New World Of Darkness Comes To Light


Unless you have been living under a tombstone, you have likely heard that White Wolf has unleashed the forces of Gehenna, Apocalypse and the like to bring the World of Darkness to an end after 13 years.

Unless you have been living under a tombstone, you have likely heard that White Wolf has unleashed the forces of Gehenna, Apocalypse and the like to bring the World of Darkness to an end after 13 years.

What you might not have heard, is that the World of Darkness will be reborn this summer. To the surprise of some, the following text was found in the back of recent "Time of Judgment" releases:

The world you knew is gone. . .
But the darkness remains.

New setting. New system.
New World of Darkness.

August 2004
World of Darkness Rulebook
Vampire: The Requiem

The new World of Darkness rulebook will be the core book of the system, containing the rules and other information including a character creation system for creating mortal characters. Other releases, such as Vampire: The Requiem, will include the rules and setting information for transforming your mortal character into a supernatural being.

A new website has been created at to support the new games. Some information has been released, though many questions are still unanswered. The logos for the first two books have been released and the cover of the World of Darkness book is also available to be seen. The cover of Vampire: The Requiem is being kept under wraps, however. One major bit of information that has been revealed is that White Wolf plans to shortly remove all of the Storyteller series of games from their website in anticipation of the new releases.

Little additional information of an official nature can be found though on the new website it has been revealed that artists for the Vampire: The Requiem book include Brom, Alex Maleev, Tim Bradstreet, Marko Djurdjevic, Cathy Wilkins, Jean-Sebastien Rossbach, Andrew Trabbold, Mattias Snygg, Travis Ingram, Conan H. Venus and Jeff Rebner.

Artists for the World of Darkness book include Tim Bradstreet, Jason Manley, Mike Kaluta, Thom Ang, Greg Ruth, Sam Araya, Christopher Shy, Joshua Timbrook, Mark Nelson and Jeremy Jarvis.

Further information on the new games is hard to come by but some has been found through retailer updates as well as

Warning! The following is unsubstantiated rumor and hearsay!

The World of Darkness rulebook and Vampire: The Requiem will be released on August 21, 2004. Werewolf: The Forsaken will be released in November 2004. Mage:
The Awakening will be released in March 2005. The rulebook will cost $19.99 while Vampire will cost $34.99.

None of the continuity from the old games will be used though some of the rules mechanics remain (dice pools). Dragon magazine will have a free introductory game as an insert. There is talk that other current White Wolf games may also be reincarnated, including Changeling and Mummy. The setting of the Vampire game is different and there are far fewer clans. Possibly only the Ventrue, Toreador, Gangrel and Brujah survived the revamp.

Little else can be found though more information is sure to surface in the coming months.

The one thing that is certain is fans of White Wolf's games have an exciting year ahead of them!

The new logos for the games can be found at the links below:

Here is a link to the cover of the World of Darkness game:

You might also want to watch the following sites, as well as the newsgroup, for further updates:

Links to pre-ordering the books as well as to a discussion forum have been added to and they have also started daily updates (weekdays).

Hmmm, new World of Darkness, eh? I'm just rather tired of the whole game. My group plays VTM occasionally, but i loathe the whole court system. When we play, and especially when i GM, we remove the court and the prince and play the vampires like the world-beating ass-slammers that they can be. And of course, there is much death to be had. Oh well. I guess I'll give it a shot. If it sucks, oh well. If not ... well, then it's still a distant third to Palladium and DnD.


Being a big fan of all of the World Of Darkness games I have been following this whole thing closely. Sense they first revealed the Time Of Judgement. I have to say that I like the way they are handling it. They gave the sendoff that they have been leading up to sense the End Times started in 1997 and now they are re-issuing the WoD with a much needed revamp (pun intended).

Overall, I have to say that I approve. I will probably pick up the new books, or illegally download them, and continue being the avid fan of White Wolf Game Studio that I am.

I like what I've heard so far and have not played WoD for some time. If they can bring back the feeling of the early days which was much more "PERSONAL horror" than powergaming than I am all for it.

Now if I can just find some people to game with - I have a cuhrazy schedule. :)

"I have a cuhrazy schedule."

I don't even know what that means but I bet it sucks.

From what I have heard the new WoD is still going to have the same feel with a different metaplot, they're rebuilding the backstory from the ground up so all the games crossover more smoothly. The changes I hear will be mostly story based with some alterations to the storyteller system. I hope they don't make it d20 esque because that's the popular trend right now.

It means I work 8:30am-10pm two days a week and am looking to increase that to four days a week. Plus I have office hours on Friday (I'm a teacher). Since I have errands/family stuff to do on the weekend and am mostly exhausted kind of hard to fit in any gaming in beyond online.

They are making daily updates on the WOD site which have been going over changes to the rules this week.

"The End Times... just kidding!"

Sigh. I wish they'd just let WoD die.

I wonder if there are even going to be enough rules changes to the Storyteller system to warrant this "new edition," or if WW just wants to invalidate all those shelves and shelves of splatbooks, so they can get people to buy all their new-and-improved splatbooks.

I feel bad for all my Vampire-playing buddies.

Ooo OOoo OOoo, Can't wait!!


VtM brought out the worst kind of "elitism" I'd ever seen among gamers.
I remember even WW had an article in it's magazine where the author described those who played VtM as being more mature and "cooler", because they played VtM!
I think this contrived piece of self-important garbage they call the WoD should stay....ENDED!

Just because an author and some players were morons doesn't make it a bad game. Some of my best gaming experiences (tabletop, LARP and online chat) have been in WoD.

I'm excited about a new start for the games and hopefully some of the more pretentious stuff will not be repeated. It died down after awhile anyway.

Eh, what? What rumours and gossip I had previously heard about the launch of a "post-apocalyptic" world setting by WW in autumn of this year had pointed towards a setting radically different from the previous WoD. And there was much rejoincing on my part since I thought finally we could dispense with all the pretentious and annoying gothic and postmodernist crap.

This is just... lame. Unless it's an elaborate joke.

Call me stupid but didn't the Ascension rulebook for Mage explicitely state that by the time the Avatar Storm culminated there were no other supernaturals[1] to speak of left in the WoD save for the awakened, and that in the end all the surviving "sleepers" awakened?? So save for those who died, ascended or left for other spheres, mankind now comprises solely of awakened humans, hopefully without the stupid, forced antagonism between "cool new age wizards" (yech) and "evil technocrats".

Seeing how Ascension was set after the events of the endings for the other gamelines.... and spelled out vast global consequences that could not be ignored by the inhabitants of the WoD? In contrast to the Vampire rulebook which offered several scenarios for the end times to pick and choose, Ascension only had one main plot, so I thought it was the "official" metaplot?[2]

As far as I am informed, most "final nights" scenarios for Vampire assumed that a few vampires might survive, unless God killed them all off or the few worthy ones regained mortality. Or something. But unless I missed something, the werewolves, changelings, dark fae etc. all got wiped out, died off or left for other planes.

So while of course there might be a few stray survivors left[3], the source info Pareidolic gives us sounds like a reset button cop-out to simply recycle the whole damn thing. There will still be vampire clans? Whole clans? WTF? (If the Ventrue remain in play while the Tremere do not, I will be seriously vexed. Oh well. Who cares.)

I was an idiot. I had hoped there would be something truly new. Not just a WoD 2.0 with all the base splats warmed up again, and the mortals still being completely oblivious to the "hidden basement" where supernatural things go bump in the night. But it sounds like exactly that will be the case. Of course at this point WW might still surprise me... [insert manical laughter] Just kidding.

I know why I stopped reading and posting in ages ago. If the wanted to revive Changeling, for example, why didn't they give the gameline more support when it ran? Take it somewhere different. Release Changeling: the Age of Steam, instead of rules for vampires in victorian top hats.

If you really start from scratch, the WoD 2.0 would not look anything alike the old WoD. If I merely wanted a WoD with a slightly different background to try out alternate ideas, I can invent one myself, thanks.

Fortunately for me and my money, I stopped playing the modern times part of the WoD long ago (although I still vainly try to find players for a Technocracy chronicle). I can keep myself sufficiently amused with Mage: Sorcerer's Crusade, Dark Age: Vampire and Dark Ages: Inquisitor.

[1] Or none that mattered in the war for reality that unfolded, anyway. Unless WW simply pretends that all the various gamelines and their end times all happened in parallel universes, like they were so fond of doing in the past. But I thought that nonsense had ended with the advent of the Big Fat WoD Metaplot and brilliant crossover supplements like Times of Thin Blood and Blood Treachery.

[2] Not that I would complain if the whole scenario for Mage were invalidated, since IMO the book was so fucking stupid it was not worth the ink it was printed with. Boringly written, badly paced, resetting Mage to the Bad Old Days of 1st Edition, rewriting the Avatar Storm's effects yet again, blablabla Rogue Council blablabla, turning all technocrats into mindless drones, the authors apparently confusing avatars with fae souls, gratuitous insertion of cliches like the "omniscient clone child" and "Orwellian prison camps", fetch-it quests and PCs having to watch as NPCs do great things and deliver lots of exposition. Uninspiring, as a module utter trash from a playability point of view. I'm not sure I can ever bring myself to write a more detailed review (instead of this rant) because that would mean I'd have to read the damn rulebook again, and I don't think I can stand that without succumbing to raving madness or mindnumbing boredom. :twitches:

[3] And WW had proven before how they can inflate the numbers of a few surviving Ravnos of weak generation into enough vampires to warrant their continued existance as a bloodline, plus suddenly and conveniently have all these mysteriously surviving elder Ravnos come from no-where. Didn't they.

P.S. Oh and as to "elitism" among WW authors and WoD players, I must agree with SilentG. I have witnessed it not once, but several times; less from players in actual table-top groups, but there was a lot of snobbishness floating around on WoD newsgroups and similar. Wrinkling their noses at "that other game" (read: D&D), even after the WoD itself had turned into a splat fest with PCs and NPCs slinging around superpowers of anime proportion. The worst examples of powergaming, hack-n-slay and rules lawyering I've ever seen happened in World of Darkness groups. Sorry.

Well if you check out White Wolf Quarterly (download from their site) they go into more detail about the rebooted setting and sounds like pretty massive changes from what I am reading. Not just a rehash but a total revision.

More details trickle out but mostly we will have to wait for August and see...

Justin Achilli, the lead developer for the new lines and previously Vampire developer sense 1997 or so, has said that the point behinf the new settings is to make them free of metaplot. This is done to allow each storyteller to do whatever thay want with the game world. So now it really is our world + monsters.

I am hopeful even if there is alot of flak otherwise.

The problem with all this is that White Wolf has driven off all the talent in favour of clueless illiterate fools like Achilli. Even though Mark R. H. is still apparently involved, its clear that his influence and skill no longer filter down to the actual stuff we get to see. Revised turned a good system with a good mix of metaplot and open ended tweakability into one mans self masturbatory house rules. Now that idiot and his bum buddies get to rewrite and restructure the game completely in thier own mold. They will completely throw out what made the game popular to even us sad lil fanboys n girls in favour of what I hope and expect the majority of us abandoned in the early 80's.

Without growth and development, and by considering a single view as moe worthy than any other, the new WW staff will finaly manage to kill the setting they have spent the past 4 or 5 years viciously torturing.

That being said, I continue to run games with the second edition and if my players don't like it ... let them get off thier butss and run something I say!! Just because new editions and new books are published, one doesn't have to use them. That is the true definition of the so called 'golden rule'!

Actually my impression is they are going back to the "personal horror" roots of the game(s) but we will see come August.

I absolutely agree with your "golden rule" definition, in fact, I often like to run games with just the base rulebook(s) and nothing else.

However, we don't know the inner workings of White Wolf so we don't know if it is Achilli or "the powers that be" making the decisions affecting the direction of the game.

Just like we don't know the actual degree of "influence and skill" MRH brought to the original games...

Or maybe some of us do.

Hmmm, well. I guess it's easy to see your guy's views.....

I got into the White Wolf around '95-'96 so I had the opportunity to play with just the second edition material and I have to say that, in my opinion, the Revised stuff is easily ten times better than anything that came before. I liked all of the changes, especially the streamlining of the Storyteller system.

I won't even get started on Orpheus. Now that is one hell of a game. No endless steam of supplements or useless products. Everything that will ever be in six conscise volumes. It's great.

I like a lot of the rules changes and other material. Just sad that the focus of the game changed over time, though I still had fun with it. Haven't checked out Orpheus, need to do that from what I'm hearing...

I started gaming in the WoD in 1994. Personally I like the 3rd/Revised Editions of Vampire, Mage and Changeling or at least I vastly prefer them to the previous editions, esp in light of the horrible Mage 1st Ed. Admittedly the revised editions have their own flaws, but those were mostly part of what I call the inability of WW developers and writers to keep their shit consistent. Or at least not retcon their own metaplot details all the time. There _are_ ways to organise such a thing, even if you're using a lot of freelance writers, but to judge from comments I got from the occasional writer or designer at it was too much hassle for them? So I don't think we can conveniently blame just one person, whatever your personal partialities are...

The rampant proliferation of splats and "cool powerz" was a process that had already started by 2nd edition, and is something that many games which regularly introduce new toys, tech or spells into their settings suffer from... e.g. Cyberpunk/Cyberspace, (A)D&D, Shadowrun, you name it.

People talk a lot about the "purity" of the 1st edition Vampire, and yes it was not a bad game. It was more about the psychological subtle horror of the "children of the night" than fanged superheroes. But let's not forget that back then the whole gothic-punk concept was still fresh. The Camarilla clans and their disciplines were closely modelled after real world vampire legends and movies. People hadn't yet gotten the idea into their heads that you could try to get away with playing 1000 year old fleshcrafted half-demon True Black Hand abominations with razor claws.

No more metaplot? Hm. Originally the metaplot was introduced to make things dynamic, to keep the world from going static... I guess that didn't work out, see above re: inconsistencies within or between the gamelines. Technically I would have been a fan of the metaplot if it had succeeded in tying all gamelines together into a greater logical whole; instead it suffered from the same money-grabbing scheme that FASA also tried to exploit with their metaplot for Shadowrun: start up a timeline dotted with world-changing events, then scatter those events and upgrades over numberous supplements so that gamemasters who want to keep up to date with the plot and NPCs need to buy each and every supplement no matter how obscure. Metaplot with WW became a sort of puzzle/detective-game, where the actions of NPCs seemed to matter more than the PCs. (Unless your group played an official module that allowed your PCs to push the All-important Plot Button(tm).)

Now excuse me while I check out Changeling: The Dark Ages...

WW just posted an online demo of V:tR with downloads for Storyteller, players, sample characters and also an online chat available for people to use to play. Checking it out now, post your comments!

Demo is here.

Discussion of the demo on WW's forum is here

You can also find Vampire Developer Justin Achilli's journal, in which he sometimes discusses development of V:tR here.

Also, I'd like to hear more comments on DA: Fae. Lot of people talking about this game. How does it differ from Changeling?

The best way to compare C:tD and DA:Fae is to not do it at all. They are seperate entities entirely; while you can see and note "oh, that is where that came from", it's not the same game.

DA:Fae is much more true to the actual legends than C:tD, as it is a time before the Shattering. Changelings, for example, in the DA version are closer to TRUE Changelings; half-Fae children raised by mortals. Pixies, Fachan... they're all there, and truer to their roots. Not perfect, no... inconsistancies with the legends, yes... but closer than C:tD.

I like both games myself, but wonder if C:tD will survive. WW abandoned it once already and left it to die, not to mention the several horrid supplements for it... wonder if they'll try to bring it back from the dead.

so, what did you guys think of the WoD 2.0 setting and books after all this prescient debate?