D&D For Dummies



People keep telling me this is what d20/3rd Ed. is.


Almost makes me want to sell all of my D&D stuff.


What. The. Fu...

Remind me to try and get a review copy ;)

So, if one wishes to play D&D, rather than actually buy the rulebooks, one should buy this? That said, I'm quite curious as to what it contains.

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HA! Right?

" ...and even move up in the hierarchy to become a Dungeon Master". a useful little book for social climbing, isn't it?

Hmm... never thought of it as "moving up" in any hierarchy... don't we usually get stuck being the DM ?

Yeah we do. =)

Although, truth to tell...some of us get stuck doing it so long we come to enjoy it.

..or you're stuck GMing for so long, you start to THINK you enjoy it :)

I think I know what you mean.

Wow!! Have you seen the Wizards web site! I can't wait to get my hands on that book:)

heh. Check out the blog.

I have never been into D&D minis but the commoners set sounds great!

here's yet another sighting of that Bigfoot of a book


Incredible. Simply incredible.

Is it just me, or does this book fail to mention what edition it is describing? I mean, obviously 3 or 3.5 from the cover art alone, but a n00b to the game wouldn't know that.

The less we speak of this book, the better; right?

...unless this is an april fool's joke

Doesn't look like it. Now I'm getting spam from Amazon offering a discount on the thing.