarkBasic is awesome. And making games with it is very simple. Anything from a simple Pac-man clone to a more advanced 3d shoot'em up. Its come alongway. Tutorials can be found in the documentation and at www.thedev.net....

i happen to own the version 1.09, and i can tell you that i thought i would never be a great programmer but after i had mastered Darkbasic,which did not take long,i was making games and soon after i got a job with EA sports Australia,i am living everyones dream.

Dark Basic is the Key to everyones programming dreams, they apparently have a very well organised website www.darkbasic.com/, i havent had the chance to go there yet but alot of my co-workers recommend it highly.

This just goes to show that DarkBasic is easy and even the professionals use it. recommend it.

i bet you'll never guess which EA game on PS2 was create in the Dark Basic Launguage????

I'm full of nothing but praise for DarkBASIC!

Solidcore_666, your not that same guy that a while back on the Dark Basic forums was ranting and raving how you and your development team created an engine that beats Doom 3's engine and was made in cunjunction with you guys and Rare Ltd. to be used on the PS2? Just wonderin (I know, that sounds crazy, but someone really posted this!!)

I had been using DarkBasic for over 6 months but after 2 months i started running into problems with Frames per second, collisions and rotation, and shear size of my program, then i found out about blitz basic, www.blitzbasic.com, and man does that rock! it has support for custom types, vertex editing, md2 model support, automatic Level of Detail terrain, heightmaps, very fast collision detection, built in sliding collision, animated textures, real-time mesh creation, mirror sufaces, infinte size planes (useful for water, 2d starmaps, etc...), plus much more. It is defiantly worth u guys checking out. There is a free demo at the site. It is basically just as simple as darkbasic, but it has a heaps better chance to successfully complete a retail game. Dark basic was good, but to me blitz basic is by far way better, find out for yourselves if you want.

Dark Basic is progressing, it's designed for NEW programmers, or old school programmers if you like. (meaning, forgot O.O.) DB, certainly has some faults, but overall it's well worth spending some time with.

If your interested in some Dark Basic snippets, just drop into my site sometime..


I've tried GCS, 3d rad... and that other one (forget what the name is... was made by conitec at some point though)... and while darkbasic isn't the easiest, it is infinitly more flexible than the others... it's not a simple "game maker", it's a real programming language that is just easier to learn and plenty powerful. It doesn't restrict you by forcing you to make a fps a certain way, you can do it any way you want, so for example if you want to be able to walk on the walls, i'm sure it could be done.


Well i dont want to say that dark-basic is a bad program.. if you see,the problem is if i made a game like max payne or maybe like this new one (dark age of camelot) people will need a super super computer to play it,and thats the problem... if you remember that game (outcast). i buy the game and i always had to play with the resolutin (320*240) and if you wanna make a real game for sell you should have to made it that everybody can play it i mean that people do not need a pentium 4 procesors and 800 mbit ram.. I have dark-basic and i hope that dark-basic pro will be better cause now people had to buy a license if the wanna sell their products.

All basics,have been always slow (but easy to learn). but i really think that is better make a kurse for one year and later make a good good game.. dark-basic can make every atr of game but how i say before NOT EVERYBODY HAVE A MEGA SUPER COMPUTER and if i make a game is because i wanna live from it.. wanna stay at home and be all the time in my computer making new projects or maybe later make a company and be popular like (eidos,sierra,blizzard etc.). in fact.maybe in 1000 years basic and i mean all basics will be so fast as c++ or visual basic.

it is not my intencion to say your work is nothing or to bring your programs unfamous.but many people see in basic a way to make their future cause many and i say many people have the dream to make games and live from it.. and before i buy my dark-basic i was in the home page and in all places were they spoke about dark-basic and no one and i say no one..tell the people that if you wanna make a game with good graphics then it will need a super computer.. i mean i know in every game you must work with low polygons but look at this game maybe you know it (SHENMUE) from sega..did you see the very cool graphics?

can dark-basic make the same game that works for the dreamcast? i mean the game was written in c++.but if the game were written in dark-basic it wont work in the dreamcast. cause you cant make the dreamcast faster like the computer. so in fact i just wanna say: Tell the people the trhuth about dark-basic and do not just say dark-basic is the best cause dark-basic is not the best it may be easy but we are in the 2002 and in this time people wanna games like counter strike or ghost reacon..thats it..ghost reacon can dark-basic make a game like ghost reacon? with this enourmous land scape and all this trees? i make a matrix in db and just 6 trees and it was super slow and it was just 6 trees. so think a litle bit before you buy this program..i recomend c++ ,delphi,visualbasic. but if you wanna stay in the basic family blitz basic is not bad. AM USING A PENTIUM 3 2 PROCESSORS 450 (900MHZ) WITH 128*2 OF RAM....there no e-mail.....you know why

and i forgot...TO PLACE THE THINGS FOR EXAMPLE YOU MADE A BOX IN 3DSMAX 4.2 (thats the version a using) and you wanna place it in your game.....then it will be very very very hard to place it exactly were you want cause dark-basic worl with x=128 you know what i mean.. if there were and world editor were you import your 3ds files and place it manually there were you want it will be the best... but it will not be an editor cause the dark-basic team even think about making one...


the editor were you can move the things with out having to write all this numbers x=5565 z=05 etc etc etc you know what i mean... I ALWAYS SAY IF YOU MADE SOMTHING THAN MADE IT COMPLEATE AND NOT JUST THE HALF.. cause i have 3dsmax 4.2 and maya 4 but what is if some people do not have the money to buy this programms..were should they make their characters. and this fucking matrix that make dark-basic you cant control it very good cause you have to write exactly were you want it to be mo high etc. and this is not profesional...

in 3dsmax you have the entire control of your matrix.and change it exactly there were you want to change it.. or texture in dark-basic you just say texture bla bla bla and the programm give the texture but not exactly were you want it to be.......c++ ruless 3dsmax rules but i still like dark-basic (HE HE HE ).slow out fast in::: ..I WILL FOR SURE BUY DARK-BASIC PRO TO TASTE IT AND KNOW IF IT IS FAST FOR MAKING 3DS GAMES... I MEAN YOU F***G DARK BASIC TEAM DONT YOU GET IT WE ARE IN THE YEAR 2002 WE NEED AN EASY ANS FAST FAST FAST FAST PROGRAMM AND A COMPLEATE ONE NOT THAT LATER WE MUST BUY ANOTHER PROGRAMM FOR MAKE OUR CHARACTERS OR LAND SCAPE..... REVOLUTION THRUTH THATS MY NAME

Blitz Basic is way the hell better. There is a massive speed difference. It is almost up to par with commercial games.

well here i am now back from space..and am planning a game that will be commercial..a style 3d shooter like rtcw .......DARKBASIC IS SHIT:DARKBASIC IS SHIT:DARKBASIC IS SHIT:DARKBASIC IS SHIT:ANTI DARKBASIC TEAM

Hey i am a neewbie to darkbasic can you guys send me some links to great software using DB(like Editors and Modlers) I think i am going to love this software, the one i was using only makes me produce rpgs!!!
hOW CRAPPY IS THAT also i am a beginner to programming and this my first real 3D! Experience.

Thanks Ryan

hey people ...am back from the darkness of hell...hehehe ..well the first video is done of my fps game...now am working with the (multimedia producers team) and we finished the intro of the game.....this gameis programed with blitz3d cause blitz3d is a fast(not so fast like c++)and 32 bit lenguage... 3 levels of 13 levels are done and programmed....we dont have a homepage now but we still work on it. when we finish the homepage i paste it here...and we still work on the demo version...more information soon

As a user of dark basic i already knew some c,c++ , vb6 ,and other web design languages before i bought this. I was hooked on programming and working hard then i bought this and realised while i was trying so hard other programmers were having an easy time. This language proves that with only little work compeared to other languages you get the resaults that you want. I still dont think you should buy this straight away without any other experiance of languages. i suggest learn some HTML and then some visual basic so your familar then buy this!!

please reply by emailing me.

Great program v.easy to use

I've been coding for a long while now. More pascal and C than Basic. So i went into Dark Basic with very little knowledge of how basic really works. I think i used Basic on my old Amstrad but it never really grabbed me. So essentially i was a ne0phyte to the way the syntax was going to work. I found Darkbasic confusing at times, mainly because Lee and Chris Bamber and the rest of the Dark Basic team have designed and created their IDE using DirectX. So after deciding that i didn't like the idea of having a full IDE demanding my whole attention, i downloaded a program called Dark Edit, which is a windows based editor for Dark Basic, i still found some of the code hard to grasp(mainly because their examples and tutorials suck), but on the whole Dark Basic was a pleasent experiance. It has its limitations but unless you are willing to code the whole engine yourself this is probably the best engine i have used.

Dark Basic is great if you wana write 3D games! Unfourtunatly, my computer is to crap to run good 3D games so I intended to use Dark Basic for 2D.
Now I can say that the 2D part of dark basic offically SUCKS!. I can't even hold a sprite bigger that 600x600 and hold the fps above 15! Yet I can have 3D worls running at 35 fps.
Dont get me wrong, Dark Basic is great for 3D games, but the 2D is to slow to possibly work with.

Dark Basic is a great language for beginners, you could say it exposes them to powers they cannot yet comprehend. iv'e been programming in DB for a while now (about 5+ months) and as someone else mentioned earlier, as you get better and your mind evolves and your ready to start making almost industrial level games, DB can be very restrictive, i'm making this game called Ninja Scroll and i'm trying to keep the fps as high as 30 and stable, but everytime i try to add stuff to make the game more realistic, say apples and drinks on the table, misc furniture, etc the fps just drops, i then have to alter my code, retexture my models, lower their polygos etc just to get the fps back to 30 which is very annoying, well they say that DBPro will be faster so i guess i'll just have to check that one out. Yeah one more thing, if you guys aren't busy could you pls check my game out @ www.geocities.com/hexgear and give me some feedback (weather the game is damn good, alright or trash).

Dark Basic really is designed for NEW or Hobby programmers. People just wanting to have some fun with programming.

If your interested in some Dark Basic snippets, just drop into our new sometime..

DB Code

Kevin Picone

Please can some one tell me if blitz basic 3D is better than Dark Basic PRO????? Cheers peps

im new to programing and im realy enjoying it. i learning c++ but my first programming expiriance was in applesoft BASIC so when i saw DarkBASIC iwas overjoyed. its great. easy to learn. i dont know anything about the other one just wanted to tell about how much i liked DarkBASIC.

Help!, Anybody. I bought dark basic for my grandson to help him with his interest in gaming and he's having problems getting it to load up. E-mail to support hasn't gotten any response. If anybody could help, I'd appreciate you contacting him by him at: ACEFRELEY0500@AOL.COM Thanks a whole bunch guys.

I have only just found out that DarkBASIC exists (I have coded in Basic, Fortran, C/C++ and graphics tools etc before) and wonder if you can create fully interactive networked applications (not just games) that combine real time graphics synched with sound with a result like a cross between VJing/animation and virtual reality. Would it be possible to generate interactive video?


First, I'd like to say that some of you "ned too wurk on yur gramer". Okay :) enough said...

I use Dark Basic v1.13 and I must say it is phenomenal. Now, I won't say that you can create the perfect game in two hours. But, as any well-versed programmer will tell you, with the right optimization you can do superb things. And with the Enhancement Pack, there are new functions that use DirectPlay for multiplayer games (network applications). Sadly, I don't actually have it yet.

It is appalling to find that some people think that they should be able to type a few lines of code and get 60+ FPS. If they would do proper research (use the d*mn tutorials, hint, hint...) they would discover that, yes, having several objects slows DB down. But, if they aren't moving some/all of those objects they can make them into Static Objects, in which case the frame rate improves dramatically...so optimization is quite possible.

With programs like IconForge, and 3ds max 5 you can tweak your Dark Basic programs and transform them into a flawless product. But, as for this whole Blitz 3D thing, without a doubt Dark Basic "Pro" is better. Not the first version, the newest version (to date) with patch #4 because it fixes many of the known glitches.

Over and out,
The Traveler

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I would like to add my comment about DarkBASIC/Pro...

First of all - DarkBASIC is the best BASIC language I've used, but hell I'm sticking with C =)

Second of all, you can't make a professional game with DarkBASIC and rule the gaming industry. If you want to later work with the pro's at Nintendo/Dreamcast/Sony & all the others, DARK BASIC IS NOT THE ANSWER! This point needs to be said many many times, because DarkBASIC is a cheap way of doing things! Now, if your a begginer, DarkBASIC is the answer all right. But if your already about 15~ and don't know C/C++ then u should quickly learn DarkBASIC and start learning some real languages!!
DarkBASIC isn't good for developing games that will make "thousands of dollars". Heck, theres only 2 games out in DarkBASIC right now making money!!!

Hiya all, firstly I loved Dark Basic, i only had up to version 1.09 and a limited edition 1.10 patch. i did a green beret conversion and started work on a chase-view flight sim. great with 3ds models and all, but not thoroughly optimised....

i downloaded blitz3d, it had a flight sim demo in it, replaced the plane and wham. done. flawless and faster.

my only reason to even looking at blitz3d was the stoopid dark basic website, snippets are of pro, some are for db, forums are all over. it's obvious they couldn't care less about the db users and are pushing for db pro.

Has anyone seen TML it's a full comercial game made with Dark Basic Pro www.digaw.com

I Would Like To Know If There are some places in Charlotte,NC. tHAT SELL THE DARKBASIC sOFTWARE oN Independence.

i want to ask if we can easily understand darkbasic because weare just beginners in doing a program. because our prof. ask me to search a programming language and i come up to darkbasic. i just want to ask if dark basic is much harder to understand than darkbasic and why? please give some advice on how we can find avery basic programming language.

i just want to correct visual basic and dark basic

Those interested in 2D gaming, should take a look at Play Basic. It's a lot like Dark basic, but with a more powerful language and focues upon 2D gaming.


Kevin Picone

I am a real computer programer and I have to say that VB is not writing software, that will be why you cant go straight to it because you haven't programmed before!

DARK BASIC is far far far to slow to write a commerical game unless you want to write a kids spelling game in (assuming dark basic can keep up with a 3 year old)
come on dark basic team, speed it up ,it runs just about as slow on my new 2.6ghz computer will radeon 9800 pro.

i highly doubt that Dark Basic produce a PS2 EA title.I just don't belive that one buddy.I mean, that's like telling me that if i make a game with Dark Basic,as a first timer, that if could go and apply for SquareEnix with no prior history of programming what so ever..I just do think that that engine is capable of producing such a game as a SSX clone let alone even a small title like Serious Sam,which I might add is the Mario Bros. of first person shooters.

Hey professor, why dog folks for their writing ability? Is this how you get your jollies? Why don't you find a girl and get a life? Dark Basic is a pretty cool product for the price and ease of use... There is nothing wrong with a shortened learning curve in order to produce an enjoyable product.

What kind of "seasoned" programmer are you? I am a programmer and I never have time to write crap such as yours, you must be a supervisor or a "wanna be" intern.

gamegrene we njoy your page!!

So you code exclusively by piecing together strings of ones and zeros, do you? None of this mucking around with compilers and such nonsense?

Last I heard, "software" was any set of instructions designed to be executed within the RAM of a computer. Maybe you think Visual Basic code is "hardware" or something?

(sigh) Like it's not enough I've been attacked most of my life for not writing "real" fiction (just that junky fantasy & SF); and not doing "real" painting (just PhotoShop; c.f.: www.GiacomoArt.com); now all these dozens of applications I've pulled together with the help of Visual Basic aren't real either?!

Let me run right in and tell the president of the multimillion dollar international company whose continued growth they make possible. I'm sure he'll want to trash them ASAP and go back to using the off-the-shelf Microsoft software that would sink his company. After all, off-the-shelf Microsoft stuff is "real".

(goes off muttering something about snobbery being the universal language)

I own both Dark Basic 1.13 and Dark Basic Pro and I'd like to say that I finished my first game which I will put out for commercial release.

Is it comparable with Doom III? No. Does Tomb Raider have anything to worry about? No.

I mention this because someone above said that in order to get serious about making money in programming games, one needs to learn C++. I disagree. For one thing, one can create .DLL's down to assembly language if they prefer and integrate the speed. The language itself is customizable which makes this really attractive.

However, I am a single programmer. It wouldn't matter what language I write my game in, I can't compete with the large companies with the extraordinary budgets, artists, sound engineers and so on that it takes to make something competitive. I do it all and I have some nice frame rates around sixty running a 1.8GHz machine and a 64Mb NVidia video card (PCI).

So, having said that, learning a language will not make one a good programmer but a good programmer can take any language and do wonders. I happen to like Dark Basic Pro for its ease of use with regards to graphics. Also, the Dark Basic community is extremely helpful and the authors are continuously making free upgrades. The last one boosted the speed quite a bit in fact.

My two cents plus a quarter,


My manual was 200 pages... Anyway, The "dark" stands for dark horse; I didn't get the reference. Anyway, it's not just a 3d game making language; I've made a sliding puzzle, calculator, & a very basic(no pun intended) pacman, pong, and breakout game. It can be used for many things, and has some multiplayer support. I bought it at Hastings in a big, pretty box! IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO MAKE 2-D/ISOMETIC GAMES, (although it can work) try gamemaker http://www.gamemaker.nl/ $15.00 USD to get (more features); otherwise, free to download and use.

Some people have little respect for the hard work that goes in to creating a language. Coming from QBasic, PHP, Java(Script), AutoIT, Perl, Python, HTML, and countless others, DarkBASIC is by far the easiest language to work with.

Now as for creating commercial style games with DarkBASIC, it can be done. The program/game is only going to run as fast as the user is capable of writing their code efficiently. Someone up top mentioned that 3D was faster than the 2D, I think you should examine your code again. I disagree with the way the bitmaps are written to memory and how you have to render your 2D in order to keep it fast, but on the other hand, I probably could not create something as nice as DarkBASIC in the first place.

Just keep in mind, that before you go flaming and disgracing a language, make sure you have all your facts organized and are prepared to show some proof. Regardless the language you use, if you don't understand coding and how things are actually working then your program is going to run sluggish and slow. I am using an AMD64 2.2Ghz Processor with an Integrated On-Board ATI Radeon Xpress 200 Series Graphics Processor and usually achieve 60+ FPS. But if you want to hear something funny I usually execute SYNC RATE 32, which forces the FPS down for older computers running here on the LAN and not one of them have complained about sluggish performance.

To any moderators reading this post, no disrespect is meant towards any single individual nor this website nor its users as a whole. If I have said anything offensive I will apologize right here in the post. But for crying out loud, get in touch with google, check out more forums. If you want to speed your program up, then code in a smart manner ;)

I use DarkBASIC- very similar syntax to QBasic. Overall, it's not a bad program, maybe a little childish though. But hey, at least it can do 3D :-)
By this point however, db has been out quite a while, why is this page still here?

LOL...they never completely go away. Ther real question is, "why did you reply to it then?"

Just playin...I'm harmless; mostly.

Im a pro at dark basic. Ive been progamming for, oh say 8 years? I don't know... All I'm saying, is that it's really great, and with lots of work, this simple, cheap, programming tool can make wonders of computer games.