Three Column Site Design?


For various reasons I can't yet divulge, I've been thinking about a three column layout for Gamegrene. I can't say that I like the cookie-cutter design of three columns, but I also can't argue for its usability and space handling. How much would other folks hate, or don't care about, a three column layout for

I think it would look good. That said, I like the existing layout a lot - it's a big improvement over the layout you had when I first discovered gamegrene.

I prefer the existing layout over three columns. I use Firefox as my browswer, and I have the Sage RSS feed aggregator opened on the left side, so three columns would really squish my view.

This may be the same for others who keep vertical toolbars open (IE's Favorites, for example)

My screens could cope with three columns. But I do quite like the current layout.


i like it this way...less columns = less scrolling