Forum bug?


I was wondering if anyone else has been bumping into this bug:
From time to time, when checking out "recent content",I get articles which I've already read as new, showing all replies as new replies. (for example, today it listed "The inevitably named rape in RPGs" as new , including all 78 replies as unread).

I'm thinking this might be because I've been accessing Gamegrene from several computers.

Anyone got any ideas?

That's been happening for me since the recent posts function was implemented. At first I believe it was just due to the indexer working through the old material, but recently I checked a couple of the old articles and found there were actually new (unread by me)replies, but not as many as were indicated.

There's not enough traffic here for it to be a problem. I can remember was actually active :D


yeah, well, I'm trying to prepare for the deluge of articles and responses that is surely soon to come...ahem,right, morbus?