Ninja Burger PBP Episode 18 - 10/9/06


Due to circumstances beyond my control involving the continued absence of my computer (stupid Apple Store), we are going to skip over the rest of the journey to the delivery location and get to the meat of the delivery, because I have that much in my head. We'll spare you the gore and mayhem that was the last mile to the drop point. Pretty much just imagine it was like Normandy Beach only with ninjas.

You drive by the location without stopping out front (that would be conspicuous) and you see the delivery spot: 199 Valencia, San Francisco, CA.

It looks like this:

It looks like some sort of restaurant/bar/hotel. Next door to the bar there is a long row of motorcycles parked in front of a tattoo parlor.

There are a few people mingling out front, drinking beer and such. They see the van but don't notice anything amiss.

It occurs to you that you have not been given a specific delivery location besides the address, and that's a pretty large area to cover searching for a target. You doubt you're going to be lucky enough that it's one of the guys out front. And it sounds busy on that outdoor patio next to the bar (behind the fence). How busy?

You can sort of smell burgers cooking back there on the grill.

The Dispatcher cuts in. "Uh... I'm trying to locate the customer. About all I know for sure is he's in there. Somewhere. I would recommend something less conspicuous than ninja outfits for this infiltration, considering the time of day and the number of people, unless you're REALLY stealthy. Also, you might need some sort of distraction. Or something. Um... let me try and find the customer. Erk."

What are the neighboring buildings? across the streets, etc?
Is the order actually ready for delivery?

My initial plan is to enter the building behind the photographer, ascend to the roof, leap to the power lines, make like a squirrel, leap to the taget building and descend to the customer.


"I wonder if these would be suitable for the job.....?"

Bozuko pulls out a large brown sack filled with pairs of black plastic glasses, each with a novelty false nose and unique fake mustache attached.

"Eh? Any takers?"

"Uh..." Mixed with pity and exasperation Rin tries not to roll her eyes. "Bozuko-san, those might not be the best option considering the circumstances."

"Distraction, eh? I have an idea. If you guys like, you can take the food and fan out, I'll take care of things here."

"Why am I feeling more then a little worried about this? Well seeing as I really can't think of anything better at the moment, whats the plan?"

"maybe cordone the whole place off, and go person by person?
we can always ask: 'sir, do you want a burger with that?...'

"Seeing as we're in a big van with a pimp stereo, and loudspeakers and radio antennas on the roof, I figure a couple of us could impersonate an outside broadcast team. You know, play some hits, run a wacky competition, give out some crappy prizes. That should draw a fair number of bystanders out of the building, and draw attention away from the deliverators."

Toru pauses to survey the reaction of his colleagues.

"Come on guys, it'll be fun!"

"Fine. But I'm still wearing one of these."

Bozo stubbornly places a pair of disguise glasses with a Fu Manchu-style (a la Ming the Merciless, mustache attached beneath a large, hooked, obviously plastic nose over his ninja mask. Although the glasses combined with the mask appear to obstruct his vision, Bozuko doesn't seem to have any problems.

"How's this for a competition? See who can find the random thingie that I can't juggle? Winner gets a rubber chicken, on the house."

Expert [+4] Chucking Things
Poor [-2] Standing Out

The order is ready.

Across the street in all directions are 1 and 2 story buildings. Right next door is a tattoo shop. Nothing else is right beside it. There is an overpass from the freeway pretty closeby though.

Due to the fact that just got my computer back and working again today, I'm going to give everyone a few days to chew on this and we'll try to get back into a pattern this coming Sunday. Sorry for all the confusion lately.

With the silent consent of the rest of the team, Toru gels his hair into this season's fashion-do using the rear-view mirror, and dons a large dark pair of glasses. Next, he uses the van's wireless internet link to download the top ten from the pop charts. He looks up at Bozuko and grins.

"Let's do it, Bozuski"