The curse of GJ Chucky Egg!!


Dear all,

I'm looking for some help. After endless frustrating hours of web searching, I have been un-sucessful at finding a download of the original Chucky Egg game in it's original format.

All I seem to be able to find is a crap boring immitation of the original called GJ Chucky Egg! It's rubbish. For hours as a child, I would spend sitting at my BBC computer playing this awesome game. Like many others my friends and I would have competitions on who could get the farthest, or highest score.

Please, please, can somebody send me a link to download so I can start teaching my daughter the curse of Chucky!

Many thanks

Hi there,

Have a look at

I have downloaded a game from this site which is just like the game I loved all those years ago!

If you have a problem write me at