Play By Email?


I recently stumbled upon the "Conquer The Galaxy From Home" ( article here on Gamegrene, and subsequently the "Twilight" website, ( After falling in love with the both of them I determined to run my own version. Anybody interested? Also, which of the two would people rather play, or perhaps a homebrew mix? If there is subsequent interest, I'll put someting together.

As of now I have one player interested. Any more?

Quick post - please leave a valid email address so I can contact you with further information. Also, does anybody (i.e., Morbus, aeon)care if I use the Play-by-Post section of the forums to post worldwide bulletins?

All gaming and information requests will be handled through my alternate email account Please write with any questions.

I have four players now for sure and an additional possibility. Anyone else?

Well, thanks to the rabid interest of players here on Gamegrene, I've found enough players to begin with from other locations. If anyone ends up becoming interested, go ahead and email me. There may be a bit of a wait before the next cycle begins, but pretty much anyone is welcome to join at that point.

Sorry. So much to do, so little know how it goes.

yeah, me too ... I don't have any time to commit to anything other than what I am doing right now. If I had a time machine that could take me back to High School/University days ...

What I would like invented is a time bank.
You deposit time when you're waiting for something, or otherwise unoccupied (long flights come to mind), and then you can withdraw time whenever you're in need.

There willl be a small interest, of course (get 59 minutes for each hour you deposit, or something similar).

Any takers on inventing this?

I'd pay for that. I'd pay A LOT for that. Or maybe I'll invent one and use it for free, while charging the rest of the world ridiculous amounts of time and money. I'm going to get started tonight.......

"Igor, hand me my toolbox and that pulsating sheep's liver...."