newb looking to learn


Hi there everybody. I have to say that I'm a little new to D&D or the seventh layer of nerd hell as my friends call it. My younger brother got me into it lately ( he's still in high school) but all the people we play with seem to be more interested in jacking themselves off in the game than actually getting a good story or adventure out of it. My brother and I are both obsesed with games in general especaly fantasy (thanks mom) but is there any way for us to find people who are more interested in a developed story and a rich adventure in the chicago land area?

P.S. we are so bad off my brother has deemed me the GM and I'm just flying by the seat of my pants.
please help me.

Names Mike.

Sorry I'm a twit didn't see the clasifieds but still please help me.

Welcome to the collective. You will be issued with your cybernetic implants shortly!

Yummmm... Implants...

Try getting some veteran players through the bulletine boards at your local baming shop. Thise boards are roleplaying classifieds. Or you could get new players through work or church.