Ninja Burger PBP Episode 5 - 6/16/06


Sorry for the delay guys. Busy at work.

Dice roll summary:
Whutaguy/Skipito: 40 = 10
Lorthyne/Bozuko: 56 = 11
Arvo/Toru: 58 = 9
Zipdrive/Kitaro: 28 = 6
Morbus/Morboko: 03 = 9
Axiomatic/Haruko: -2
SBP/Hidoi : -2

The darts appear to be coming from randomly spaced holes in the wall at various heights and angles.

The wire is not taut, having slackened when the catwalk collapsed. It's on the floor, however, if anyone wanted to retrieve it for any reason.

With a twisted groan the catwalk collapses, and Haruko and Hidoi find themselves buried under the twisted mass of metal. Trap doors open beneath them and they disapppear into the catacombs beneath Ninja Burger headquarters. [OOC] For the moment, at least, since they haven't chimed in. If they come back, we'll bring them back in.[/OOC]

Toru easily rappels down the rope and lands on the platform just as it vanishes. However, the platform isn't that high above the floor, and as it disappears, he easily and daintily lands on the floor of the warehouse. Kitaro barely has time to tie off one end of the rope to the door handle before the platform collapses. There's no time to put on climbing claws, but his roll is good enough to grab hold of the rope and not fall into the mass of twisted metal. Bozuko turns on the ninja skills and easily rides the catwalk all the way down, rolling off and to his feet. The nearby floor contains several handfuls of rivets from the catwalk, all of which were apparently helpfully pre-loosened, as well as the aforementioned wire, which is still connected to the far wall.

This puts three ninja on the ground near the catwalk. The other two "survivors" are in motion.

Morboko continues to run through the blizzard of darts, and with a decent roll and some sultry moves she manages to make it halfway across without getting hit (except, of course, for several convenient slices across her ninja uniform, allowing her skin to show through. She realizes (Good [+2] Customer Service) that the darts are tipped with something green and acrid - Wasabi!

Up above, Skipito pauses in his swinging to take a look at the lights. They are not, in fact, on, which (now that he looks closer) makes the slight brightness from the next row somewhat odd. There's a gentle ambient glow about them, and a sort of dim hum that makes the hair on the back of his neck stand up. Dispatch chimes in with the obvious: "Those things are electrified! You'd better not try to swing past them."

Toru begins a sprint across the room, running straight down the middle, attempting to dodge darts with trademark Angry Turtle clan [Ninja +0] moves. He reaches down to scoop up the end of the wire as he runs past, carrying it along with him as he crosses the room.

Kitaro climbs down his rope, hoping the door handle will hold.

Upon reaching the floor, he starts picking up the loosened rivets (while mumbling "Riveting!") and intends to apprach the first visible dart-hole in the left wall to examine further.

As an afterthought, he throws one of his (many many) shuriken at the door handle to cut down the rope for further use (+2 using sharp things).

Skipito begins to swing the light to which he is currently clinging harder and at an angle, planning to swing (next turn) between 2 lights in the next row to a light in the row beyond that. Assuming that the target row is not emitting the high voltage glow the center row exhibits.

If the row past the next is also high voltage (as demonstrated by the glow) Skipito will not change his destination, only his method.