Mysterious Black Sphere


Recently during a campaign, run by what me and my compatriot refer to as a diabolical Dungeon Master has presented my Wight character with a mysterious black orb that, when touched to a very recently deceased body (within a ten second time frame), it appears to absorb their soul which momentarily send a shockwave of power through my arm. I was wondering if anyone would be able to shed any light on this item?

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As a GM, I have to ask you: why not play it out? Your GM clearly has something in mind for you. Isn't figuring such things out -- discovering the answers to mysteries in the GM's world -- part of the fun of playing?

I completely agree with Cocytus. Why spoil what your GM has done? Just sit back and enjoy the ride, man.

I'll third that sentiment!

From my experience with round, black artifacts, I can tell you the ball is evil.

It's a bowling ball dude. Be on the lookout for an ambush by a gang of German nihilists.

let me explain myself and my desire to find out what this black sphere is. Me and the two other people i play dnd with (i know our group size is small but we live in a small town)all have jobs and school and hobbies; so we don't get to play dnd that much, we were in the same dungeon for nerly a month because we got like 1 hour in every two weeks. so i am getting very frustrated, i know i should play it out, and normaly i would but the tension is killing me.
If you don't want to help thats ok but im dying to know lol.

you could always just blackmail you GM into telling you...

Look, I assure you it's evil. Unfortunately for you, the plot probbably requires you to keep it, but I assure you it'll turn out to be a malevolent artifact of unimaginable power.

Try to find a handy volcano to drop it in if at all possible.

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sounds like a DM custom to me. i don't think anyone can tell you what it is. except that its evil... axiomatic is probebly right... find the closest evily named source of lava and rid the world of this abomination! unless your evil. then use it in good health friend. :)
btw, if the game is evoking such strong emotion for you maybe you should play more. *pupils turn to $ signs* buy some more sourcebooks while your at it!