hot! hot! D&D and Jesus Christ


ok, i hope the headline got your attention.

now, have a quick look at this link:

read a bit here and there and state your opinions:
- is it horrible?
- is it THE TRUTH?
- what the world is coming to?
- should we try to explain stuff to these people or should we just ignore them? or bonk them on the head?
- WTF do they mean REAL magic?
- and so on and so forth...

yeah, thanks i missed that thread.

any chance of anyone still reading posts to that?

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Anytime any content on Gamegrene is modified, it shows up in the tracker (that "recent posts" thing in the sidebar). I get the impression that people check the tracker on a regular basis so, yeah, they'd see any new comments and possibly reopen old and forgotten discussions. On the other hand, it may just be considered "everything that could have been said has been said", and people won't take your bait .

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Call me anything you want - Evil Overlord, the French Morbler, Mo-R-BUS-3, etc., etc. I'm flexible.

how about more-booze?
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i'm just getting carried away..
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As a Christian myself, I ask is this craziness even worth the laugh that I gave it?

Doc Fishbone

Ill help you out on that one.... it was not in fact worht your laugh :) btw was that meant seriously, where was it from and how the hell did you find it lol.


Ah, the 'Dark Dungeons' chick tract! A classic.

Now check out this parody:

sadly enough, KV, this site isn't satirical or parodic...this is really WYSIWYG.

Not to be adversarial here, Lurk, but I kinda think the Jack Chick version is funnier.

Sadly, you are probably right. It is hard to improve on the original. And it's hard to imagine that the original is actually meant to be taken seriously! (Which, unfortunately, it some)

A classic indeed. The parody is pretty good too, but I don't think the original can be beat. Black Leaf! Nooooo!

I have seen the light. Praise the Lord halalua and all that CRAP!!
remember coven brothers if you don't summon a second level air elemental by the end of the week the coven feeds on your soul.

"To kill an infedel is not a sin. Its the pathway to heaven."
-some dirty dude on a hill-

That actualy made my day better. it was shit before but its really movin on up now all the way to the east side.

Here's a shocker for you: I'm not only a Christian and a gamer I'm even a game-store owner. *gasp* It's beyond me how people can build a system of "Christian" belief without bothering to actually read the Bible.

I still don't think i've quite convinced my brother that D&D isn't evil. I'm considering trying to talk my family into playing a short game of HackMaster next time we're all in one place (we're scattered all over western North Carolina and my brother's in Florida) to show them that it's harmless.

At the request of one of her players my wife has even figured out how someone could be a cleric of Yahweh in HackMaster.

If you really want to see "Christians" going off the deep-end check out The website's name comes from their belief that the King James is the only "true" Bible. That alone should tell you a lot.

Hey, it's good to see that people can be spiritual or religious and still be open-minded; it's good to hear someone avowedly Christian voicing the opinion that off-the-deep-end bigotry is not the norm for Christians.

In its fervor to decry "Christian" bigotry, the anti-Christian backlash has gotten almost as bad (though not nearly as bad as some news commentators might have us believe). When I think of what it means to be "Christian," I think of my grandmother, who is a compassionate, non-judgmental woman. I don't think of Jack Chick or any other wingnut.

Welcome, fewilcox. Here's hoping you stick around.

I think fewilcox represents the less vocal but more reasonable majority of Christians, actually.

You're right, though, sometimes the rabid 'anti-christians' become as bad as the 'rapture-ready fundies' they are attacking. 'Battle not with monsters' as Nietszche said.

Whilst on the subject, here's a nice, topical quote I came across today:

"You can safely assume that you've created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do."

~~Anne Lamott, writer
(1954- )

I've noticed that extreme anything can and will be bad. I've come into a wide variety of "believers" from all faiths in my days on this earth, and the extremeists are the worst in any category. More often than not, they're the ones that don't know much about what they are rebelling aginst, and so take the worst possible view of that with which they are unfamiliar. It's easier than admitting that you don't know what you're talking about.

Personally, I find the goth parody to be funnier than the original, but likely only because I have an older brother that owns a darkwave/goth record label...oh the people I've met. "No ones supporting the scene these days..."; pure gold!

I am ashamed of you all. This little comic is not only true, but it should be entered into the bible as new scripture.

Lemmie explain...

When i was about 12, my dungeonmaster (at that time I didnt know she was a satanic consultant for the underlords of hell) wanted me to use pick-pockets on a good priest within the game. The priest had 10 gold in his pocket, and was going to spend it on incense for his ritual to the good gods of kissing and handholding. I stole the coins with a successful roll of under 75%, and ran off with the gold.

later that game the gods of kissing and hand-holding got angry at the priest and killed him with love. The priest inturn went to hell and spent enterinity burning for my sins as a thief...

Anyway, years later the ghost of that cleric returned to huant my mother, who hates D&D now (she used to play with us matter o fact). The priest swallowed her soul and delivered it to Satan. My dungeonmaster told me that Satan is a 11th level Bard, so i summoned a portal to fight him (seeing as I am a 14th level fighter. I gotta have the advantage...right?). Me and my friends all entered hell with our magical weapons and poitions. We were ready to fight Satan himself to retrieve my real-world mother's soul. Saddly when we got there we saw that the devil had already sold my mom's soul to a local comic book shop for a complete set of 2nd edition books and some rare real-gold dice.
Of course we killed Satan, cus yknow, we were already in hell and had nothing to do. So after killed Satan, we returned to the real world and went to the comic shop that had purchased my mother's soul. The guy was fat and greasy, and had the hots for my mother ever since we were little. I walked up to him and said

"Dude! where is my mom's soul!?"
He returned with
"Ate it dude...sorry...i was hungry"

So i slayed him with my 'sword of shop-owner slaying +3'. He died after being hit with a critical, and the blood spattered all the comics on the shelvs. It was crazy awsome!

But then the police came and they didnt listen to my story of Satan, mom and sold souls...I was locked up for life.

Lucky for me I too hung myself (much like blackleaf) and went to hell. But once I arived in hell I quickly remembered there was no more devil there. We had slain him. So after finding and mounting the thrown of all evil, I quickly became the new Satan. I didn't want the job but it was better then working at Mcdonalds (cus in hell thats one of the best paying jobs).

Anyway...long story short. Dungeons and dragons cuased me to become the prince of all lies, the serpant of all darkness....Satan himself...Not to mention I lost my mom.

Its all true. So dont laugh at that comic you satanic lost sheep.


"Ate it dude...sorry...i was hungry"


So THAT explains why all those 3.5 ed D&D books don't have any subliminal messages urging people to become Satanists! A change of management! All hail (new) Satan!

It reads like a really bad After School Special, a really good B Grade Horror flick, or a great porno. I may have been drawn in had the two female leads had less clothes on (or participated in an orgy clothed or otherwise). The most danger I was ever in while gaming was when a friend of mine named Jay, heretofore known as the Dicemonger, would getting excited and accidentally pelt me with a d20. Oh, I also gained a lot of weight when I was 13 because all I did all Summer was stay indoors and play D&D. I love air coniditioning.

This guy does not do his homework.

and Black Leaf didn't even get to roll for damage!

I know this verse was mainly used for sexual immorality but it came to my mind here.

All things are lawful for me, but all things are not helpful. All things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any. (1 Cor. 6:12)

I think that Chick Flick is over exaggerated. I am sorry for those Satan may have won over through this means of deception. We are not dealing with some simple minded entity but,

2 Corinthians 11:14 (English Standard Version)
14 And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as(A) an angel of light.

I came to Christ over the last 4 years, and
i can say I love our Lord Jesus Christ, and try my best to serve him because of the grace he has given me. I have discovered his love for me. Check out Kim Walker, how he loves us if you ever want some good music to worship God.

I was a drug addict through out 13 years and played D&D, Palladium, Battle Tech, Robotech...White wolf, you name it. In my experience and where I am with the Lord, I see the harm in the life of Role-Playing. I try to make it down to the gospel mission once a week to help; I hang out with young adults to hike, play normal board games, watch movies, and go swimming. Did I mention hiking? Here is the deal, God can provide a world bigger than fantasy, do not be deceived in some game using up valuable time.You are meant to be serving His kingdom.

- Paul

I'm not even going to touch this. I can't find my 10 foot pole.


lol Shame on you, Scott.

Thank you for your thoughts, Paulie. However, I disagree with you. Mainly because you have misplaced the blame for the wrong path your life went down. As you mentioned, you were into drugs at the time. No doubt roleplaying had a part in this, perhaps your group was what got you into the habit, but drugs is obviously the core problem in your previous life. Playing out imaginary games is not a bad thing. Taken to extremes, like anything, yes it is a problem. The trick, then, is to not take it to extremes. Is watching movies bad? No? But, it's not real! What about reading a book? Again, not bad? But, it's still not real! It's the same with roleplaying. Your roleplaying seems to have been taken to an extreme, and mixed with drugs, which is basically asking for misery. As far as I can see that settles the matter. Roleplaying does not preclude hiking or living out a normal, productive life. There are many very good Christians who roleplay. I see no trouble with this.

I'm glad, however, that you were able to pull back from your previous life and hope what you live now finds you happy.