Ninja Burger PBP Episode 2 - 5/14/06


Forgot my own dice rolling technique for a moment. Revised slightly, but no outcome change.

1 = 1; 2 = 2; 3,7 = 3; 4,8 = 4; 5,9 = 5; 6,0 = 6

Bozuko ties Kitaro's rope to Toru, and the two of them brace themselves as Toru prepares to climb; if he falls, it'll take both of them to hold the rope. Toru straps on Haruko's suction cups and starts clambering up the wall [3 + 7(3) Roll = 6] This is a pretty Easy maneuver [Difficulty 5] for a ninja and Toru manages to pull it off, and gets to the ceiling in short order.

As that's happening, Skipito shakes his head impatiently (Poor [-2] Impulse Control), makes some room, and does a truly ninja leap off the railing, into the wall, and out again towards the nearest light. [3 + 1 Roll, + 2 Sportster, + 2 Being Ninja Bonus = 8]. The bad news is, this is a pretty Complex maneuver too [Difficulty 9], and Skipito won't make it to the light. The good news is, Skipito is a ninja, and he can tell, as soon as he pushes off the wall, that it's not going to be enough.

With everyone else preoccupied in one way or another, there's no one to stop Morboko from stepping right off the side of the catwalk, creatively interpreting the orders to get to the other door by trying to walk right there. As it turns out, there *is* a path from one end to the other, in the form of a barely visible steel wire, stretched taught across the length of the room. Unfortunately, Morboko is a little off balance [1 + 1 Roll, +2 Creative Interpretation = 4], and since the wire is barely visible [Difficulty 9], she teeters for a moment, arms flailing, and begins to fall.

Bozuko, scouting the room out the entire time [2 + 5 Roll, +2 Spotter = 9] notices the wire, too late to prevent Morboko's feat, but with enough time to shout a warning to everyone. He also notices that Skipito's trajectory is slightly less than optimal.

Bozuko, Kitaro, Morboko, Toru and Skipito are preoccupied with their respective activities (climbing, fallling, flipping, and holding); however, Hidoi the Mahoutsukai and Haruko the Navigator may be able to react in time to prevent Morboko and/or Skipito from splatting (assuming they don't manage to save themselves).

Bozuko and/or Kitaro might be able to intervene too, but they'd have to let go of the rope and turn around, and thus will take a -2 Downshift on any attempt to aid Skipito or Morboko.

This is, of course, a terrible situation for everyone to be in. Which is why, of course, things get even more terrible. The combination of Skipito pushing off the railing and Morboko stepping off the side of the platform causes the entire catwalk to groan ominously. Everyone still on the catwalk feels it shift a few inches away from the wall. It's hanging on, for now, but there's no telling for how much longer.

For the moment, the Dispatcher is speechless.

Skipito resorts to Plan B (Always have a plan B) and joins the Batman Poser Corp. by busting out his Kusarigama (, and attempting PeterParkerJutsu with the WEIGHTED end (NOT the edged end), hoping to snag the light (or, if he becomes aware of it in time, the wire).

Sadly only average [+0] Ninja will apply.

[OOC] The discussion tab of the wiki give a 10' length of chain and usage as entangle. This will hopefully catch around the light and keep Skipito clear of the floor for some web swinging action.

Will LIGHT element give an upshift? Not expecting it too, but some days you can weasel enough.

Can the Dispatcher thro in a time elapsed/time remaining not in the weekly update? Just, you know, to add to the stress.
[OOC end]

Is there anything else (other than the wire and Skipito's fancified leap of doom) of note that Bozuko can spot in the room?

Bozuko, noticing Morboku's imminant death, kicks his heel back and up, tossing the coil of rope lying on the ground (the other end being attached to Toru), simultaneously thrusting the length in his hands towards Hidoi and Haruko. Bozo does a 540º rotation, grabbing for the coil on his first 180º, and attempting to use the rest of the spin to not only throw the rope towards Morboku with added force [+2 Projectile Guidance], but to loop the rope around himself, (hopefully) maintaining his grip and support on the line. He yells to the team in general, but mostly to notify Kitaro,

"Oi! Weight comin' on the rope!"

Possible upshifts? Being Ninja? Air Element?

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Toru winces as the distorted yell assaults his eardrums through his headset. "Could you speak up a bit Bozo? I didn't quite catch that."

Unable to do much for his comrades below, Toru looks around for a nearby object to which a rope could be securely tied.

Does it look as though walking upside down across the ceiling would be easier or harder than climbing the wall?

Also, roughly how long is our rope?

Kitaro, suddenly finding himself holding the rope alone, and seeing Morboko beginning to fall, takes advantage of the fact Toru is securely stuck to the wall (it seems) and tries to hook the other end of the rope (which was previously attached to a grappling hook) around Morboko (or at least swing it near enough so she can grab it).

what to do when he'll have two people on opposite ends of the rope is something not yet on his mind.

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Only about 50% participation this round. Should we wait a few extra days to give people a chance?

I'm cool with it, but where did everyone go???


It's the dispatcher's call. The initial rules say blah blah, but it's really no skin off my nose if an exception is made. Have they been e-mailed to remind them to post? I know that I didnt.

Personally, I was hoping to kick it up to twice weekly because "I can't wait" to see what goes wrong next.

I'm going to delay the next installment until a couple more people post. I'll send out a reminder. I know at least one of us is preoccupied with something big.

I'll update shortly.

Which would be me, who has just returned from the hospital with his first child, daughter Julia. Suffice to say, I'm gonna miss this round, I suspect. As for Morboko, let's just say that she's so shocked that her belief system has failed her (yet again) that she can do no action but to frantically reach out for something, anything.

Congrats, Morbus. how's being a dad?

And please remove that filter for the word g a m bl i ng


"Does anyone have any more suction cups?" Haruko cries, bitterly regretting having given hers away. She's holding onto the rope that Bozuko had thrown her way, but in the back of her mind, she's preforming a rather nasty mental calculation.

It concerns the fact that she can't very well pull anyone up if there's nothing supporting her. And she now has doubts about the four partly suction cups she had given Toru.

I mean, chances are the equipment was built by the lowest bidder.

She decides that if the entire thing falls over, she'll make a leap toward the other end of the room, not in an effort to reach it but intending to catch the fine wire and twist it around her arm as she falls. It might cut into her flesh a bit, but it'll give her some support, and it's better than dying.

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yeah, top work Morb!

So far, so good. There were complications to both mother and baby, which equated to a longer-than-normal hospital stay, but both are at home and doing well. As for the "gambling" filter, I've removed it - there was a time when we were getting about 1000 comments a day with that word. We'll see how it goes without for a bit.

Hidoi saves Morboko.

Yes, but how?

Oh man, you didn't see it?! You're meant to be paying attention!

For a start, nobody suspects the hatter, right? So I'd been watching the whole thing all along from the sidelines, but admittedly not paying much attention myself because I was too busy fixing on my Hatamari(TM) brimtape which I'd just seen about on the telly before leaving.

Well anyway, I affix'd that and I see Kitaro and Morboko dangling there in mid air, and I figure, we have a classic pendulum sitation here, and there's no clock. THERE'S NO CLOCK DAMNIT, DO YOU HEAR ME? No clock.

So what can one do? I tossed Kitaro something rather heavy (I always keep lead weights in my pocket since a friend lent me a rather interesting looking fishing magazine chock full of wonderful ads) and Morboko squeed up to safety. Then Kitaro tosses the weight to Morboko who attaches it to her end of the line, bringing Kitaro up.

Simple physics really. I can't believe you missed it, dude, that's just really uncool. For all you know I might be making all of this up, but thankfully a hatter would not do that.

The real story, paraphrased:

<Morbus> sbp, save me! <G>
<sbp> wha?
<Morbus> save me in Ninja Burger
<sbp> every time I load the page I go "uh... man I have no damn clue what I'm supposed to be doing"
<Morbus> just type "$character saves Morboko." and press enter! <G>
<sbp> but... but... aeon will hate us! he will slaughter all our sock puppets!
<sbp> no Morbus please I am very scared, Morbus, now
<sbp> no, please! Aeon is so great I don't want to disappoint him in me, really I do not! Please guys! This is nasty!
<sbp> whaaaaaaaa!

So in summary it is all d8uv's fault. Morbus is just hormonal because of the baby, so he can be forgiven. But can you forgive me, Aeon? Can you do that? I mean, it's not like you were even paying attention. Hobo.


Wow. There are no words........

"A government is a body of men usually notably ungoverned"
-Shepherd Book, from Joss Whedon's "Firefly"