Uwe Boll's $27 Million Mistake


According to an article on Shacknews, Uwe Boll (director of the upcoming Dungeon Siege, and known for other video game movie adaptations) might become associated with one of the greatest blunders in cinematic history. An extra 5,500 reels of his latest film, BloodRayne, were distributed to theaters, a mistake that could cost someone $27 Million.

According to Shacknews, a computer error led to the distribution of BloodRayne reels to 5,500 too many theaters. At about $5,000 a pop, that means total costs might exceed $27 Million. This is exacerbated by the fact that the film is showing on fewer than 1,000 screens, and only earned only about $1.2 Million opening weekend. Read the full story here.

While that might be bad news for some...

...I can't help but take some delight in this news.

Uwe Boll is easily my least favorite director and holds the "honor" of having directed the worst movie I've ever seen (House of the Dead).

I've read a few interviews with the guy -- it's *amazing* that he got into the business. He must have photos of somebody.

What a deceptive title for the article. I was sure it would be a review of the flick... ^_^

Regardless, I dunno if Uwe Boll is the worst director ever, but he's no Burt I. Gordon - that's fo sho.

His birth was a far more pricy mistake. But seeing this, well, maybe there is a god after all.

The thing about Uwe Boll is that, due to a loophole in German tax law, German investors actually -MAKE- money whenever they invest in one of his movies that flops, as they can write it off as a loss or...something.

It's like "The Producers" in real life, really.

So this whole buisness about 'accidentally' sending out some 5 thousand extra reels, well- might not be an accident after all.

Except a whole demographics would suddenly find religion and proof of God's existence if by some divine intervention Uwe Boll finally produces a video game based movie worth a damn.

It IS a mistake now, the German government ended that 'flop-film' tax break about a month ago. This time Mr Boll is going to lose, and lose big, if his film flops. Serves him right too.

'Alone in the Dark' makes 'House of the Dead' look like a masterpiece.