what's your take on the new World of darkness?


I've just finished reading the new WoD sourcebook. I think it's excellent. then again, nearly all my previous RP experience is with D&D and its various mutations, so what do I know? :)

I wanted to hear all of your opinions.

What do you think of the new (and perhaps vastly different?) edition? is it better or worse than the old one(s)?
What is your favorite WoD game? Vampire, Werewolf or other? and how do these compare to each other.

I'm considering waiting for the new Mage: the Awakening to play WoD, 'cause I got really interested way-back-when looking through some old Ascension books.
any advice?

I never got into the old WOD, mainly due to laziness than desire. I've a few of the books hanging around (chiefly, the Werewolf rulebook), just never actually played them. As for the new WOD, I've gotten everything so far, but have only had time to read the main WOD and V:tR books. I thought they were OK, but then again, I care more about the story than the rule system. I'm holding out on a final decision on supporting the line until I read some of the other stuff I've got (Antagonists, Ghost Stories, Coteries, and Nomads.)

you're from the "buy first, read later" school of thought, i gather :)

anyway, i really mainly enjoyed the flavor and "story" parts of the book, even though i think the rules seem solid enough.

Yeah. Sadly, I'm so insanely busy that if I don't buy something immediately when it comes out, I run the risk of it being eBay fodder, out-of-print, or what have you. And I hate that! So, yeah. I've got piles and piles of crap that I've not even looked at yet. You should see the number of video games that are still in their plastic. Heh. Funnily, yesterday, I made the decision to unsubscribe from all my magazines (save one) - I had so little time to read them that I was just killing trees for no reason.

it sounds like you should start auctioning stuff on ebay yourself...

still, as long as you've got the cash to buy all that stuff...you're not too bad off.

maybe you should try to buy some TIME...what's the market price for an hour nowadays? ;)

anyone else has opinions on the WoD books?

I have purchased and read both the new WoD and Vampire and I really like what I have seen. With the whole line they made it more centralised so the rules won't shift from one core book to the next. As for the rules thay are much more streamlined and play quicker but without loosing any of what made the Storyteller system good in the first place. Vampire is a stripped down version of what the Masquerade offered. They kept the feel of Vampire but got rid of the metaplot that people couldn't seem to get around. The clans now represent the different kinds of vampires everyone played instead of offering several clans that anyone who was not familiar with the metaplot didn't understand. I am very excited to see Werewolf the Forsaken now. I was a HUGE fan of the old stuff and I am very pleased with what they have done with it. I reccomend it to anyone who was a fan of the old material.


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