Ninja Burger PBP Episode 14 - 8/28/06


Dice roll summary:
Whutaguy/Skipito: 54 = 9
Arvo/Toru: 31 = 4
Zipdrive/Kitaro: 17 = 4
Lorthyne/Bozuko: 40 = 10
Wroe/Rin: 14 = 5

In traditional Ninja Burger Driver fashion, Toru guns the engine before the airbag light has had a chance to go out, before he knows where he's going, before, even, anyone gets their seatbelts on. He manages to get the van up the ramp and onto the road [roll of 4 + Stunt Driver of 2 = 6), but in so doing the van gains some air, scrapes the top of the tunnel, and then hits the road and bottoms out. Something that looks and sounds important clunks around and falls off. It looks dishy. For the moment nothing bad appears to have happened, but the van does sound a little louder.

Oh, wait, that's just the sound of Skipito yelling. Luckily, a good roll (9) prevents him from falling off and rolling away, and he manages to clamber into the underside of the van through an escape hatch and belt himself in. [OOC] Just a reminder, be sure to indicate in your posts any Qualities you want to call on [/OOC].

"Tatsuya-san! Left or right?", shouts Toru as he (flips coin) turns left without waiting for the answer. Luckily, "Left" is the reply, and he gets things pointed in the right direction.

As he turns, Kitaro barely manages to stay upright long enough to belt in. Bozuko, apparently finding some inner reservoir of balance, is able to ignore the belt for now and prepare some of the equipment in the back for deployment. Through an amazing coincidence, he manages to find the switch that turns on the monitors that display the view from the cameras around the vehicle. Suddenly, everyone in the van can see in all directions around the van (including up and down) by just watching the side wall of the van. Something on top of the van is sparking a bit.

"Alright, baring any unforseen misfortunes," says Rin,"You're gonna want to follow Stockton until you hit California. Then hang a right and follow California until you hit Van Ness, take a left onto Van Ness and follow it up until Market Street. Turn right on Market, then follow Market for four blocks and turn left onto Valencia St."


That's static, folks. Guess what fell off?

Arvo/Toru, you will be responsible for keeping track of the van's Qualities. If they ever reach 0 during a scene, the van will stop moving until it is repaired. The van has the following qualities:

Expert [+4] Ninja Burger Delivery Van
Good [+2} Satellite uplink currently reduced to Poor [-2]
Good [+2] Armor
Good [+2] Camouflage

Realizing the neccessity of this action and reluctantly determining to "take one for the team", Bozuko unhappily deactivates and detaches his traffic radar system. Motioning to Kitaro, he states:

"D'ya think you could 'misuse' this as somethin' we can talk ta Dispatch with? I'll help if I can. I'd let Tatsuya-san do it, but she's got her hands full, I think."

I'm squealing for points here. Good [+2] Finding Use for Garbage and Kitaro's Good [+2] Misusing Computers, assuming he agrees with my actions.

"People who are rather more than six feet tall and nearly as broad across the shoulders often have uneventful journeys. People jump out at them from behind rocks and say things like, 'Oh. Sorry. I thought you were someone else."
-from Terry Pratchett's "Guards! Guards!"

"Sure, Bozuko, just..let me...remove...all theses unnecessary wires, and see if I can short out... YOW..this thing is still on!"

Kitaro uses his skills (+2 misusing computers) to completly deface the pretty PCB inside the radar to allow it to transmit/receive communications

"Sorry, Kitaro. If you want I can...... Sure, I'll hold tha......Oh, I think that's still live.....Ouch, that looked painful.....Are you sure you wanna mess wi....."

Bozuko wil assist Kitaro in any way he can, which is probably nothing more than acting as a human cupholder and parts can.

"You wanna be a missionary?
Got that missionary zeal?
Let a stranger change your life
How does that make you feel?"
-From Paul Simon's song "Hurricane Eye"

"Honestly you two are impossible." Rin stores the maps in the glove compartment, the course already memorized in her mind. "Do women really have to do everything?" Mumbling under her breath she turns around in her seat as best as she can to see what they have been doing to the traffic radar dish.

Seeing the tangle of wires and the mess that Kitaro and Bozuko are in she half shakes her head. "Well lets see what kind of stuff that I can add to the mix." (+2 Computer Skills)

"So, Rin, I'm going straight for a while yeah?" queries Toru [Navigator -2] as he swerves from side to side, weaving the van through traffic as he works it up through the gears [Stunt Driver +2].

"And, uh, so sorry about that antenna guys. Sounds like you have it under control."

Toru wonders to himself exactly which model the van is. He tries to figure it out by inspecting the van. Weren't the '97 to '01 E350s the ones with the defective mid-ship fuel tank? The one with a tendency to crack in "severe-duty applications", and recalled by Ford under the lemon laws after an ambulance caught fire?

The other night I saw an episode of Top Gear (English show where they review expensive cars). Jeremy Clarkson, the main host of the show, was really pleased with himself in a previous episode where he did a lap of the Nurburgring in an S-type Jaguar in just under 10 minutes. His instructor, Sabine Schmitz (known as the Queen of Nurburgring), jokingly boasted that she could do that time in a van.

In the episode I saw, for the 40th anniversary of the Ford Transit van, they gave Sabine the challenge of attempting to beat Jeremy's Jaguar time in a Ford Transit.

She got round the 20.8km track in 10:08. Overtaking Porsches and motorcycles. Awesome.

Skipito, in fresh shirt and re-equipped, goes through the roof hatch to mount whatever equipment will replace whatever was knocked off. "I don't know much about technology, but I can make stuff stick to other stuff." Extreme Sportster (+2)

"I realize getting there is half the fun, but do we know what there is? You know besides an address?"

"Now that we've got the dish working again... i think...what was the order again?"

Arvo, you should watch more epsidoes: they occasionally test drive more down-to-earth cars.
I'm a big fan.