2E Problems?


Post here any and all comments, thoughts, bugs, criticisms, or annoyances you have with the new 2nd Edition release. I'm sure there are a few things I've missed, have grown used to, or never noticed, and I need your help hunting 'em down.

Well, short of actually cracking the code and doing random weirdness, which I will respectfully refrain from doing, I have not noticed any further problems and I've been going at it for a little while now. If I notice anyhting else I will email them to you. As well if you have any questions about stuff I found just email me, I'll be around. As for right now, I'm out.

Welp, my list is nearly exhausted - there's only one thing that I've yet (and don't have the know-how) to fix, and that's the "view results" button for people who haven't voted on the poll (ie. the only way you'll be able to see the results are if you actually vote). Not heartily crucial, IMO, but will be fixed eventually. What else have I missed?

Fixed small problem with forum topics: new topics with no replies reported that "Anonymous Troll" had posted one way back in 1970.

I tried to edit a typo in my own post and got an access denied. Maybe I'm just special.

Hrm. You shouldn't be even seeing the "Edit comment" link - that should just be an administrator capability. I'll investigate.

I don't have the option to edit in this section but I do (or did) in the table top gaming section.

Scratch that, I don't for the earlier comment but do for the most recent - maybe it only shows for the most recent post?

Mmkay, this should be fixed. All users can edit their previous comment on a post, but only if its the MOST RECENT comment - in other words, you can edit it as long as no one else has replied, but once they do, it's set in stone.

Hey, pal, I just wanted to say that now that the site is up and running well I really like the changes. It's like a real website now. =) Just wanted to offer a positive opinion.

Awww. Thanks :)

Is displaying the number of reads an article has a new feature or am I just totally blind and it's been there the whole time?


That's been there since the release of 2E, yes. For what it's worth, there was a recently discovered bug in it, which I'll now bore you with the details (yay!) To save processing time, the backend of Gamegrene will cache the display of pages to anonymous visitors, but not to logged in users. Since cached pages only refresh every ten or so requests, the number of "true" reads were 10 times less than they should've been. I've since implemented a quickie fix for this (and a proper fix will be applied sometime around Q1 2005, when I upgrade the backend - see http://www.gamegrene.com/node/421).

Woo! Boring tech nerd details!