Leroy Jenkins


This is funny as hell and I've never even played WoW.


It's even funnier if you have. What you have to realize (you probably already have) is that this is obviously fake, but also a very, very well thought out one.

Some key points:

-The gear they're wearing is simply too good for them to be as bad as they're pretending to be. Some of it comes from bosses past this room.

-The devil is in the details. I love the bit about Leroy wanting Devout Shoulders to heal better... Cloth gear on a paladin is quite amusing.

-Watch the cameraman turn on Find Herbs... the film is in a mountain raid instance...

-Crafting runecloth bandages is almost believable, but opening up the skillbar and clicking on intimidating shout...

-Another nice touch is the plan itself... Chain intimidating shout is absolutely hilarious, as this skill is a fear skill, risky at the best of times, and terrible in crowded rooms. A ludricious plan, and it makes the video funnier.

-Same goes for casting Divine interventioning the mages. As the video states, you 'can't cast (attack spells) with that shit on'. You'd think a level 60 paladin would know that, but this video mocks a very real IQ deficiency.

This is probably one of the best, if not the best, WoW video ever. It's even funny to outsiders, as you say, but to insiders, it's still original for all the detail that went into it. I'd give PALS FOR LIFE a pat on the back, were I not on a different server and horde. They'd probably slaughter me with a fishing pole or something silly like that if I were on their server...

This was funny indeed. The total chaos and the idea that even though the plan was shot, they charged in anyway...classic fun.

However, the chatter over TeamSpeak before hand is another nail in the coffin of the "RP" portion of MMPORPGs. Chatting away like the game is some flight sim really destroys the immersion that WoW tries so hard to build.

Voice communications are great for fast coordination, but they can ruin any sort of roleplaying that MIGHT happen in the game. I find them better suited to simulation and shooter games.

Whether the video is fake or not, it illustrates some of the quirks I find disagreeable with MMO games in general.

But it was still a good laugh!

Awww. Ventrilo chatter (that's the program this was using - the little 'vert' noise at the end of the transmission is the giveaway) is one of the most endearing parts of this video and this sort of run. A good team working in coordination, while somewhat 'shooteresque' is a beautiful thing to see. I've seen a friend in the middle of an Onyxia raid, working with 39 others on Vent to take down a dragon - it's not immersive in an RP sense, but it's a great thing. This sort of setup also isn't really needed until late game raid (large group) content, but I enjoy it. To each their own.

MMOs in general lost their sense of immersion the first time I ever heard 'train to zone'. True, there are RP servers in WoW and many other games, but I agree with you real immersion is in short supply in the genre. Not that I care, I find I can get a lot of fun out of the teamwork aspects of the game... but if you're looking for RP, it's hard to find, unless you're in an RP guild on an RP realm, or you join something that's more of a MUD with visual avatars... I dunno. RP can maybe be done, but I, like you, gave up on that long ago.

Oh, and I agree - this is hilarious, I'm just pointing out some of the little 'in jokes' someone that doesn't play probably would miss.

I just read an interview with the player of Leroy Jenkins.


It's a good thing to see that no one is taking the thing too seriously. So long as we can make fun of ourselves, we are doing something right!

nah dude, this is real. he mentions it at blizzcon. this room isn't easy even as a 70. getitng that jenkins acheivment was...hell. and that AoE fear is actually a good idea in that room since the dragonkin actaually pull the whelps anyways, and most of the mobs are whelps in eggs that can only be pulled by a player near them or a hatchery person releasing em, not whelps getting close to them. not sure on the mage thing, but if you listen they try to avoid this whole thing because it is hard, so no they wouldnt know what to do. and believe me, 50+ anything near your level is hard, elite or not.

also any good raider in wow knows that ventrillo and voice communication is essential

that is one of 3 thoereys i heard honestly not the true one in my opinion. The one i believe is true that 2 people knew it was gona happen the cameraman who gave him the herbs and buffs, and leroy(obviously) because healin pallies do use cloth if they want... and intimidating shout went off because they knew they wernt gona make it not becuase it was in the plan...

yours is the second i heard which has a good posiblity of being real

and finally it was a remake of the original - leroy did it and then was booted from his guild and remade it with another guild to put on youtube

believe what you want just putting these theories out there!

well i just think this video illustrates how picasso was crazy as hell