King Arthur (minor spoilers)


Things that bugged me:
1. The ever-popular guy throwing a sword
2. The "big speech" to convince the knights to go into battle even after they already decided to do it
3. Bad guy leader is killed, battle is magically over
4. Voltron syndrome. Every hero is unique in their appearance and weapon. They're all knights, yet each has different armor, different hairstyle, and a different weapon.
5. Completely unnecessary love scene

Things I liked:
1. Accurate armor for the period
2. Arthur didn't have clear cut alignment
3. Guinevere in Woad. Nuff said.
4. Clever way to have Merlin (the "wizard") casting fireball spells into battle
5. The battle on the ice was very clever, especially since they never actually did battle there.

Overall assessment:

It goes along with Troy, Braveheart, Gladiator and the forthcoming Alexander. If you liked those, you'll like this. I liked it.

I went it with no expectations.
I actually liked it.
It had good sets and costumes.
Some hokey stuff happened, but, I was able to overlook it.
I agree with you on the speech!
If you go see this movie don't even think of it being the King Arthur you know and love. Think of it as a completely unique story. Thats how I looked at it.

Surely I can't be the only one who's very underwhelmed by the trailers for this. It looks like an ITV drama which has got out of control!

It's Boudica +1!

What bugs me about this film is the claim that it is the true story of Arthur. Now, I havn't seen it, but from the previews alone it is fairly obvious that it is not the "true" story but the romantised legends that came about a few hundred years later.

Just like The Passion of The Christ was doomed from the start so is this film. Nobody is ever going to make a better King Arthur movie than Monty Python.

That said, I do love the bit in King Arthur where they besiege the French castle and they start throwing cows, and pigs and ducks and things at them. That was very well shot. Well done, Mr. Bruckhiemer.

I personally liked the clever ploy by Bedivere to infiltrate the French castle.

Then there was the fearsome guardian of the Cave of Joseph of Aramatheia.

I think it's Bruckheimer's most epic film sense Con Air.