I can't SEE anyone...


So...Morbus the Great...what's the word on personal avatars?

Distracting, in my opinion.


I'm more interested in what people want to say...and not so interested in their decor.

Thirded. This just doesn't seem to be one of those sites where everyone needs a lurid manga banner beside his name.

Who said anything about manga? NERD ALERT!

I don't really care, actually I think it would interfere with the organic green decor...

My vote is for no avatars, as well.

I've always liked 'em, as long as they don't get too distracting. Besides, it makes it much quicker to determine who wrote a post if you're too lazy to read someone's name, like I am.

If you don't want big, distracting avatars then come to a compromise and limit the size drastically. I mean REALLY drastically - a tiny little piclet in the upper left corner that brings the words "Gameboy Sprite" to mind. I think that has a nice asthetic appeal, myself.

:: tips hat to Dfaran ::

Agreed. Nothing BIG and flashy or ANIMATED for that matter...