Teaching English as a DM


I've been playing D&D since 1990. I'm really into it, but feel that most of the rules are never really used properly anyway. It's just too much. Sometimes the DM even forgets them. We either get so excited, or someone has such a radical idea that these rules don't apply anymore.
Well, I guess rules are there to be broken, anyway.

I've recently started playing D&D with my students in Asia. I must tell you, it's working really well. The kids are really into fantasy here. They seem to be more open, not shy to make mistakes when they use the language.

One of them picked up a Sword of Wisdom to which any Yes/No question can be asked, inside the handle is the face of an old man (kung-fu type dude) who winks : once for Yes, twice for no. They love it, man. Of course with kids you can have so much fun and learn much more from them. I do use some of the D&D recources available, but with kids learning a foreign language, it's just impossible to explain every rule. It seems, though, that the game is more flowing, just the basic rules. A lot of traps and riddles, though.I have an idea where we are supposed to go in our campaign, but they are so unpredictable, that I've made up loads of cool shit on the spot. Isn't that what gaming is all about? Ghosts work really well too, since Asians are piss scared of them.

If you have any cool ideas, I'll appreciate it.

List of other cool things:

Sword of Wisdom ( Yes/No sword)
Sword of Direction (any "Where"- question)
Ne'Kalsa (a Dark Elf Seer who detests Lloth-any question will be answered)
Ring of change (for describing appearances when a PC is changing his/her own appearance)
Ling Mei (evil sorceress-arch enemy and holer of the sword of immortality)
Adjective Monsters (using its name in a sentence gives you a +2 on attack)

The list is endless, really.
D&D rules!

This is an excellent idea. I have noticed that gaming frequently increases the vocabularies of the gamers, but I see your point in saying roleplay can introduce a new language as well. Say, I have some CoC character sheets in Portuguese...

Don't forget other first-year concepts for your items:

  • Directions. E.g., The Sword of the North, the Sickle of the South, the Spear of the East
  • Times. E.g., the Opal of Dusk, the Pearl of the Dawn
  • Colors. E.g., the Red Shirt of Luck, the Blue Blouse of Flying, the Golden Vest of Riches

Good luck with your classes. Sounds fascinating and fun -- definitely different.

Cheers for the ideas!
I really appreciate it.

Ghosts work really well too, since Asians are piss scared of them.

Tell me about it. My wife is Korean. After we went to see 'The Sixth Sense' she wouldn't even go to the bathroom by herself for a week.

She won't even watch a film with Haley Joel Osment in it now, no matter how innocuous the subject matter.

My wife is Thai, and apparently we've got a ghost in the house. Yes, a six year old girl who's been in the house for about 50 years. My wife wakes me up at 3 am in the morning to go to the toilet. We called the monks. The monks are coming Next Tuesday.

Can't wait - I'll create a monk for my Oriental Adventures campaign!!