Ninja Burger PBP Episode 20 - 10/30/06


Dice roll summary:
Whutaguy/Skipito (Deliverator): 30 = 9
Arvo/Toru (Driver): 27 = 5
Zipdrive/Kitaro (Chef): 45 = 9
Lorthyne/Bozuko (Spotter): 52 = 7
Wroe/Rin (Navigator): 0

Who would be available to do a one-hour (or so) live realtime session over IRC or some chat service?

Timewise, you're doing OK. About 5 minutes to go.

Skipito scurries squirrelishly across the roof and leaps daringly onto the wires, crossing the street on the utility wires. He makes it across without being seen (9 + 2 = 11) but the wires feel a little looser when he gets to the other side, and he fears that he might have yanked something loose inside. Probably just phone lines, but who knows?

Below, Bozuko juggles his balls, starting off slow and easy and building from there. He does pretty good at first (7 + 4 = 11) and the crowd applauds and throws down some money. They seem enthralled for a minute or so, but they don't seem really inclined to toss anything else in there for him to juggle (7 -2 = 5) and they begin to drift away. Several of them start to head back inside the bar. Bozuko turns up the juice and throws in some Ninja acrobatics (+2 Ninja, +4 Juggling, -2 Standing Out, -2 Difficulty, so it's a net +2, or a total of 9), pulling most, but not all, of the crowd back his way. The way is still clear for Skipito. Mostly.

Toru, however, isn't faring so well (5 + 2 = 7). The nu-metal tune Wroe chooses for him turns out to be Death Metal, and the cookie monster vocals drown out much of what he has to say. His antics draw attention, but nobody can get the message.

"Ladies... broad...s... you... act... stupe... ick... giv... ash... punt..."

Several people seem offended. One of the women nudges her boyfriend, and he gives Toru a dirty look, puts his hands in his pockets, and starts to walk over.

Elsewhere, Kitaro scopes the area out to see if he can detect who's in need of a burger. His newly-honed Chef senses (9 + 2 = 11) allow him to pick up 6 the scent of burger all throughout the ground floor of Zeitgeist. He's pretty sure (90%) that the delivery target is above the first floor.

[OOC] I'd be up for one. My timezone is GMT +8, weekends would be best for me, or possibly in the evening during the week. [/OOC]

I'm pretty sure I can make things work for a realtime session just about any time over a weekend. I'm a U.S. mountain-timer also.

Bozuko takes advantage of his seemingly random acrobatics to make sure there is a clear path between him and Toru. Bozo will aim to casually incapacitate if there's a rumble going down, hopefully without making too much of a circus (pun intended). Otherwise, Bozuko will continue his divirsionary tactics.

Skipito leaves the sagging wires for the wide open space of the roof. [OOC] Based on the size of the roof, how many apartments on each floor?[/OOC] Looking for an access, or vent shaft. Barring that, heading for the fire escape. "Any progress on locating the victim, er, customer?"
Deliverator +2

[OOC] a real time session sounds great, but Im an Eastern time zone dweller, with a small child. I work third shift so go to bed about 6pm (4 mountain). Saturday or Sunday afternoons are the best chance, but I can't promise anything. [/OOC]

Rin seeing the reaction to her not so great DJ-ing skills frantically tries to change the song. "I'm such an idoit." While trying to change the music, she thinks about something else she can do to draw the attention back to them.

"We need something bright." She half mumbles to herself and looks around the van. "Don't most fast foods have their promotional balloons? We should have some somewhere."

As for a real time session, I'm all for it. Mountain Standard time for me, weekends and evening would be best.

Ignoring the slight setback, Toru plows on with the routine. He shoots a friendly smile at the approaching thug, and goes back to the van to fetch the brightly coloured trinkets that Rin is looking for, hoping to clear things up with the crowd when he returns and the music is a bit quieter [smooth talker +2]