is gamegrene dead?


Morbus, I think GameGrene might be dying of an overdose of game-programming-stuff and an acute deficiency in role-playing-with-your-friends-stuff...

There's only so much one person can do. I've got five months to live - any initiative I make to steer Gamegrene away from *what I'm doing right now* would only last that long and suffer from my split attention. Yes, I have some articles in the queue on Gamegrene that could be published - could publish one a week easily. That won't, however, encourage folks to write more articles, and I don't want to raise anyone's hopes that "Gamegrene is back", when it could go away again come May.

Speaking solely from my own perspective, I stop writing when I've had articles in que for more than a month without hearing anything. If I get articles published it compells me to write more. Even if I get rejected, I know that someone out there is reading my work and it encourages more to write more, and better.

When I signed on as a writer I agreed to 2 articles a month. I can easily do that but I get discouraged when nothing gets published, by any writer. Why bother writing an article that will never get published?

I can almost garantee that there are more like-minded writers out there that just stopped sending articles in because they feel that it is useless. I went so far as to start up a blog in order to let people have access to my writings and to see my written work published online for the world to see.

Maybe if you started publishing some roleplaying articles writers will submit more articles to be published.

I have two articles, one on mages and one on clerics, that have been in que for several months. I have another article which I believe may not get published also waiting. These three articles have been in que for well over three months now. In fact, in the year plus that I've been writing for Gamegrene, I've only had four articles of the nine submitted published. Some articles have been turned down for one reason or another, but the ones that have been published have an average que time of four months!

Why does it take so long? If it's a matter of needing help, then I offer my services as an editor effective immediately. If your bored with it, then please let someone else take over for a bit, like an auxillary GM would in a game. I want to write. But I don't want my hard work to dissapear in the black hole that is Gamegrene.

Please publish some roleplaying articles. I beg you.

Thank you, first I was churning out articles at the promised rate of 2 a month. And, then, things became such that I had to wait a few weeks for things to get published...sometimes as long as 2 months or so.

I understand, tho, that the site moderators probably have their hands full and, well, as Morbus guy can only do so much.

But (to flip-flop), I tend to agree with Calamar here -- I'd probably be more encouraged to write more if I knew that stuff was getting published. If I have something in the queue for 4 weeks or more, there's no incentive to write a new article...'cause who knows how long that one will sit in the queue.

It appears Aeon is back - still hammering things out, but he'll probably be back to regular editing in the coming weeks.

Any way to consolidate all of the game programming stuff into its own, single thread?

Nope - it's its own forum.