Maintenance Cycle Soon


Gamegrene will be undertaking a maintenance cycle soon, probably starting within the next few weeks or around the new year. The biggest change will be an update of the backend software, along with some styling and design fixes (like a larger font for the articles and comments, blah blah blah - still fiddling with that). Now's your chance to throw suggestions on my TODO list. Something which is on my non-crucial list is replacing the aging banner ad software I'm using with an internal module which'll support text-based advertising. I'll probably open the text-based ads up to Gamegrene users for free: to advertise their own works, articles, sites, etc.

The upgrade has occurred. Lemme know what you find broken.

Alright, everything I've noticed broken is fixed.

Spam.module has been installed, and all previous blacklisted IPs have been removed.

I've uploaded a slightly different template, with a slightly different stylesheet, and a slightly different main page (which mainly increases breathing room). Any oddities you notice, certainly let me know - I'll be continuing to fiddle throughout the week.

After many many moons, URLs are now properly autolinked in comments.

I've added a new option to "number of comments to display per page" - 999. This should allow people to choose to see every comment on every page, without having to use the page flippers (which can be annoying when you're trying to find the "new" comment out of 100+ items).

Been experimenting with pullquotes: