Thoughts on Categories to Add


"Humor" notably missing, though possibly not for future columns



Also, Movies

I've never been a big fan of Genres. Paranoia XP, for example, is technically a Humor game if you're playing Classic or Zap, but can be very serious if you're playing a Straight game. So, would it be classifed as Comedy and Sci-Fi? How do you denote that it doesn't have to be Humorous? How do you denote that GURPS has no genre? How do you denote that Earthdawn is Fantasy, but Rough Fantasy or that Greyhawk is Hard Fantasy? And can't all Cyberpunk games be considered, to some degree, also Sci-Fi?

As for "Advice", I could see that being used on A LOT of articles here, which makes it usefulness less powerful. If 90% (or even 60%) of the articles are "Advice" for "Players" or "Advice" for "Game Masters", what's the use of having a category saying so? Do we need a category saying that an article is about a "Game", just because some of the articles (your Fantasy 101 series, etc.), this forum topic, etc. AREN'T truly related to gaming?

Points well taken. I got to thinking about the Genres when looking at the many that fall into the Other category.

d20 stuff is easy enough, but based on what we have now (not necessarily indicative of what will come in the future), that leaves articles on Boot Hill, Gamma World and Villains & Vigilanties to all get socked into the "Other" category, which might become too broad to be a useful sort (as in sorting things). However, I grant you that we're not likely to have too many articles on Wild West games, so maybe that will be fine in the long run.

Article themes we have more than a few of:

Card games
Tabletop/board games

When I think of gaming it tends to fall into three general catagories. Pen and Paper RPGs, CCGs and tabletop wargames. Add to that electronic and LARP and I think you have just about everything this site covers.


And we've got all those categories, so we should be golden grahams for ya ;)

why are we looking for new categories again?
- have mercy on the newbie -

We're not, anymore. We had already created a list of re-written categories from our original launch set (back in 2000) around mid-2004 (with the backend update), but we never got around to actually applying the taxonomy to the existing articles. We did that last week, noticed some holes that could have been filled in, revised the list, and as of this weekend, all articles have been assigned categories. We've no more concerns.

Anime category...?

And NOT a place where people say things like: "Did you see Dragonball GT yesterday? This category is for people who actually know about the shows way BEFORE they hit CartoonNetwork.