Cleric Spells by Sphere


I was posting in another forum and was wondering if anyone is interested in some house rules for running clerics in AD&D 2E? I think it would work with 3E but I haven't tried it. My players like it so much we have ended up with 3 clerics in a party of 5.

My major pantheon has 17 spheres and 16 Gods. Each God in this pantheon has one primary, two secondary, 4 tertiary, 4 removed, and 4 distant spheres (thus two opposing spheres). There is a template for which level they acquire which prayers -- as well as "feats" (for the lack of a better word) that they acquire at certain levels. This ends up that certain priests acquire different prayers (not spells) at different levels. I am sure that this is not a new concept, but I am more than happy to e-mail the rules on the 3 pantheons that I have done. It includes rules for which ceremonies are most sacred to which gods, favoured weapons, symbols, etc. If you wanted me to dig out some of the "teachings" of the various gods I would have to do some digging.

The rulebook is full of material from the PHB and images from artists so it is absolutely free for the asking. I tried to make sure that the artist's name still appears on the images, but I wasn't that concerned as it was for my own personal use -- and the use of the players in the group. Inclusions from the PHB may be footnoted, but I may have missed some. If in doubt assume that the material is coming from another source -- I do not want to claim any of it as original (better safe than sorry).

Anyways it is out there if you are interested. E-mail me at Good gaming.

I am interested in adding Gods and religion into my fantasy game. I tried the link at the bottom of this article but it is disabled. Please send me the information so that I may peruse it. If you want, you can limit it to descriptions as I play with a different system.
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My email to you has been stuck in my outbox for about a week, but I don't think one of our servers likes the size. I am going to need to strip out some image files before I send it again. I apologize for the tardiness. I am still planning on digging up some of the more descriptive bits for you too(sayings, quotes, history, etc).

Cool beans. I don't need any pics outside of symbols. A pic of the god's symbol, the church's symbol, knights, and the like.