"online gambling" spam


Any way to get rid of the "online gambling" spam that has been showing up?

Perhaps do like every other BB in the universe does, and only allow registered users to post?

I'm against the "allowed registered users to post" bit because (amongst numerous other reasons), honestly, that won't do anything - the spamming scripts are smart enough to create accounts, login to them, and continue as normal. Likewise, banning the accounts won't help since they're all from different IP addresses (aaaaah, thank you Microsoft + Ignorance + Broadband!). At this point, I've been putting moratoriums on the IPs, lasting a few months. The long term solution will occur sometime in Q1 2005, when I upgrade the site to the latest backend (while also installing a spam module).

For the time being, if you're an "anonymous user" and you've got something to say, it'll be a few hours before it appears on the site - I'll be moderating until the spammers either get bored, until they've exhausted their IPs, or until Q1 2005 when I have some free time to update the backend . If this bothers "anonymous users" (ie. those that leave comments without signing in and have "not verified" next to their posted contact info), my apologies.

Oh, the irony... that my own IP got splanged with the spammers...

I got better.

Here we go again.

Now it's "Free Online Poker".

Okay, someone email me when this spam is dealt with. Until then, I'm outta here.

Edited my post to eliminate an out of date query.