What'll Be Your Next Console/Handheld?


With three new consoles on the way (the new Nintendo, Xbox 2, and Playstation 3), and an indeterminate number of gaming portables (the next N-Gage [gahahahah] and various other phone bastards, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, and a new Gameboy [Nintendo has suggested that the upcoming DS is not a GB replacement]), which ones are on your must-have list?

Myself, I'll definitely be grabbing the new PSP and PS3. Xbox 2 will be on my list assuming they pull off an interesting coup: rumor suggests that the Xbox 2 HD will ALSO be a portable music player, delivering a one/two punch to both Apple and Sony.

I will probably get the XBox 2 when it comes out. I compared the XBox to the Playstation 2 and found I liked the games and graphics of the XBox better. I'm curious as to the rumours that the XBox 2's harddrive may be an expansion instead of standard which could bring the price up but I don't ever want to go back to not having a harddrive on a console. I can't comment on the music player angle, I'm not enough of a music person.

Yeah, an external and separate XBox 2 HD seems hard for me to swallow (well, hard for an existing XBox owner to swallow: as a PS2 owner, I had to buy the HD separately already). If people are used to the builtin HD of XBox, it seems just plain /wrong/ to be forced to buy it as an extra for XBox 2. How much does the XBox actually use its internal HD?

Being a Nintendo fan for the most part, their next console easily interests me the most. With that said, however, I'll likely pick all three up on their respective launch days, even if they happen to launch simultaneously. I'll probably pay them off well in advance so I can more effectively gorge myself on next-generation console technology.

"How much does the XBox actually use its internal HD?"
All the time. All your save games are there. You can download updates and even new missions/levels for games. You can put your own music on the harddrive and have the game play it instead of the default if you get tired of the music of a game, etc...

I have a saying that I use when dealing with a system fanboy: "Play games, not consoles." That said, it's almost moot to say which system(s) I'll be purchasing. Hopefully Nintendo will pull off some strong 1st party games, and maybe the Xbox 2 will be stronger in its networking features. The PSP is also looking pretty slick, but in the end, it really depends on the games.

It is exacly this reason that I am devoted to Sony. I only bought a Gamecube when there were enough good games to warrant me purchasing one, namely The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker and Metroid Prime. This is precicely why I have not wasted any money at all on an XBox.

I like the xbox because it has good graphics and Halo 2 in it, but I also like Nintendo DS because it has metroid prime hunters in it. Is there really going to be a hand held game for xbox, because if there is I'm buying it.

how do you put your music on an xbox?

I'm not going to buy any more handheld system. I think it's kind of a wast because every year they have a new one.

I'm picking up the new playstation, especially if it plays my old games from my Ps2 and (gasp!) PSone.

wow, forums are dead here. i just got an Ngage for christmas. i like the pirate game, high seize. if anyone actually reads maybe someone can tell me some other good games for it?

sorry, my only hand-held game machine is a TI-89 with some downloaded stuff :)