Ninja Burger PBP Episode 22 - 11/14/06


Dice roll summary:
Whutaguy/Skipito (Deliverator): 49 = 9
Arvo/Toru (Driver): 0
Zipdrive/Kitaro (Chef): 20 = 8
Lorthyne/Bozuko (Spotter): 30 = 9
Wroe/Rin (Navigator): 55 = 10

I think we will wrap this delivery up and close out this scene within 3 weeks or so.

Skipito makes like a pinball and goes with the flow, pinging and ponging about until the falling debris zips past an open window. He barely manages to leap through it, and finds himself inside a bedroom, which is currently occupied by an amorous couple. Between their noises and the clatter of the falling fire escape, they don't notice his entry, and he manages to hunker down in a corner amidst the shadows without being spotted. Something tells him this is *not* the delivery location.

Just then, Rin calls over the headset: "Skipito-san, whats your reading? Do you need back-up?" This is a little garbled since Bozuko yells "nnnrghgawa! Jump free, Skipito!" at the same time, but Skipito gets the point. However, being in a delicate situation, he does not respond, so Rin and Bozuko turns their attention elsewhere: the crowd. Rin does, actually, find a wide assortment of fireworks in the back of the van, and can choose to set them off if she so chooses.

The strange shouting and the crumbling fire escape lead at least several people to assume that there's something not right about what's going on, and more than a few people reach for cellphones. The Dispatcher comes in over your headset and, doing his best Han Solo impression, says "Luke, we're gonna have company. The nearest police station is only a few blocks away!"

Still, Bozuko and Rin manage to keep most of the crowd distracted, and the net result is that nobody sees Skipito pong into the window, nor Kitaro as he scurries past the lot of them and makes it inside to the stairwell, where he dashes upstairs. He rounds the first landing and runs headlong into someone coming downstairs in quite a hurry. He looks up, dazed, and sees another deliveryperson.

But it's not a ninja. It's a pirate from Pirate Pizza.

The pirate is holding a handful of loose bolts and a wrench.

Seeing a known enemy triggers dormant army reflexes in Kitaro. While adopting his best approximation of the "crouching crocodile, hidden horse" stance he radios:
"Papa type bogie on my 12 o'clock, close range. Repeat, one Papa dead ahead. With a gut-wrenching implement" [-2 pun maker]

While all this is going on, he tries to study the pirate's face to see if there's a malicious "we took over your target" sneer on his face.

Skipito sensing the opportunity for a quick turnaround, flicks a Ninjaburger business card at the phone (they'll be hungry soon) [corporate lackey (+2)] and bolts from the room, through the living room and checks the hall.

Bozuko will do his best to maintain the crowd's attention through juggling efforts, but is preparing to jump back within the van at a moment's notice for a speedy getaway. Hearing Kitaro's broadcast, Bozo will search the premises to the best of his ability, looking for a possible Pirate delivery vehicle.

Spotter [+2]
Chucking Things [+4]
Standing Out [-2]

"I think that its about time that we blow this pop-sickle stand." Deciding to make Bozuko's finish rise up to the level of a flash-bang finish, Rin decides to light a few of the smaller and louder fireworks off to add to Bozo's overall distraction effect.

Her work having been completed on the outside, she dicides to prep the van for a speedy get away. In her mind she has already pulled up a map and begins to think of the fastest way out.

"Roger that Kitaro. Standing by for evac."

Toru swaggers nonchalantly back to the driver's seat of the van.

Slamming the door closed, he turns around, pushes his sunglasses down, and peers over the lenses at the rear of the van.

"Nice job team," he announces to nobody in particular.