Long time no see everyone!


Hey all! How's things been round this way? I've been on a hiatus from message boards in general for the last while so I could focus on some more important things (like designing my new setting and starting a radio show over the internet). I guess that didn't need to take as long as it did though. How's the Gamegrene gang been in the last thousand years or so since I left? Did anyone get to see Sifolis' massive bookshelf of setting material yet? I'd still really like to see a picture of all those binders lined up in a row, just for kicks.

Anyways, I have some Owning Your World articles to write, don't I? Alot has happened on that front. Starting the design process of a new setting and then actually running a campaign in it has solidified my perception of what a good setting is and is not...and it made me pine for the setting I had retired sumfin fierce!

So, there's my excuse for a 6 month or so hiatus. What should the next Owning Your World be about? People still thirsting for the politics topic?

Ha, looks like I posted too soon. I'm repeating what I've stated in the "Uncle Aeon Wants You" article, but politics is a very interesting subject. For further repetition, I'd also be interested in learning how you go about creating a new culture of people while avoiding the taint of the cliches.

I've also had a really interesting idea for a magic system based upon an individual/culture perspective kicking around in my head. Anybody interested in hearing a newbie GM's naive ideas?

Damn rights I am. There's no naive ideas in this hobby...only untested theories.

Whaddya think? Should I post it as a forum, or as an article? A forum would encourge more to respond, but as an article would be more widely read. Thoughts?

"politics is an interesting subject" - seen the new Final Fantasy XII?

The game or the movie? The movie drove me nuts...that guy was always crying and I wanted to hit him with a brick. My fiance is big into the games though, and she's getting that new game tomorrow. Is it worth it?

I'd go with article...the usual responders will respond regardless...and if it contains useful info you should go for the biggest reader base possible.