GamesMaster, GamesMaster, What the...?


We follow the story of a GamesMaster, short one player for tonight's gaming session. His cure? Summon a demon from hell and stick him with the happiest do-gooder character there is: a paladin. This movie from the Breakfast of Demons only gets better...

Although I received a review copy of GamesMaster, GamesMaster, What Have You Done?! months ago, I was only able to watch it recently. In hindsight, I regret the delay, although a warning is necessary - if you're going to watch this movie, make sure you're in the right frame of mind. In other words, throw your sensibility, believability and desire for excellence out the window. Get caffeinated if you can. This is one hell of a funny flick.

We follow the story of a GamesMaster named Dave, and his sudden realization that he's short one player for the night's gaming session. His cure? Summon a demon from hell by nuking a Big Mac at 6:66 and stick him with the happiest do-gooder character there is: a paladin. The premise is perfect - and the demon (a rubbery toy I remember owning a few of) must come to grip with his own sad reality.

There are some genuinely hilarious lines throughout: "strength is... 1", "the new guy's not playing right", "ok, first you made yourself a midget, [and now] you've CHOSEN to cry", "I don't think you have to roll to kill babies" and more. And they may not seem funny when written out, but in context they're wonderful.

Along with gratuitous chicken soup puppet puking, sudden realizations that they've captured the rules lawyer, the new guy, and the power gamer perfectly, and the excellent "Rules" Segment, this is a movie that you can afford to spend a lousy 6 bucks on. Whether you like it or not, it's always great to show it to the girlfriend. Sure, it won't make her like you any better, but it's the best and easiest way to tell her how pathetic you really are ("honey, this is funny, I relate... ... watch it when I'm not around").

I tell ya, when I first got the review copy, I stuck it in that day, watched the first fifteen minutes, shook my head and shoved it aside. I was wrong, horrifically wrong. Give this movie its much-needed chance. "GamesMaster, GamesMaster, What Have You Done?!" is available from Breakfast of Demons and a sequel is in the works. Tell 'em Gamegrene sent ya.

... oh ... my ... god ...

This movie fucking rocks!

It took a random porn bot to bring it to my attentionbut it is damn cool. I love shitty indie films, hell I make the frigging things, and this one is done a bunch of game nerds.

Awesome, simply awesome. I laughed my ass off the whole time.

And btw, Morbus, my girlfriend liked it too and she wasn't just saying that. But then she's a game nerd and a fan of shitty indie films......