why has everyone fallen silent?


what happened? no articles or vehement (spelling?) arguments?

Maybe they've been standing in line to see Episode III for the past few weeks...?

I get the impression Morbus is pretty busy. I know he's got some material on deck, but it's not always as simple as throwing it on the site.

Yeah, I've got one article in the queue, so it could just be a case of spring cleaning at gamegrene.

well, chuck out The Hitchikers' Guide to the Galaxy movie while you're at it...a very blah rendition of the book. and do write something...i'm starving for some Gamegrene Goodnes (TM)

SW3 wasn't bad, though.
it was funny to note how "retro" the design style became in the closing minutes of the film. Big Rectangular and Colorful Computer Buttons, anyone?

Morbus stated that he was moving to a new server and that he had a baby that either just arrived or one that is due soon. I'm sure that when he has a free moment he'll feed our Gamegrene Addiction soon... He better hurry though. I'm jonesin' hard, man...