Everquest Kills?


A St. Petersburg Times story this morning claimed Bragg had assaulted the child and left him to die because he was interfering with Bragg's enjoyment of the popular online computer game, but lawyers on both sides emphasize EverQuest was a minor factor, at most.

To quote from the article:

A St. Petersburg Times story this morning claimed Bragg had assaulted the child and left him to die because he was interfering with Bragg's enjoyment of the popular online computer game, but lawyers on both sides emphasize EverQuest was a minor factor, at most.

Prosecutor Suzanne Rossomondo agreed the game only played a small role. "It had some involvement, but more important was [Bragg's] temper and lack of patience. His neglect of the child was only brought to a head because of the game."

Do you know anyone who's obsessed with online gaming? Is this anything like the rap D&D got in the 80s when it was accused of endorsing Satanism? Is this the next witch hunt, or a legitmate problem? results.

Good, I hope they do shut down the game for some stupid reason, any reason, i don't care how stupid, at least it'll get my best friend away from the crack and back to reality for a change.

If youre not wired right you have no right to have your kids. I game and online game frequently, but if my kid needs something then thats what is most important.. If you cant put it down then you had best not pick it up

This is natural selection in action. There are far too many people who shouldn't be reproducing doing so anyway. Some of the least competent parents end up like this guy but most of them just raise fucked up kids who become the next generation of fucked up adults who think that because they CAN reproduce they SHOULD.

This is nothing like the "D&D is satanic" propaganda campaign from the 80s because even if it grows bigger it can't possibly destroy Sony -- they're just too big. Bad management and the loss of players due to rolling over to the witch hunters killed TSR -- which means it was essentially a suicide.

The bible belt gets moved up a notch with stories like this. Maybe the ESRB needs to include a new rating, like CH, for Competent Humans only. Again, the stupidity of mankind prevails, and even duller people will kick and scream and point fingers.

I've played it, and my wife plays it. And I'm pretty sure that when my son gets old enough to hold a gun he's gonna blow the computer away for stealin all that quality time from him. The scary thing is that i have stopped playing, and now i can see that this game really does suck you in. How do you tell a one year old that mommy is busy with a guild event and can't come give him a bath? Im getting really tired if bathing three times a day.......

Sadly this is one game that does promote violence, i have never ever wanted to destroy a whole company of people before, but dammit this time VERANT has just gone tooo far...

Someone with the screen name NIGHTSON is upset with his wife for playing eq... get real buddy! You two have other problems! Isn't the computer just the handiest lil scapegoat! By the way.. If you are bathing the kid 3 times a day you are doing more harm than she is. I'm sure your jealousy has sucked you in now.. and what else has Sucked you in? It's always the GAME or substance at fault, right? You watch TV 6 hours a day now? Read those Books? Smoke those cigarettes? I know people are addicted to gaming.. just like I know people are addicted to many, many things... SORRY!!! It's the people, NOT the game!

DAMN, this game sounds better than diablo!!!, im new to the scene, diablo being the only such online game ive played, (never have i played a game so much, it's more like a hobby than a game). IN NO WAY WHAT SO EVER CAN VIDIO GAMES BE BLAMED FOR VIOLENT PEOPLE. However, far from releasing violence, these type games can seemingly stress many people out (Some of the arguments ive listerned to - wow) i think its the will to be better than anyone else, like in sport. But as for ignoring your kids for them, what can i say the guys obviously A COMPLETE AND UTTER FUCKING WANKER, hey the stress has gone.

I know people that stoped playing EQ 2 years ago, and they still have dreams about it!

The over bearing ignorance of the human populace to direct their inate hate towards 'violent video games' is nothing more than a mere scapegoat of their own dislike towards that genre. Most of those 'shrinks' come to the conclusion (I assume) that violent video games do nothing of any help to the individual that plays them. Yet in fact they do, for it takes thought to comprise and execute a form of action in those form of games, to adapt and change from past previous experiences to become better of your opponent, to win. Of those few individuals who loose their base touch with relality and come to the assumption that their game is their reality and that all things there in are factual need to be removed. The mere ignorance of those sort need not to reproduce as it will become a degeneration of the society that they are within. Of the few that beat their children for being interrupted in their game play-they shouldn't have their kids. Of the individuals that commit suidice because of these games-good ridance to worthless bums. Why should a few minorites of ignorance overwhelm and control the majority?
In my frustration and flame-Fuck you if you cant handle a joke.
Sincerely with love-Logan

Those are the occasions when people realize I have a right wing set of mind. So what if a bunch of morrons die because they can't handle RPG's, Comic Books, College, the Stock Market, etc. This is natural selection in action.

I find horrible that some people have children while they don't deserve to. Most society see procreation as a right not a privilege, which is sooooooooo wrong. Life needs to be cherished and nourished to bloom.

Political Righteousness and too many pampering education has made the human species too soft especially in western Europe, North America and Some parts of Asia. I'm sorry, but when suicide, DUA and "darwin awards" incidents are major causes of death in a country, one has a problem. It means that you have to be incredibly stupid or self destructive to die or be under alot of stress/angst/pressure.

Also, humans have "evolved" to a point where THEY are their only predator and competitor. Banning RPG's (online or otherwise), banning violence in the media will not solve anything. This is exacltly like having kids dress up in so much padding that they look like the "stay puffed marshmellow man". Sure they never hurt themselves when they skate/bike/play, but do they learn how to avoid danger and injury? I don't think so.

People were beating their kids and being awfull to others, way before there was the internet, TV or Radio shows. Remember Emperor Calligula anyone? Stalin? Jack the Ripper? Hitler? Le Marquis de Sade (who gave us the word sadist)?

These sickos didn't need the internet to get the way they were. Violence, stupidity, narrowmindedness, bigotry, greed and cowardice are an integral part of human nature. So are kindness, generousity, magnanimity, love, imagination and courage.

The dark side of humanity brings out the worst and the best in others, the only way to "fight the darkness within" is to nourish the light, not act out our base instincts on those who should know better and start an inquisition.

The witch hunters out there are mostly acting out on their impulse to dominate and control others (which denotes a high level of violence in their psyche). Maybe they should roleplay a little bit more and get that out of their system, you know play a Technocrate in mage or an Inquisitor in D&D or a Corp in Shadowrun.

A good laugh once in a while wouldn't hurt them either...

C ya

I play everquest and because of it i am not going to attend college because i have no time for it..I also have no job and live with my parents..I spend my days locked inside my room drinking coca cola and playing eq.I dont think i will ever be able to stop playing..I am watching my real life pass me by as I stay glued to my computer playing everquest..Its only a matter of time before I take my own life.I have slipped too far away from reality and I no longer want to live this life..Yes Everquest is a problem.

Dear Anon Loser,

As long as people like those you sarcastically portrayed don't manage to reproduce before their life ends, natural selection will have been served.

What bugs me is that they usually manage to reproduce and their poor genes and poor values get passed on. Face it folks, Homer Simpson and Beavis and Butthead were only meant to be funny as cartoons (and even then) Some people think they are rolemodels... what can I say.

Pay-per-play is economically unsound.

It's really easy to find someone to blame for anything. My son killed someone? Well, there's no way that it's his fault! Gotta blame someone...hmmm, I don't like having to pay $10 a month for everquest... Ah ha! That's why he did it. Well, if we can blame the video game industry for all of this violence, I guess it's time to blame the automobile industry for all of those car accidents. Same thing, I guess.

What's frightening is that's how Bothered About Dungeons and Dragons got started. Patricia Pulling's son killed himself and instead of looking to him for the possible causes, she looked to one of his hobbies as the scapegoat.

Sam from Quebec is right. There is no reason why the media should denounce a role-playing game, and glorify a sports game. What about the troubled kids under parents who spend all their time watching basketball?

in the end, it's a misunderstanding. We can all sit here and throw 'Fuck you's' around, and it may do us some good. but what about the day that a sicko lawyer points at this collection of statements to say that Gamers are violent. Sure, we're moved to violence, but so is everyone when criticized for something they know to be untrue.

I'm calling out to all of us: Stop this flaming and screaming. let us be better than those that hunt us. No more running, no more dropping to their level.

So, you think Gaming has addictive properties that should be dealt with? You think it's a problem? Fine. but don't spend more time tearing it down than you do on picking apart Football for the violence portrayed in that game. the result of any addiction is derrangement.

We're Gamers and we should be willing to help. We should be willing to fight this in a better, more mature way. They want to call us geeks? Fine. But we won't sink to the level of calling them Witch-hunters. They want to blame their fear and suffering on us? Fine, but when we point it out to them, it won't be to hurt, but to help. Violence begets Violence, and there are far too many people out there 'reproducing as idiots' for us to let the fools run the world. I say the better way to stop someone who's ignorant is not to ignore them while the control and punish us, and waiting for 'natural selection' to end them, but to educate them, so that we can all do better.

I continue to play Dark Age of Camelot, even though I will be leaving
my computer in six months. Am I an addict?


North America is under a dictature of mediocrity!

Dictature is always wrong, but the more time passes the more I find that we are run by the mediocre who are more numerous than the elite, but still a minority when compared to the rest of the population.

The dwindling middle class and the working class (the majority) keep getting the bad end of every deal while the rich get richer and everything is made and thought for the lowest denominator. Which is why we have stupid writen warnings on everything: "Warning content may be hot" on coffe cups at McDonalds. They have laws that force you to wear a helmet when on a bicycle because some people are too stupid to be prudent.

Soon computer games and RPG's may read: "Warning, this game shouldn't replace reality. You should not forget to go to work, take care of your spouse and children and keep your self clean while playing."

Even worst, because of the mediocre some member of the "League of Paranoïd Parents for Total and Perfect Safety" might force computer games to be built with a sub-routine that keeps the game from working more than X hours per day, week or month. Then the unfit would have one more undeserved chance of survival.

That felt good thank you for leting me vent out my frustration.

Now back to work at the unemployment office!

Cthulhu Matata

"If you're not wired right, you have no right to have your kids," says Tenryk. Tenryk, who decides what being "wired right" is? And, how can you endorse taking the right to one's kids away? Sometimes, I have to wonder where this oppressiveness comes from. It is dangerously common today.

... and another thing, who are you people to criticize anyone for anything? The lion's share of the postings on this board show bitter little people who gnash their teeth at what society has "done to them". Grow up, and look at yourselves. You, not what you do, are the reason gamers are being called pathetic.

Ya all know that Ozzy made kids kill themselves, TSR is responsible for multiple deaths, and if you play the Beatles white album backwards John Lennon comes back from the dead, eats mushrooms and sings #9.

This is a non-issue. End of story. The guy beat his kid because he is an a-hole

I play EQ. My SON plays EQ. We play EQ together. We also swim, bike, play softball, mountain climb, etc TOGETHER. Pretty cool seven year old I got, huh?

The majority of people are dumber than guano and are always going to be like that. You can't change it: It just is. (wow John thanks for the mushrooms).

You also will have another group of people who are just as dumb, but twice as ignorant that are unhappy about the others having so much fun.

The third group is the media who report about the jerk that hurt his kid and the second group that blame it on Harry Potter.

Me, I'm gonna play EQ, go swimming, fishing, mountain biking with my kid. Then we are gonna come back and kill the Sand Giant, because we have fun doing it.

I gotta log I gotta got find the white album.



Do you have or want to have kids?

Do you plan on taking care of them?

If so good because answering no to the second should dictate your answer to the first question.

And please don't play devil's advocate about the issue of "who decides what is right or wrong" there are some clear cut cases (most of us can find some in our entourage) where unfit parents should have their kids taken away (here we actually have laws that will allow the state to take away children from unfit parents). Unfortunately, we can't take their capacity to make more… ah well.

Anyhow the discussion is not about taking away kids and all from genetic dead ends, it's about western society and its' tendency to put the blame on the "weird things it doesn't understand" instead it's educationnal and legal institutions. It also speaks of our nasty tendency to take away accountability from people (Canada and Quebec are among the worst places for this (and I know)).

Why let people decide what is good for them if you don't let them suffer the consequences of a bad choice? Without consequences (even the bad ones) you lose control over your life.

When some poor choices make someone else suffer the consequences, society should right the wrongs and protect the innocents no?

This is ridiculous. I've yelled and yelled about this kind of stuff since I first started playing D&D when I was like, 10 years old.

First it was books, then music, then D&D, then Magic Cards, and video games. It sickens me that people must use recreational activities that we, (we, meaning the people who get called immature and nerds and geeks for playing video games and what not) the minority, enjoy to get away from the REALITY of being oppressed and ridiculed in society already, as a scapegoat for their own problems.

As people have already said, nobody ever questions the parents, or the inherent thought processes of the individual that kills him/herself or others. It's always the video game, or the book. Catcher in the Rye anybody?

I play video games a lot. It's one of the few things I enjoy doing in my spare time. Often, I play violent video games. I've played them for as long as I can remember. Right now, my favorite game is Dynasty Warriors 3, where you fight in battles in ancient china. Heck, I even racked up about 1,400 kills in one battle alone.

I play Grand Theft Auto 3 a lot too. I enjoy running through the streets and shooting the people and stealing the cars.

I play a lot of first person shooters, especially where you use guns to shoot at people on screen. I'm a very good aim. I can usually beat Time Crisis II in one sitting without using coins to continue.

But guess what... not once have I ever even thought about going around in real life and killing a bunch of people. "But didn't you just say you caould aim very well?" On a video game, sure, but I've tried a real gun. I couldn't hit ANYTHING with it, and I haven't used a real gun since because I know the dangers of using one.

It all comes down to common sense. Punish the idiots, and not me. Also, while you're at it, go after the sports too. After all, it must be sports and not the people themselves that cause the violence.

Well i do play everquest and my name is Ayend of the Quellios server a 52 Bard Yest this Game is addictive but so is EVERYTHING it does not stop me form going to college becuase i graduate in one month from my High school, i may sit there for a while but its just the person who cant have the will to get off as many of my Guild members constantly say sorry ic ant coem today i have to attend to my real life and take the kids out etc... they made the corect choice its not the game you just need to know that...

Ayend 52nd Misntrell of Quellious

Well i play everquest too. I am on the Quellious, but it has not hindered me from using punctuation. I think i need to quit soon though. I have an addictive nature and i spend too much time playing everquest. My desires for anything else have gone down. Mabey some people can control it and some cant. I dont think im going to beat my kid mainly because i dont have kids.

BTW its 3:30 in the morning and i have final exams tomarrow but i stayed up playing everquest too late!!

Some of you amuse me with your rantings. Ever Quest is a game. It is not a "High Tech" device to breed humanity into a new era of evil.

when my son made me die when i was 1 block away from level 65 i whiped his ass and grounded him for 2 years.

My grilfriend threatens me with the couch once in a while, seems you have points in common with her Phantasm ; )

To put this simply, okay, so sue me, I like playing EQ. (Go ahead, boo me, I can care less) Most people on this board are for EQ, I find that interesting. This isn't a flame board. (Obviously) Some of you are SO bad at tech/Central Processing Units that you can't even type a capital letter (Hey, its called holding shift and pressing a letter, or maybe even Caps Lock!) Good game? Yes. Stupid people? Yes. Annoyed by stupid people? Yes. I bet someone flames this message, im a bodybuilder in RL, pick a fight with me and we'll see who picks who's bones.

I have never played this game, but it sounds cool!

some of u guys like to diss things cause u think someone gets addiceted to it. its not quite an addiction. its something to pass the time. everyone i know in the game goes to college and has a job. some even have kids. so? whats wrong with that. what do u do to pass the time? watch tv and learn that ducktape and plastic sheeting will save ur life from a chemical attack? ( sarcasim for u stupid people). or sit online and try to have online sex with any person who u think is a female? everquest isnt such an addicting game. its just like any oher game, just a bit more excentric

It is so sad that human beings can get sucked up into the fantasy world of everquest. Guess, most of you don't know how dangerous it is emotionally and how it affects the people who love you. It is sad that the only life you will ever have is a fantasy of casting spells and playing with wizzards etc. Guess that is what you will all be doing when the Lord comes; guess then it won't be a fantasy anymore, you will have wasted your life for nothing and will be nashing your teeth with you know who you know where.

Oops, on my email address above, here is my correct email address llee12001@yahoo.com

I feel sorry for any children that have parents playing everquest. I can only imagine how thier hearts break from neglect. llee

Yipee a Jesus Freak!

Hey Llee, don't forget your Lord is said to be forgiving and loving of al his children.

Guess what, some people will find many ways to waste their time and others', yes it's a shame. But let you not judge others less you be judged yourself. Keep that in mind pridefull one.

Ilee, there is no human activity, including religion, that cannot be addicting, and which some will take to an extreme that will negatively impact thier lives, and the lives of those around them. However, just as the majority can eat a donut, have a beer, play poker, or attend a religious service without becoming an addict, so too can the average EQ player enjoy the game without fear. If, as contextual clues in your post hint, you are an "the end is near" Pre-Tribulation Dispensational Premillennialist, then your fantasies are inevitably far more dangerous to our society then those of all gamers combined. At least the EQ'ers (the vast majority, at least) know it itsn't real.

Bwa ha ha ha!

Thanks Avenel.

Actually folks don't encourage Llee, please.

Whatever you do don't send her mails, you'll get religious spam, as if there wasn't enough nonsense on the net.

Sorry, Sam. Poking the religiously self-righteous is a bad habit of mine. Probably too much time spent on various skeptical fora. While EQ does nothing at all for me, I know plenty of gamers that enjoy it.

EQ is one of the greatest games ever made i hope to see more like it in the future

Here's my experience with video game "addiction": about six months of my life went to Diablo II in 2001. At a rough estimate, I was playing for twelve hours a day, six or seven days a week. I have no doubt that this behavior was the sole reason for my bombing of an entire semester of college. Do I regret those F's and D's? Of course. Do I blame Blizzard for it? Not at all. I chose to neglect the real world in favor of a game world. I'm not going to hold a game company responsible for my problems.

Everquest distoryed my best friend's life. Because of this game, he got kicked out by school and work. He is currently living without any income, and savings as well. He refuses to communicate with anyone even his parents for almost one year, his body is in bad bad shape compares to before.

Well L

Your friend had problems before Everquest, only an addiction prone personality can lead to such "abuse" of a video game. He was bound to find something addictive one day, be it TV, Internet, videogames or some psychotropic substance.

The difference between L's friend and Morgan is that Morgan sees there is a problem... L's friend doesn't.

Is it the game's fault (well partially) is it L's friend (mostly).

As a side note, did you knw that some games (like Master of Orion 3) now feature "alarm clocks" that either have you quit the game after a set amount of time or at a certain time of day (or night). Still, such measures can only be turned on if the user wants to.

Damn our free will! It ruined our lives... ants have it sooo much better than us ; )

Everquest did not ruin your best friend's life, L. Your best friend ruined his own life. He just used Everquest to do so.

I'd hazard a guess that your friend didn't think much of his life when he started playing EQ (not that he didn't have much of a life, but that he didn't think he did). I've noticed lots of folks who are down on themselves in Real Life (tm) play online games, LARPS or tabletop RPGs to feel better about themselves. This can be healthy; fantasy is a useful psychological defense mechanism. Unfortunately, it can lead to self-destructive behavior when the person in question sees his fantasy life as better and more desirable than his Real Life (tm).

And, seeing how he was able to spend a year out of touch with everybody without his friends and family raising a ruckus, I can well imagine why he like EQ better than RL.

Call your friend, go over to his house, take him out for a coffee, do something for the poor guy. Sounds to me like he desperately needs some human interaction.

All the best,


You know, I have a friend who was once like many gaming/computer addicts. He stayed behind his computer all the time, didn't have to worry about bills, rent or anything. His whole life rotated and revolved around his computer.

What changed? We invited him out to coffee. "You know, you spend way too much time behind your computer. Come have coffee and a burger with us." And he agreed.

Two years later, he's living happily with his girlfriend and her daughter, has an active social life and still games.

Take your gamer friends beyond the game, because your friendship shouldn't be just about the game. You should be friends because there's something about each other that you like. Be A Friend.

OMG i cannot believe that anyone would think that EQ would actually be the cause of someone's violence, if you play that much then i dont think you should be playing anymore... hehe... yea, i'm one to talk, Beta 1 here =-) lol, anyway, that is such a load of crap, its increadably dumb... if someone is going to be violent he is going to be that way regardless of the game he is playing, or the book he is reading, or the TV show he is watching, As an EQ'er myself, i would like to say that the cause of my violence lays far beyond EQ, infact that is what really relaxes me whenever i start thinking about how my life is... the cause of my violence is lack of friendship and the occasional mother poking her head into my pitiful life telling me i should do something besides play on my computer all the time. lol, anyway now i've said too much... laters.

Feverb Fe'Adverb (FenninRo)

Well hello Feverb, been a while since I saw you in Velks ;P

Anywho, look. Some violent people play everquest and develop problems. Let's see what would happen if they didn't. I want to take a different approach, analyze the 'solutions'. Instead of playing Everquest, they watch TV. Instead of playing a fantasy world killing unreal things, they watch PEOPLE shoot PEOPLE. Kid interrupts them, what do they do? Act like the people on TV of course, it's just natural... oh joy, a dead kid. Perhaps the EVERQUEST would actually SAVE the life of this kid. But in either case, does it actually do anything detrimental that people wouldn't do to themselves or others in some other way?

On May 26, 2002 01:09 PM, Anon Loser said:
I play everquest and because of it i am not going to attend college because i have no time for it..I also have no job and live with my parents..I spend my days locked inside my room drinking coca cola and playing eq.I dont think i will ever be able to stop playing..I am watching my real life pass me by as I stay glued to my computer playing everquest..Its only a matter of time before I take my own life.I have slipped too far away from reality and I no longer want to live this life..Yes Everquest is a problem.

So, let's say you never played EQ. Let's say you listened to the radio, or watched TV. You'd still be living in your parents' house. You'd still be drinking coke. Go to college? TV is less intellectual than the people you MEET on everquest. I for one have engaged in many interesting, even theoretical conversations with people over EQ. EQ isn't the problem. The human race is.

Now, don't just take the names and get all worried, but I will make a comparison here between two occurences people know WELL, not because one is a major past issue. Look at Everquest as the Jews, and the protestors as Hitler. Hitler wanted power, he wanted a scapegoat. The Jews were just there. People today want something to blame, something to get angry at because the world isn't what it should be in the way they see it. Is Everquest any more to blame for the problems in society than the Jews were for the problems in the Soviet Union? I for one think not.

Mugajak Spellpet, 52 warrior of the Keepers of Kithicor, Fennin Ro server, signing off.

Bottom line is anyone who blames EQ for the negative behaviors of someone instead of blaming the someone exhibiting the negative traits is a blazing idiot.

Sorry but it is the truth.

If you have a slasher running through the park knifing 20 people, do you arrest the knife and send it to prison for life? Of course not! The knife did not make him do it, he made the knife do it. Figure it out.

Now as for addiction there is credible evidence that, for instance, nicotine, crack, cocaine, etc are addictive.

There is ZERO credible evidence that EQ or any video or computer game is addictive.

It can be the object of obsession by a person who has obsessive traits. It does not and cannot create obsessive traits.

It can also be used as an escape by those that find their real life existance to be unbearable for one or more reasons... a shrewish or boorish spouse could easily be one of these reasons.

The religious nutballs who claim it is satanic etc are clearly kooks.

I have yet to find anyone who faults EQ for anything who did not do it as their first kneejerk scapegoating response, and these folks are usually completely ignorant of the game. They know nothing but dont let that fact stop them from spouting off as to what the problem is.

IMHO listening to some of them whine and rant and cry... I think if they want to hit closer to the mark on what the real problem is they should maybe look in the mirror.

Peace Out
No pooping on the couch!

Bad Peace!

"There is ZERO credible evidence that EQ or any video or computer game is addictive."

While I agree with you that blaming a computer game for the actions of one of its users is ridiculous, I cannot agree with the above statement at all. There are studies to show that computer games are extremely habit-forming. Even if there weren't, I would know from my own experience of EQ and other games that computer games can usurp a large and disproportionate segment of a user's life.

When I was in college, I knew several people who flunked out because they were spending all their free time (and sometimes even their class time) MUDing. Do I blame the MUDs? Hell, no. I blame these people's addictive personalities. But that's not to say that computerized gaming cannot be habit-forming, or that the existence of the game had nothing to do with these people flunking out of school.

While I don't recall any of the authors and can't quote any study results.

I have read that there are several indications that video games are almost as habit forming as video poker machines.

I agree with Someone that you can't blame every failure or disaster on addiction. There are poor choices made all the time by people (which is why free will is such a drag at times). Still, just like there is some control over the sale of firearms (well at least north of the US), prescription drugs, alcohol and gambling, there could be more control over video games (like timers, monthly quotas or whatever) that would make it harder for people to waste their life away on them.

I'm not talking prohibition here, just safeguards.

You're going further than I would, Sam. I don't think the government needs to control the sale of video games. I am in favor of people taking responsibility for what happens in their lives. I was just saying that I think it's silly to pretend that video games aren't habit-forming.

Hey I'M not saying the government should control the sale. Maybe there could be a an association that does like they do for: car design safety, sports equipment, food quality, etc.

I'm sure some basic guidelines would aleviate some of the problems.

I'm an EQ player myself. I have a lvl 56 Chanter, and a lvl 54 Druid. I will admit that at one time, I considered myself to be an addict, however, it was by choice. I would spend hours on end (often til 3 in the morning) playing EQ. However, I never stayed home from work to play it, I never ditched my RL Friends to play it. I do recognise the fact that I was spending too much time on it, but I also recognise that it was at a point in my life where I was going through great change in my personal life. I used EQ as a scapegoat. I now play maybe 2 hours every few days with my partner. His ex plays upwards of 3 hours a weeknight and sometimes 10hours a day on the weekend. She has custody of the kids and I often think the kids are being neglected because she is hooked. I do however think she knows exactly what she is doing. She has met and is engaging in a relationship with another EQ player, suffers from depression and other physical/mental illness.
I do believe however, that the person playing the game has the problem, not the game itself.

I am Cydnee Carlton. I have to do a paper for school and when looking over this web sight I saw your comment. I was wondering if I could use some of it for my quotes in the paper. I agree with you and I couldent have said it better. don't worrie I won't be using all of it in my paper. I just need some other people to suport my thesis.