Uncle Aeon Wants YOU (To Write For Us)


Gamegrene is looking for a few good writers. If you've got something to say -- be it a rant, a review, an advice column, or anything game related -- create an account and submit your content. Then drop aeon a note (aeon (at) aeforge.com) to let him know that it's ready for prime time.

Don't want to write, but have an idea for something you'd like to see? Post your ideas below!

I'd like to learn some more of those "tricks of the trade" from more experienced gamers. Advice for new players on how to become good players. Advice for GMs on how to become better GMs. Tips on unique character creation. The works. Anything, from basic to advanced, that could be applied to create better gaming in general.

There are some things I'd like to discuss, but I don't really feel like I'm enough of an authority to provide useful insight. One thing I'm particularly interested in is how one becomes a creative GM. How does one constantly create new cultures, and keep them fun and original? What are the key components that a GM has to create to build a functional game world? What are some of the more common errors and do we prevent them?

That help?

The main reason that I stopped writing is lack of interest in the form of comments. I only have 20 comments in my last 7 articles. That's not very inspiring folks.

Lorthyne, a lot of your questions are addressed in the following articles:

training New Blood

Letting Mistakes Enhance your game

Gaming advice for fledgling GMS

Per Sifolis Request

My Open Ended Gaming Experience.

I hope that you enjoy them. Have fun.

I would like to see articles about gaming. Versus articles about movies, television shows, or other non-gaming topics. If I wanted to read about TV, I'd read the tv guide. I wonder if perhaps such articles were posted merely for the lack of any other submitted content.

Hey, don't stop just because People (i.e. me) can't find anything useful to add to your articles.
Heck, if that will help, I'm willing to post "Calamar, you're my hero" as a comment on all your articles... it might not be interesting, but it will show you I'm reading your stuff!

First, I love the RPG articles presented here, and would like to see more stuff about tools (literary, electronic and physical) to help GMs.
Second, I'd like to see people opinions of board- and card games. (opinions of RPGs are also useful, but I think we've done most of those... for the main systems, in any case).

Gosh, yes, it has gone quiet around here lately! I've been even busier than usual this year so I haven't popped in much. My mother has had some recent health problems and helping take care of her has eaten up a whole chunk of my time. I've also gotten back into the historical re-enactment thing lately after a few years' abscence (this particular pastime having taken a back seat to the joys of early-years fatherhood). I'm going to practises again regularly and I did the Battle of Hastings event on the 14th (940th anniversary).

I have an article brewing in the back of my mind about my recent experiences in converting my long-running 1st edition campaign to 3rd edition (which have been 'interesting times' shall we say). I also wrote a piece a while back comparing LARP and re-enactment which I think I only ever posted on my livejournal (http://lurkinggherkin.livejournal.com/). I might edit it for broader consumption and submit it as an article here sometime.

I wouldn't want to drift out of touch with the regulars at Gamegrene even if there isn't much buzz going on here right now!

OK Aeon, one article winging its way to you right now.

I'm gonna do the next installment of Owning Your World...is everyone still jazzed to read about politics and such? Or would the Gamegrene crowd find something else more interesting?

you've got my vote for politics :)

It is good to see a little activity here too. I have been crazy busy. I have moved houses, bought a commercial building, and have been trying to get a business up and going -- all on top of a busy job. I'll have time to do more posting in about a month.

Yes to politics. I'd also like to give kudos to Aeon for his Ninja Burger pbp - it keeps activity up around here and is a very good comic diversion. I knew I wouldn't be able to play (see schedule above) but I still check in on you guys for a giggle.

Sorry to hear about your Mom LG - it must be tough. My parents are getting into their eighties now, but I haven't had any real serious worries yet.

I'm looking forward to it. Politics is interesting stuff. Also, how do you feel about a special request? I'm really interested in different methods of creating culture groups, races, nations, etc. How do you, as a GM, approach that issue?

To repeat what I've stated in Scott Free's forum, I've had an idea for a new culture/perspective based magic system running about my head. I've stopped writing articles as of late because it's hit me that I don't exactly have much authority and experience to base my ideas off of. Is anyone interested in reading my thoughts and helping tweak them?

Ah ha! I'd love to write on that. I don't think I'm an expert or anything, but I have managed to come up with a few intersting ones for my setting that are pretty non-standard.

For sure man. I live for that kind of stuff...

Ya, count me in too.