The EaterOfTheDead Returns!


Okay so nothing quite so interesting just letting everyone know that I, EaterOfTheDead, will soon be returning to these hallowed, yet stramgely green, halls. I have been very distracted from collumn writing with things like school, film making and porn browsing. But soon, soon my dear minions, I will return with Great Games You May Have Missed #1: Call Of Cthulhu d20.

Permission to shout the word 'bravo' in an extremely loud voice, sir?

Oh sure, go ahead.

Bow before the awesome might that is me!

Soon, my dear minions, soon it will be posted.

I heartily encourage ravenous bands to beat down Morbus' door if my article is not posted in a timely manner. Do it! DO IT NOW!

I have a door??! Goddammit.

I was just making an educated guess with that one. They might just spoam you untill your email client dies.

Of course I'd have the actually HAVE minions or followers in order for that to happen.


Coming next week: Great Games You May Have Missed #2: Nocturnum, A Modern Day Campaign For Call of Cthulhu d20.

I promise it will be a better put together review then last time.


Okay, I lied. Finals week really jumped out of nowhere at me so it will be another week or so before I get this written and submitted.

...waiting patiently...