Halo 2: secret skulls!


Ok gamers, there are secret skulls all over the game. Well not exactly every where but there are enough to keep you busy. Ill give you the location for one of them but the rest is up to you. on the second level, right at the begining, your pelican crashes. when you wake up, you go through the door you would useually go through to continue the level, look left, and kill the grunt. turn right without continuing on and there will be a door that is closed. Jump up on to the ledge above the door then to the roof top next to you. it may take a few tries, so dont get discouraged. nex run along te path and you will find a skull. pick it up and your entire display goes away. there are lots more that are alot cooler than that so keep looking. I have even recently discovered a skull for invincibility, but then it takes the chalenge away.

sorry, my collecting is now focused on the hallucination inducing moths in Riddick, EfBB.

another skull is the envy skull.first go to the ruins where you have to make a place for the pelican to land.as soon as you walk in go to the left go up the ramp that takes you on top of the wall.then go to the far side and jump on the rock blocking a doorway.next jump up on the ledge beside you then crouch jump up on the wall.the look to the right and grenade jump.there will be 2 invisible elites shaking next to the skull.it makes master chief go invisible for 10 seconds like the arbiter

oops you have to go on the level delta halo on legendary

there is no skull for invinsibility the most their is, is invisibility on the level delta halo but that isnt permanent its just like arbiters

One of the skulls are on outskirts its where u see a grunt waling and when u kill it u look up and there a light jump on it then jump on the building and youll see a little spot where two walls are close to each other go through there and youll see the blind skull its not cool it makes ur gun invisible and ur target but people still see u so its point less unless u want a challenge