Epic Fantasy Roleplaying


If you are interested in participating in a test play focus group for Epic Fantasy Roleplaying, please send me your contact information and I will send you an information package with non-disclosure agreement, terms and conditions, and an application form. Although the gaming / test-play may be conducted wherever your group decides to meet, the focus group for feedback is held in London, Ontario, Canada. Participation in the three focus sessions is part of the agreement. The format is as follows:

1) Applications will be mailed out to interested parties.

2) Applicants chosen for the beta cycle will be contact via phone/e-mail/or mail. The dates for the focus sessions will be determined at this time and sent to the potential participants.

3) Selected applicants will confirm their availability/commitment to the dates, and gaming groups will be established. If you have an existing gaming group, the entire group may apply and will be placed together.

4) Gaming packages will be sent to the player designated as storyteller for the first cycle. No other information other than the rulebooks will be provided at this time.

5) Gamers will set up and play at least two gaming sessions with the rules provided.

6) The first meeting will occur 3 to 4 weeks after the packages arrive by courrier. The meeting will start with a brief introduction and then follow directly into a general discussion. The main topic of the discussion will be the ease of use of the gaming materials, its organization, presentation, and overall first impressions. Although there is a main topic of the discussion any comments or feedback will be welcomed and no line of conversation will be discouraged. After the general discussion there will be a presentation/clarification of the rules and you will be provided with additional materials.
A number of small scenarios will be presented to the groups and these will be played a various stations. Refreshments and snacks will be provided. The job of storyteller will pass to another player in your group, and the groups will return home to play another couple of sessions.

7) The agenda for the subsequent meetings will be set after hearing the feedback and comments from the test-play groups. We anticipate that the sessions will be two to three weeks apart for an estimated commitment on your part of about 9 weeks. This would include three five-hour focus sessions, and a minimum of six two-hour sessions played on your own time with your gaming group.


Well, your system certainly sounds intriguing. I can't join for a number of reasons (for one, I'm in Texas, and for another, I'm trying to finish my own homebrew d20 setting*), but...when this system becomes available for sale, let me know. I'm definitely interested in the description of the combat system.

*Don't laugh. I'd rather be working on one of my numerous other projects, but I'm getting old enough to be determined to finish what I've started...and by golly, I've got a heck of a start on this thing. Whether or not anyone else ever wants to use it is of less concern to me than the simple imperative that my players and I enjoy it.

Thanks for the kind words. I certainly appreciate what it is like to get a number of projects on the go. There is a market for a d20 setting -- in fact too much of one. We are sitting on the opposite sides of a problem. You are working on something with too much of a market and I am working on something with not enough. Who's to laugh at either of us -- they could both go gold.