Everyone join Warrior Kings Online!


This is a free Multiplayer online mmorpg. It has 2d graphics and is much like classic zelda games! for all people who love classic zelda this is the game for you! In this game you will be able to explore vast lands, fight monsters, fish, cook, and mine! xxxx://www.warriorkings.ca.tt

No Mac or Linux. Pass! ;)

how the heck do u actually play this game im stuck on the home page and i see no subtitle that says PLAY NOW! jeese for the love of GOd

I followed the link out of sheer curiousity, and found that the website is either defunct or that it was bought and/or ripped off by a lame internet advertiser, with subdivisions on such creative subjects as:

Online Degree
Free Online Dating
Sex Videos
Homes for Sale

Anyone else run into this?

Thanks for the update. I'll be removing the link above.

do you play warrior kings if you fo ill battl you online