Ninja Burger PBP Episode 21 - 11/06/06


Dice roll summary:
Whutaguy/Skipito (Deliverator): 12 = 3
Arvo/Toru (Driver): 30 = 9
Zipdrive/Kitaro (Chef): 0
Lorthyne/Bozuko (Spotter): 08 = 10
Wroe/Rin (Navigator): 38 = 7

Rin manages to change the song to something less Deathy and more Metaly, and settles on some Motley Crue, which seems to appease the bikers in the crowd somewhat. Meanwhile, Toru ignores the potential threat to his life and continues on in the face of danger, in sort of a ninja way (though some might argue that a real ninja would scurry off or throw a smoke bomb or something). He and Rin coordinate in the back of the van and come up with a stash of ninja-face shaped balloons which, while not colorful, are certainly appealing in their own way. The two of them manage to fill a bunch of balloons with helium, and just in time -- the big guy arrives just in time for Toru to hand him a balloon. Looking somewhat uncertain (and convinced with a little smooth talking), he spurts out something like "don't let it happen again" and wanders back to give the balloon to his insulted girlfriend.

Since no trouble arises, Bozuko's got time to keep an eye on the overall picture, which is why he notices that Skipito is about to make his way onto the fire escape. Bozuko's keen eyes spot a sign on the fire escape that reads "Danger. In case of fire, use elevator." It sort of reminds him of an event that just occurred less than an hour ago, in the Ninja Burger training room. The word "imminent collapse" comes to mind.

Unfortunately, Skipito doesn't seem to notice, and drops off the wires and onto the fire escape (bad roll, sorry!). He looks around for entrances to the building and sees several open windows, noting that there are 4 apartments on each floor. "Any progress on locahhhhhhhh!" he says, as the fire escape begins to give way beneath him. Bozuko manages to shout a warning in the nick of time, giving Skipito a chance to pull something out of his... wherever it is that ninja pull things out of.

Oddly enough, Skipito decides to not pull something out of his. Rather, he takes a cue from sonic the hedgehog and and proceeds to leap/tumble/jump/spin off of, along, into or through whatever is available until passing through any open window. He then bocomes part of the decor until the world stops spinning.

Hearing the noise over the headset, Rin instinctively looks for Skipito on the side of the building. Looking at the side of the building she fails to find him, but sees that the fire escape is collapsing. "Oi, not good."

Over the head set she tries to contact him. "Skipito-san, whats your reading? Do you need back-up?"

"nnnrghgawa! Jump free, Skipito!"

Bozuko yells relexively through his skillfully hidden radio headset. The advantage to this is that Skipito had enough warning to jump before tumbling to his doom in a pile of scrap metal. The bad news? Those people who have been watching Bozo's previously mentioned stunts are bound to be erked or even possibly offended by this strange outburst. Hoping to work it into his routine, and praying for Toru's aide, Bozuko starts belting out other stange patterns of words. Between random screamings, Bozo mumbles into the mic:

"Tell 'em I got Tourrette's or summit. And get me some fireworks, stat. We need to cover that crashing metal......"

"Fireworks... what kind of resturants are established with fireworks in the back of their delivery vehicle?" Even as Rin complains about the absurdity of Bozuko's plan she begins to rumage around to see what else the back of the van might have. "You might be out of luck, fireworks are way too chinese. Looking around for ya though. If worse comes to worse, we could always make a helium blast, not as colorful, still pretty loud."

Kitaro, momentarily dazed by all that's happening, tries to locate the quickest way from where he's standing, at the back, to:
A) bottom of the fire escape, in case skipito falls there
B) the second floor, in case he makes it.