After Comic-Based Movies Comes... ?


The past two years have been filled with comic-based movies like HELLBOY, INCREDIBLE HULK, SPIDER-MAN, X-MEN, and soon CONSTANTINE and the FANTASTIC FOUR. Once this plot pot runs dry, what's next? Could it be the 80s, with G.I. JOE and the TRANSFORMERS? Or gaming again (hey, the RIFTS movie is in development, and there's always the RESIDENT EVIL sequel and a few other electronic murmurings).

What about that live-action TF movie...with CGI robots?

Think they'll get Frank Welker too?

Too bad they won't get Chirs Latta...since he's dead and all...

But what a coup (and completely appropriate for the role) if they got his ghost...

You don't want to know what's next. Oh you do? ARE YOU SURE?

Very well, then:

Ahahaah. Lord in heaven, that'd be horrible. Worst than WHITE CHICKS.

I'm still annoyed that Constantine is being played by Keanu "Dude, My emotion is like, whoa!" Reeves. That part would have been perfect for Sean Bean or, if he was less villainous, Gary Oldman.

Oh well. At least Iron Fist, starring Ray Park will be good.

I would love to see a CGI transformers movie... If based on the original 80's cartoons and toys. The last incarnations have been awful. The Robot designs are so poor it sickens me. Given that manufacturing processes have improved in the last 20 years, why do the transformers look like something from a happy meal?

Back on the off topic.
More remakes of old TV dramas since the US shows are tapped out, they turn to UK shows.
Such as Juliet Bravo, The Sweeny, Minder and Boon.

More computer game movies; Hungry Horice, Chucky Egg, Jet Set Willy.

Be very careful what you wish for MFM... I recall the early 90s when we all thought how kickass a movie based off a game would be.

how wrong we were.

Oh dear Gods, what the hell are they thinking?????

I bet they won't even have the common decency to put Thora Birch in it again. I'd see it if they did. Maybe even in the theaters if there was a topless scene like in American Beauty.

Mmmmmmmm.... Thora Birch....

But I digress. Um, right. Yeah. I lost my trian of thought when it came to boobs, Thora's boobs, no less.

Mmmmmmmm.... Thora Birch....

I liked that movie. Sure it wasn't anything like the game but still, it was pretty friggin cool. Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo were perfect for the roles.

There's gonna be a John Constantine movie? What? Why when The Sandman hasn't even been touched on. And why Keanu Reeves, I don't see him as John Constantine.
::shakes head::

I'm not a very good shot but the Samaritan here fires really big bullets.

I'd like to see a movie adaptation of Frogger. Preferrably with Kiefer Sutherland playing the role of Frogger.

Or Pacman, starring Jeremy Irons.

And by the way, not all of the recent Transformers incarnations have been shit. I was (and still am) a massive Beast Wars fan, and proud of it.

I was actually thinking Pong starring Anthony Hopkins and Sir Ian McKellen. They would be perfect in that movie.

Antony Hopkins and Ian McKellan in Pong?

Yeah. I'd go and see it, just to see those two giants of cinema jousting with one another! The only problem is... who to root for? Jones the Cannibal or Gandalf the Gay?

I'd like to see Danny DeVito as Wario.

"I'ma Wario, I'ma gonna ween. Toots."

I say "Gorf" starring Jeremy Piven.
For the trailers, they could get Gilbert Gottfried to do some voicework saying "Buy a ticket, Space KA-det!"

Or if Sci-Fi isn't your thing, there's always "Kid Niki, Radical Ninja" featuring the return of Michael Dudikoff.

Dammit, Hollywood you'd better be taking notes here.

Ah, yes the ever popular and multi-talented Michael Dudikoff. The only problem is once the production team got ahold of the project they would merge franchises and it would be Radical Kid Niki: American Ninja 17

Beast Wars was the beginning of the end. The figures were well designed, though many releyed on a pivoted outer shell to hide the "Robot" form.
Any how I don't include Beast Wars as recent.

I seem to recall that a script for a low-plot high-action CGI movie based on "Space Invaders" was being tossed around...

The reason the transformers were made to look like like someting out of a happy-meal is so that way they could easily be made into happy-meal toys, obviously. It's all marketing. Admittedly, these are all interesting, but my money's going to be wasted on the new hitchiker's guide flick. (which is supposed to be released around the same time as Star Wars, proving that Douglas Adams is committing career suicicde even post-mortum).

Froodily yours, (and knowing where my towel is),

oh, the horror of it all!
tonight, lesson number 42:

'how to make a sequel which will not be seen'

stand up please, Mrs. Smegma

Since Hollywood actresses are becoming more bold in the choice roles they play; I'm ready for a live-action American version of "LA BLUE GIRL"

...let's see...who to play the lead...
The Good Cap'n


I can think of quite a few people...........


Think? Yes. But, can you IMAGINE...?

I would also hope that modern creature effects and CG would update the "naughty tentacles" to a degree where they don't just look like long, slimy chunks of poo...

"long, slimy chunks of poo"

Wow, anything that was sexy about the conversation is long gone now.


Well...some people are aroused by the nefarious poo-snakes. I don't know why, but they are...really...I've seen the websites...well, a friend told me about them...

-The Good Cap'n

Now HERE'S a video game that would make an interesting move: Warioware Inc.

Actually, I'd kinda like to see that. It would probably sell really well, just because everyone would be so curious.

*blinks in surprise*
Not ANOTHER one!? Have the gods no mercy?
Although you never know, maybe this time they'll actually read the rulebooks before they make the movie, or even -GASP!- play a session or two. Maybe it WON'T be poorly made generic fantasy with a popular title applied to attract a fanbase and watered-down content to appeal to a wider audience with the net result that neither is satisfied and the game itself is sullied with the moronocity of know-knothing movie producers.

But Dfaran, you ask, you give all this criticism... could you write a better plot yourself? My answer: Heck, yeah. I've got six players in it right now.

Yeah, all the Nintendo "ROGUES" got to make that series, and fair play to them. I am still waiting for the "DOOM" movie. I imagine they'll finally crank one out in the near future since no one ever thought they'd make a Doom3 game...

I just found out the "DOOM" movie is set to release this fall... woohoo...

The initial question: What comes next?

Well, we've already had Books, TV Shows, Comic Books, Video Games, Board Games, Toys and Other Movies... maybe Music? Oh, wait... there's that already, too.

Card Games? "Magic: The Gathering: The Movie"? Or maybe more traditional games. Poker, or Go Fish.

They may, at some point, come out with movies based on lines of Clothing. Nike: the Move. I wouldn't be surprised.

Tampax: The Motion Picture

LateNightGames - Social Role Playing
No, We already saw that it was named "Dungeons & Dragons"
"When you are tired of playing with yourself"

Personally I like ther being more comicbook based movies. It generates interest in super-heroes which in turn generates interest in super hero rpgs. Whenever a new super heroes movie comes out, my sales spike! I can't wait for sky high! (Baby needs a new pair o' shoes)

Time to wake up this board again.....

{since zip was complaining about it all going quiet....!}

Trailer for the forthcoming 'V for Vendetta' movie:

Though now not due for release until March next year...

I have to admit, I'm dreading it. I liked the graphic novel, but I'll be durned if I know how it can be a decent movie.

I fully understand your misgivings....

I've read that they've changed the plot premise a little. They're portraying it as a counter-factual history in which Britain is a vassal state of a victorious Nazi Germany, rather than the even less savoury prospect of home-grown extremism seizing the reigns of power as depicted in the original.

I'm also led to believe that they are building up the 'love interest' angle for Evey and V. I don't mind this too much as long as it isn't consumated! Mainly because I don't want them to have V taking off his mask in front of anyone (even if they keep his face in shadow to the cinema audience)...that would be worse than Judge Dredd taking off his helmet!

More to the point, it would 'humanise' V a little too much to have him openly indulging in a romantic liaison.

Well, I shall try to remain cheerily optimistic about the film until I see it.

Hey, look on the bright side. I heard the 'Watchmen' movie got cancelled....I'm not sure whether I'm glad or disappointed....


I believe Alan Moore said that the V movie script was "imbecilic."

But...he's a tough customer to please. is his stuff, so...

That's exactly what I was afraid of.