Good luck, Morbus Iff


Noticed that you are in the rankings for Pocket Kingdom over on!! Kick some booty! :D

Heh, heh. And naturally, there'll be a early review forthcoming on Gamegrene ;)

oh, so you have the actual release copy? it's not a beta or anything? I had thought that the game wasn't ready for release yet...

I hear the people behind it are damn sexah.

Oh yeah, kill Duck. :)

It's the "Sneak Peak" - 100 competitors get to fiddle with a pre-release version before everyone else (we'll also get free final versions once the game ships). You can, however, get in on the Sneak Peek by winning the final contest they're running, "engaged":

Aye, I've been working on this one image of people sitting in line for some tacos at a taco stand and have been subbing in some ngages for the tacos. Not all that great, but my photoshop skills aren't really famous.

Welp, the Sneak Peak ended last night, with me in 9th place outta a 100. I'll be getting the final game shortly.