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(Press Release)-Massive Games Announces it's Spring 2003 Line-up of New ReleasesHarvey Cruikshank, President, Owner, Designer, Writer, Artist, and Gopher of Massive Games has finally revealed the long-anticipated supplements to its wildly successful "JustOneDie" Core Book.

(Press Release)-Massive Games Announces it's Spring 2003 Line-up of New Releases
Harvey Cruikshank, President, Owner, Designer, Writer, Artist, and Gopher of Massive Games has finally revealed the long-anticipated supplements to its wildly successful "JustOneDie" Core Book.
"These are games about escape, but with a foot firmly trenched in reality," Harvey took time to tell us. "My Core Rule System gives you and your gaming friends the tool and the opportunity to explore unknown worlds that could have been, might have been, and may well be on other planes of consciousness and reality. Each supplement contains exciting new Classes and Levels, new things to worship, and a ridiculous amount of charts and diagrams. A new website has been set up for each supplement, and as always, all 'JustOneDie' games are released under the auspices of the SOGL (Somewhat Open Gaming License), the FCC, the ROTC, and OSHA. These games will ROCK!"

Ledgers And Liars - The Corporate Accountant RPG
JustOneDie is known for their uncanny timing and L&L keeps the proud tradition alive. Fumble your way up a corporate ladder. Learn the secrets from wizened mentors. Explore the arts of creating and destroying numbers that never existed. Battle horrific regulations and Wall Street. New Classes include CEO's, CFO's, CAO's, and UFO's. New rules include Chapter 7 and 11 Bankruptcy, Interstate Flight, and Country Club Incarceration. wwww.no401k4u.net

Suburbia-Covenants of Intrigue - Little Pink Houses for RPG
You've finally made it. The home of your dreams. Now you have to protect your nest from a cruel, unforgiving society of bankers, repairmen, neighborhood watchdogs, and children. SCOI introduces new monsters and spell-like aberrations that are dying to crumble your cookie-cutter world. Hire lawyers, lawn-care specialists, and plumbers. Confront the dark side of tax reassessments and referendums. Hone the blade on your mower to a razor edge. New PC classes include The Shut-In, the RumorMonger, and the Unemployed Debt Consolidator. New rules include Commuting with A Purpose, Satellite VS. Cable, and the Shutter Palette. Wwww.point4acres.net

Out Of Bounds - The Sports Agent RPG
You are in control. You have the resources. You have the trust of the most gifted athletes in the world. And it's up to you to try to contain the rambunctious greed that permeates the ownership of professional sports teams. Welcome to OOB-TSARPG - where loyalty doesn't mean squat. Engage in negotiations for unreal mind-boggling amounts of money, regardless of your client's performance, health, and mental stability. Journey to the far reaches of the planet, playing phone tag and living the very good life. New Rules include a special 'Ultra-Level' gamepack for playing a part in the complete collapse of a major sports league. Remember that it's just a game! Wwww.fansdontpaymysalary.net

Angst - Les Miserables Teenage RPG
You're not a child. You're not an adult. The world is against you. You are a teenager in post-20th Century Earth, and You Don't Like It. Massive Games enters an entirely new genre of RPG with the introduction of A. Enter the realm of individuality, and stake your claim as the future of the world. Prove that the adults are clueless, and ignore every possible rule, law, suggestion, piece of advice, and common sense that you can. Take the NPC's that thwart you're every breath and movement and completely alienate them. Your PC will get that job dressed like that, because you're you! Exciting new rules include Language Generation, Dressing Just Like Your Parents Did In The '70's, and the Depression SourceBook. Wwww.iamantieverythingandgivemeabreak.net

Helluva Living - The RPG Freelancer's RPG
There it waits for you-the mythical Shangra-La, Utopia, and Credit Worthiness. The accolades and admiration of dozens. To get there is a test of your will, stamina, and perseverance. Do you have what it takes to be a self-sufficient RPG Freelancer? Find out when you and your gaming group play HL! Spend hard-earned Talent Points surfing the web for publisher's submission guidelines. Rise in levels of Computer Proficiency and uncover the secrets of formats, file sizes, and pixels. Watch re-runs on TVLand awaiting the e-mailbox to chime. Battle emotions and anger when offered 'great exposure' projects. Watch others with more talent underbid you for the prime jobs. Wince at the news of Corporate Game Company Layoffs, flooding the market with experienced competition. Discover the truth about teenagers with angst- they have no discretionary income! All this can be yours when you dare to play HL! New add-ons include Writing For Family Homepages, the Hamburger Helper Sans Hamburger Recipe Book, and links to Credit Counselors and Internet Degree sites.

Somehow, an RPG about being a teenager seems very, very, WRONG on SO many levels.

Exactly. ;)

Great article. That Angst game reminds me of a card game a friend and I started to make but never completed. It revolved around playing cards that represented different types of halfhearted suicide attempts in order to score Attention Points. The risk came from the chance that an opponent could play a Success card on you and knock you out of the game.

Hey, you stole my web adress.