Ninja Burger PBP Episode 13 - 8/20/06


Dice roll summary (irrelevant as there are no dice-rolling actions this turn):

It would take quite a lot of fumbling to botch the process of rolling the van forward a bit and getting it started, so we'll spare everyone any sort of Three Stooges-esque buffoonery and simply assume that you manage to do it without anyone dying.

The van, now idling, is pointed more or less in the direction of a ramp which, one presumes, leads up to the surface.

Once you all finish piling inside, the front of the van contains the driver and navigator. The delivery address (199 Valencia) is already punched into the van's navigational computer. To give you some idea of what this looks like, the van's dashboard reminds you of something like this:

The back of the van contains the rest of the team, as well as a single white delivery bag, which contains (from the smell) a burger, a chicken sandwich, and two orders of fries. The back of the van is filled with cabinets, cooking tools, condiments and weapons, and it looks something like this:

From the outside, it looks pretty much like this:

Except it's not nearly as shiny and clean. It has, in fact, seen better days. You could probably tell from the Odometer but the Odometer has been removed to make room for more numbers on the Speedometer.

There's a beep and a red light flashes on the dash. Dispatch cuts in over your headsets.

"OK Team Turtle, you are cleared to go on ramp 1. Good luck."



For your convenience:

Also, of course,

You are below Chinatown in San Francisco, which will put you more or less at the intersection of Clay and Stockton when you emerge, if you want to look at maps online.

"Seatbelts everyone!" shouts Toru over the rumble of the V12 coming to life.

Glancing over the navigational equipment, Toru shakes his head, bewildered. "That stereo looks pimp, but where do the discs go?"

He slams the van into gear, and plants his foot on the loud pedal, aiming to come off the top of the ramp airborne and a little bit sideways. But in which direction?

"Tatsuya-san! Left or right?"

Skipito grabs hold of whatever avails itself. Bumper, spare tire, undercarriage.

"Traditionally, one waits for the mechanic to say 'try it now' before engaging the warp drive."

Further Skipito activity will revolve around getting from under and behind the vehicle to inside it, then finding a shirt with both sleeves. Should that fail, this shirt will lose one more.

"Left Toru-san" She mumbled with a map half in her mouth, the other half in her hand as she tried to buckle her seat belt. Staring cross-eyed at the map she began to plot the best course of action.

"Alright, baring any unforseen misfortunes," She said with her mouth empty, seat belt in place and the map spread out on her lap,"You're gonna want to follow Stockton until you hit California. Then hang a right and follow California until you hit Van Ness, take a left onto Van Nessand follow it up until Market Street. Turn right on Market, then follow Market for four blocks and turn left onto Valencia St."

Smiling to herself and putting the map in the glove compartement. She thought, and who said that all big cities weren't alike?

"Let us all remember the words of the great sage Obi-Wan Kenobi: 'Use the Force, Tatsuya-san. Let go....'"

Receiving strange looks from those within hearing, Bozuko quickly shuts his mouth and returns to his equipment.

"one chicken sandwich coming- whoaaa"

Caught by surprise by the sudden acceleration while searching the top cabinets for sandwich material, Kitaro manges to stay upright by jabbing a steak knife into a cabinet door and using it as a handhold (using sharp things +2).

After getting a change to settle down to his seat, he is mildly surprised by finding similar jabbing marks on other cabinet doors.

"Sorry everyone. That ticking clock makes me nervous," apologises Toru.

"Arigato, Tatsuya-san. But I am afraid that I am not so good with directions [Navigator -2]. Please keep reminding me which way to go before each turn."

[OOC] Forgot to mention .. [Stunt Driver +2] [/OOC]

"It is not a problem Toru-san." She watches the road as they rapidly approach the next intersection. "Turn" Rin points, but upon realizing the stupidity of the action, puts her hand down again to wait the the next turn. "You're gonna wanna switch lanes eventually."