Ninja Burger PBP Episode 16 - 9/12/06


Dice roll summary:
Whutaguy/Skipito (Deliverator): 09 = 11
Arvo/Toru (Driver): 58 = 9
Zipdrive/Kitaro (Chef): 48 = 8
Lorthyne/Bozuko (Spotter): 55 = 10
Wroe/Rin (Navigator): 0

Bozuko spots the squirrel almost before it moves (10 + 2 Spotter = 12) and not only extends the van's periscope for Skipito to grab onto, but manages to give Toru ample notice, aiding him in his desperate maneuver to avoid the rodent.

Thus, when Toru reacts (9 + 2 Stunt Driver + 2 Bozuko's Spotter = 13) he does indeed manage to steer the van directly over the top of the poor innocent little squirrel without squishing it. Unfortunately, everyone reacted so quickly that this involves actually steering the van up onto the sidewalk partway. Passers-by dive for cover, and no one is hurt, except for a fruit cart (there's always a fruit cart around in such situations), which explodes in a shower of Vitamin C, covering the van and the squirrel in a thin coating of pulp. The squirrel is now immune to scurvy for life.

About the same time as this is going on, Skipito is swinging around on top of the van and expecting to have to leap off in front of it. Kitaro manages to inspire Skipito further with his talk of quantum mechanics and potential energy (11 +2 Sportster + 2 Kitaro's Esoteric Knowledge = 15), and although the van does not stop, Skipito's desire to exercise his ninja-ness results in his springing off the radar, grabbing the periscope, and swinging off the van just in the nick of time to avoid a lowhanging awning.

Although his intent was different, we'll say that Bozuko can add his Projectle Guidance of +2 to the effort (rather than merely juggling), swinging the periscope around as Skipito grabs it. Instead of hurtling Skipito into the path of the van, this swings him onto an ambulance which just happens to be speeding by at that exact moment.

The good news is that Skipito's ambulance takes a hard left and heads down Van Ness towards the scene of the accident, taking the deliverator closer to the delivery point without any traffic to obstruct him. The bad news is that the Ninja Burger delivery van misses the turn (Toru's -2 Navigator). Rin, apparently stuned by all the creative driving, starts screaming something about taking the next left, and Toru dutifully complies. However, what Rin actually meant was Gough, which is the next legal left hand turn; Toru instead turns left onto Franklin. Both Gough and Franklin paralell Van Ness, but they are both one-way streets, and only Gough is one-way in the right way.

Thus it is that the entire team is heading at high speed towards the delivery. Skipito on top of an ambulance, sans delivery bag. And the rest of the team, with the food, heading south on a one-way street, the wrong way.

The Dispatcher can only gurgle in shock.

"YEEEHAWW! I thought I was gonna eat that awning. Hey? How'd you turn the black van white? And what's with the sirens?"

Skipito will attempt to become one with the top of the ambulance.

[ooc] somewhere along the line I lost track of our destination. [/ooc]

I just barely realized this, but this is a new scene, is it not? And so Bozuko's recovered his damage. Otherwise, our Frankenstein's radar got an extra +2 that it didn't deserve.

"Wow, he really IS a leaf on the wind"

As calm as a child on Christmas day, Bozuko suddenly begins fumbling with his equipment. He discovers a fist-sized red glass cylinder with a spinning metal disc inside. He quickly attaches it to the outside roof at turns the object on. It lights up, looking remarkably like a police light to the casual observer. Bozuko faces the window, cups his hands around his mouth, and emits a high-pitched wail, motioning for the otherwise unengaged to join him.


I'm betting that Bozo gets nerfed here. -2 for standing out. It's a black van, with blacked out windows. How hard can it be to disguise as a government vehicle?

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!" Taking a split second to regather her thoughts, Rin breaths for the first time in several seconds. Taking into account in half a moment all the aspects of the situation (+2 Observation)she starts rerouting the city in her mind.

"Right, so that could have gone a little better. Toru, you're gonna want to take a left onto Austin Street. It's the next street coming up here. Then go a block and take a left onto VanNess."

Sighing to herself she mutters. "And I thought that New York was insane. I sure picked the wrong week to quit meditating."

"Not to be an onion in the ointment, but shouldn't that be right onto VanNess? Huh, would you look at that? They're puuting a Starbucks inside that Starbucks."

[ooc] really left onto Franklin, left onto austin, and left onto VanNess follows the three lefts makes a wrong rule[/ooc]

yeah, that left-turning business had me shaking my head as well...:)

Kitaro mumbles, strangely calm: "it appears we've stumbled into a wrong-way street...I'm not used to seeing this side of traffic" [compulsive punster -2]

[OOC]Yeah sorry about that, I was dealing with a great distraction while writing that last comment, and I had a dislexic moment. Won't happen again I promise. Thanks :) [/OOC]

"You know if either of you ever want to get into a working realtionship, the first thing that you must understand is this. The woman is always right." Glancing at her map, Rin turns it so that it is facing the correct direction. Her ears began to turn red from embarassment. "Except obviously when it comes to reading basic directions on a map. Sorry Toru-son... right onto Van Ness is correct."