Ninja Burger PBP Episode 4 - 6/4/06


Dice roll summary:
Whutaguy/Skipito: 10 = 7
Lorthyne/Bozuko: 52 = 7
Arvo/Toru: 52 = 7
Zipdrive/Kitaro: 46 = 10
Morbus/Morboko: 44 = 8
Axiomatic/Haruko: 0
SBP/Hidoi : 0

Morboko makes it to the ground in one piece, and begins to use her ninja skills to run and leap across the ground, taking the direct approach to getting the job done. This appears to work quite well until about halfway across, when, with a loud whirring sound, dart guns emerge from the walls and begin to fire. For the moment, Morboko is just ahead of the darts (8) but they seem to be gaining on her.

High above, Skipito continues to swing from light to light; having managed to do it with the first, he finds the second easier (7). It almost seems... too easy. Ninja intuition. Elsewhere up there, Toru ties off one of the ropes, providing some support to the crumbling catwalk. It's not clear if the rope or the beam will hold if the whole thing decides to fall, but it isn't hurting.

Meanwhile, Bozo scans around the room, looking for trouble spots. With the Dispatcher's guidance, he sees several trouble spots. First of all, there's the situation on the floor with the darts firing at Morboko. "Those are probably toxic," says the Dispatcher. "Nothing serious, I think. Still, probably not best to take any chances." Next, there's the ceiling swingers: the lights look sturdy enough to swing across, but there's something odd about the lights in the middle of the room. They seem brighter, somehow. "Seems to be more current running to those lights across the middle," says the Dispatcher."

As Bozo looks around, Kitaro whips out a knife, and with an amazing roll manages to cut the rope in precisely the right spot, freeing Bozo without destroying the rope. Aside from being a few inches shorter now, it's in great shape.

Haruko and Hidoi fail to act in this round, apparently stunned by all that's going on. That's why they can't react as the catwalk gives way with a groan (everyone else can act normally; they'll take a -2 Downshift on their next actions). The rope hanging from above turns the collapse into a sort of swing, possibly saving everyone's lives, but anyone still on the catwalk finds themselves suddenly falling towards the ground. There does happen to be a magical slab about halfway down, so that's an option, along with anything else ninja-like you can come up with.

Seeing his comrades in trouble below, Toru abandons the suction cups and rappels down the rope at top speed. Keeping his eyes on the falling gantry, he aims to spring himself out from the wall at the appropriate moment, and land on the mysterious platform provided by the hatter [Ninja +0].

Skipito will pause from Tarzan-ing across the room just before the brighter lights (which until this moment he hadn't realized were on) and see if there is a maze-like path through them. He will keep his last light swinging, trying to maintain its current (get it) arc (get it again) but not enough to touch the next light.

Are the darts coming from the walls? or from assailants unknown? at a fixed level (such as 3 feet up) or from a broad range of heights (every inch for 15 feet)? Is the wire (from episode 2) still taut? Is it within reach of anyone?

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Kitaro turns, and decides to try and tie one end of his rope to the door's handle, and the other around his waist.
When that's done, he puts on his climbing claws and hopes they can hold onto the wall.

I'm here for this post, but will be gone for the next two or so. Bozo is in your hands, aeon.

Bozuko is going to try to ride the catwalk as it falls down, hoping to soften his landing (He's ignoring the magic platform, thinking it will probably vanish soon). If he manages to land successfully, Bozuko will immediately search "Ground Zero" for useful applications (+2 Finding Use For Garbage), especially looking for objects to aid climbing the catwalk on the the other side or stuff that can be accurately thrown.

"A government is a body of men usually notably ungoverned"
-Shepherd Book, from Joss Whedon's "Firefly"

Morboko will continue on her course, still attempting to build up enough speed to Ninja-leap from the floor of the building to the catwalk on the other side. If Morboko actually sees the darts coming at her, then she'll attempt to do something she saw in her research for a role as an American action hero - attempt to slow down time and bend backwards at the waist, having the darts flit between her bosum harmlessly. If her luck is particularly obtuse, she'd probably let one of them cut through the cloth of the ninja suit covering her bodice, so as to allow some alluring skin to show.

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