Maintenance Cycle Continues


For those wondering "what the hell happened to recent posts?", please bear with us. This is part of the planned Maintenance Cycle I alluded to at the end of November. We're undergoing some style changes here, and today is the day we're striving to add the new category system to all the articles (which is why the recent posts is crazy - it's seeing the article modifications as new data you'd be interested in). The new category system was in place when the site first switched to its new backend, we just never found the free time to address all the previous content.

Other minor changes will be adding pullquotes (+0 priority), adding and fixing summaries on each article page (+1 priority), and generally trying to "clean up" things that may have fallen into disrepair over the years (+2 priority). We're hoping to have things finished / quieted down by the middle or end of January, and we'll do our best to not adversely affect the "recent posts" as much as it has been today.

There is a purpose to all this cleaning, besides just "Morbus is the Evil Anal Overlord", and the purpose is deadlined around the middle / end of February. We'll let everyone know by then, but writers will be especially interested (impatient peeps can send me an email of enquiry).

So, again, please bear with us. If you're a new reader or especially forgetful, consider reading through some of the older articles that (erroneously) bubble to the top of "recent posts" and introduce or reacquaint yourself with our Articles of Years Past.


We're nearly finished with the category changes (we've just gotta assign the new LARP, Card Games, and Non-RPG Tabletop), so hopefully the "recent posts" will be fully quieted down by tomorrow morning. You can explore what we've been doing with the new "article topics" item in your navigation menu.

well, on the bright side, i was exposed to articles i would have never bothered to dig up else :)
- have mercy on the newbie -