Ninja Burger PBP Episode 17 - 9/18/06


Dice roll summary:
Whutaguy/Skipito (Deliverator): 44 = 8
Arvo/Toru (Driver): 0
Zipdrive/Kitaro (Chef): 54 = 9
Lorthyne/Bozuko (Spotter): 58 = 9
Wroe/Rin (Navigator): 04 = 10

Delivery is to 190 Valencia

Bozuko did recover his damage. A new scene began when we left the garage.

Skipito easily blends in with the top of the ambulance. The wailing siren makes it difficult to hear anything over his headset, though, so for the moment he only hears about half the conversation, and vice versa (others can't hear him well either). He does realize, fully, that he's no longer on the delivery van, however, and can act accordingly.

Bozuko calmly attaches a Starsky & Hutch-style globe to the top of the van, and Rin flips the switch that changes the black delivery van to white, helping with the overall disguise. It won't pass for an ambulance but people do seem to be getting out of the way.


says Bozuko. His -2 for Standing Out does indeed knock him down to the point where nobody notices his wailing (the other ambulance is still louder), but that's probably a good thing under the circumstances.

The Dispatcher says "Stop shouting out the window; if you really want a siren, just play one of the prerecorded sounds from the computer. There's an entire library in there."

Rin does her best to get the team rerouted properly, encouraging Toru to take a quick left onto Austin and a left -- no, a right -- onto Van Ness. Unfortunately, Toru is a little spaced out at the moment, and misses the turn. The team continues in the van down Franklin, heading into oncoming one-way traffic. Luckily the flashing light on top keeps traffic at bay.

Zipdrive's punning keeps the stress level down, so we won't penalize the driving any further this turn.

As the crew seems to be coming up Franklin relatively safely,and my ride is coming to a close, Skipito will look for transportation in that direction, (right to the direction of travel), and board whatever is convenient. Barring that, I will take the last alley before Market (where there is a traffic accident) and leap The_Tick style from dumpster to fence to drainpipe to clothesline, to whatever to link up with the van on Franklin just before Market.

What I really need is a skateboard or mountain bike. Ninja [+0]

WWJCD? What would Jackie Chan Do?
I mean besides roll poorly.



Bozuko's voice slowly decrescendos beneath the large quantity of background noise. After a few much-needed gasps for air, Bozuko returns to his absent-minded single-handed juggling of random bits of debris (leftover catwalk rivets, Kitaro's spare spatula, the obligitory flaming torch, the works). Quietly muttering something or other about red noses and make-up, Bozuko fades back into his equipment.

[OOC] Sorry guys, I went to Phillip Island for the MotoGP.. [/OOC]

Snapping out of a strange daydream involving large numbers of motorcycles, Toru gathers his wits and does his best to follow the navigator's revised directions..

Kitaro, afraid he's going to die in a horrible van accident, begins to count off all the kinds of souces he'd ever had a chance to make:
"bolonaize...thousand island ...beshamel ...hollandaize ...chatau-brion ...vinigrette...salsa...sweet chilli...sweet & sour... ." he drones on, counting on fingers, with eyes shut tight.

"And there goes Austin..." Glancing at the map for only half a second, Rin reroutes the path they must take in their mind. "Right so now you have the choice to take a left on Bush St., then a right onto Van Ness. If you miss Bush, we had all better start praying 'cause I don't think that we will be able to make it to Fern St. without a colision."

Wanting to look away from the head on accident that at the moment seems unavoidable but not wanting to show any fear, Rin turns around to assess the situation in the back of the van as an excuse to look at something other then the road. She sees Bozuko messing around with junk. "Hey brilliant idea with the siren and light by the way. Kudos."

Toru moves the van over the the right hand side of the road, flashing the van's high beams, turns on the left indicator, and prepares to swerve left across the oncoming traffic and into Bush Street [Stunt Driver +2].

"Hold on everybody.."