Ninja Burger Play-By-Post Game


Gamegrene would like to experiment with a forum-based play-by-post game here on the website. Although we are open to having multiple games running if interest is there, for starters we would like to do a trial run to see how it all goes. Gamegrener Lorthyne and myself are interested in running a game using the new Ninja Burger 2nd Edition RPG rules.

Anyone who wishes to be involved, or with questions about the system or forum-based gaming in general, is invited to post those questions in this article's thread. The following are suggested as some rules and guidelines that will be followed throughout the course of the game:

1) All game activity should take place within appropriate threads in the new Play-by-Post Forum (

2) While the post frequency has yet to be determined, players should ideally be prepared to post at least 2-3 times per week. Posting more frequently than once per day is unnecessary, and less frequently than once per week is probably too little. The game's duration is also yet to be determined, but will probably run over at least several months.

3) Players will each take on the role of one character. If that character happens to die, they may continue with a new character, who will be introduced at the discretion of the Dispatcher (Ninja Burger's term for a Game Master)

4) The first game will consist of 5-6 players and one Dispatcher; if there is more interest than that, a second game thread will be spun off, or we may attempt to run a single instance with a larger group.

5) Everyone chosen to participate will get a free copy of the Ninja Burger 2nd Edition PDF.

For more information, see or post in this thread and ask your questions.

I'm very willing to be a ninja...or have a burger, or both.
Count me in, just know it'll be my first PBP game, so I don't really know what can be done in a single post.

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Yeah, as zipdrive mentioned, I would like to know how much prior experience is required. Because while I have been in one or two PBP RPs, they were always freeform fandom RPs, never ones with actual, you know, rules.

But I do show interest, yes.

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I'd be interested in this, with much the same qualifications. I've looked into PBP gaming a lot, even commissioned some ancient articles (that never ended up being published) for Gamegrene, and it's been something I've wanted to get into forever, but just never found the time to actually implement/admin.

I'm keen too. Reading the PDQ rules now. I haven't played a PBP game either.

I would like to state for the record that I am interested in delivering food in FAST, AMAZING, LARGING IT UP, AMAZING oops said that, BRILLIANT, ASS-DEFYING ways! You are thanked.

I will need a few days to sort out some things but I'll get back to organizing this after the weekend, and will get the comp copies out to participants shortly thereafter.

Im new to PBP and NinjaBurger RPG (I do own the Steve Jackson Card Game) but am definitely interested.

I took the quiz on the Ninja Burger site and apparently I am best suited to being a driver.. sweet!!

Also, Ninja Burger reminds me a bit of 'Pizza', the TV show on SBS.

For non-Aussies.. Wikipedia entry

I'll be trying to organize this more over the next few days. Take a moment to post in the Intro thread so we can start getting to know each other a bit better.

The roster is now closed. We have 7 ninja participating.